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Flex Tape Flex Tape or Alternatives
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Flex Tape is an extremely strong adhesive tape that is waterproof and weatherproof, and can thus be used for repairs of all sorts, not only inside the house but also outside. For greater versatility, the tape is available in three widths, so that you can use the size most applicable to the repairs in hand. The smallest width available is four inches, while the widest is twelve inches, and between the two there is an endless number of applications that this tape can cover. Each roll of tape is about five feet long. There are two different shades available, white and black, and you can use the one that will look best for your purpose.

Flex Tape Flex Tape or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Flex Tape is $19.99 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $29.94.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page ( ) which was taken offline due to Flex Tape being discontinued. Flex Tape may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page ( ) which was taken offline due to Flex Tape being discontinued. Flex Tape may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

How It Works

This tape has been specially designed to strongly adhere to any surface, and it does so even when waterlogged, or when exposed to the harshest weather. The tape is strong enough to withstand pressures of up to fifty pounds. While all this would make the tape versatile enough, it is also designed to work well with a variety of surfaces. For example, the tape works well on glass, vinyl or metal. It also works well on very different surfaces, such as stone, or even wood.

It's recommended that you have both a selection of widths and both shades on hand, to better cover any repairs that might become necessary. This tape is wide and strong, and that's why can be used for applications that you would not expect a tape to be able to cover. For example, the tape can be used to repair a boat. Also, it can be used to repair a portable pool. Best of all, the tape is effective even on wet surfaces, which a great many other tapes are not.

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  • Resists Harsh Weather

    This tape is waterproof and weatherproof. Flex Tape retains its strength and adhesiveness when exposed to a heavy rain, or to the harshest extremes of weather. It can thus be used outdoors, even if the area where it is used is exposed to snow or a thunderstorm, or even too hot sunshine. This makes this tape excellent for repairing a roof, or a torn tarpaulin. Also, as the tape is very strong and long-lasting, any repair made with it outdoors will not have to be repeated.

  • Two Colors

    The fact that this tape comes in two colors, white and black, means that you can better blend it with the object you are repairing. Whether you use the white or black version of the tape depends on whether the object you are trying to repair is light or dark colored. Generally speaking, it would be a very practical approach to have supplies of different widths of tape in both tones on hand at all times, for whatever repairs may become necessary.

  • Three Widths

    Different widths provided allow for considerable versatility in repair jobs. The four-inch tape is excellent for small jobs, while the eight-inch provides coverage in larger once. Twelve-inch rolls cover the very largest jobs, where you need to secure a rip or gap that extends over a wide area. The versatility in widths means that you can purchase rolls most suited to the kind of work or repairs that you usually do.

  • Reasonable Lengths Per Roll

    The manufacturer provides very reasonable lengths per roll. Smaller widths, such as the four and eight-inch varieties, give you around five feet in length on a roll. Whereas, the twelve-inch variety of the tape will have about ten feet in length on a roll. This means that most repair jobs are well provided for, no matter how large the object to be repaired may be. Stressful repair jobs like boats are included in this.


  • Extremely Versatile

    The uses that the tape can be put to extend from repairing pools or spas to sealing rips in tarps and awnings. This tape can also be used to repair damaged tents. You can also use the tape to repair a gutter or even a roof. Other uses of the tape lie in repairing boats, including canoes, kayaks, plumbing and other sorts of pipes. Flex Tape can repair walls, doors, windows, air vents, and ducts. This tape can also, obviously, be used to repair pipes and plumbing.

  • Bonus Offers

    The manufacturer provides you with a bonus of one of its other sealing products absolutely free. There are three bonuses available, Flex Seal Liquid, Flex Shot, and Flex Seal. All of these are very handy things to have around the house and will be of considerable use in various repair jobs.

  • Very Useful While Camping

    As you can imagine, this tape is very useful on a camping trip and can ensure that a ripped tent or damaged boat doesn’t cut your trip short. The tape can be used to repair a considerable number of things that one usually takes on a camping trip. Flex Tape can repair inflatable mattresses, tents, and awnings. It can repair damaged boats, and also damage to your camper itself. Best of all, the rolls are compact, and will hardly take up any space in your rucksack, or in your camper or car.

Save Time

Since wet conditions do not affect the effectiveness of the tape, this means that you don’t have to spend hours draining a container of water, or even a pool, for that matter. If an issue arises, you can just put on a patch of this tape, and you have a container with perfect integrity once again. Another important time saver is how durable and weatherproof the tape is. This also includes its ability to stand up to around fifty pounds of pressure. It means that repair jobs are long-lasting, and you will not have to spend time on doing the same repairs again and again.

Negative Points

  • Only Available Online

    A negative point about this tape is that you can’t just buy it over the counter in a store. It has to be ordered online. This means that you can’t get it in a hurry for an emergency repair. You have to order it in advance, and ensure that you have stocks on hand before an emergency happens.

  • Not Reusable

    Flex Tape can’t be reused, and it takes an effort to remove it when it’s no longer required. You may find it difficult to dismantle something you’ve repaired with this product.

  • No Narrow Rolls

    To repair a smaller item, you might need a thinner tape. While the manufacturers offer a wide variety of widths, there are no rolls of this tape on the market that are thinner than four inches. Of course, you can cut a piece of the tape, but that would hardly be convenient when in a hurry.


  • Surfaces to Avoid

    The versatile use of this product is not to be contested, however, it should be known that the Flex Tape is not suitable for all services. The manufacturer has stated that if a certain surface is covered by water resistance substances, like grease. It also will not work as good on oily or dirty surfaces, which is why it's important to have a clean surface to work with. Customers should be aware that the tape may not stick to some fabrics, highly plasticized materials, or surfaces that are porous.

  • High Temperatures

    Customers should be aware that this is not a fix-all tape. The Flex Tape will lose its adhesive ability and become loose at temperatures exceeding 200 degrees. For this reason, this tape should not be kept around or used on engines or other objects or machines that could become extremely hot.

  • Avoid Tires

    Flex Tape may seem like the perfect tool to fix a leak in a car or bike tire. However, the manufacturer also states that Flex Tape should not be used on tires due to the high pressure of the weight pushing the air out of the tire. This tape is not likely to hold it's integrity on a tire with a leak.


  1. Quick Fix, Not Permanent

    Several customers have found that while the Flex Tape does do its job as a quick and easy fix to structural integrity issues, it is not a permanent one. While the tape does, indeed, stop a leak of water immediately, it will eventually stop working. Customers have reported around 2 weeks before having to replace the patch of tape with a new one.

  2. Mixed Results

    While the water-proof adhesive has been proven with Flex Tape, some customers have found mixed results. Some report that the moment the tape encounters any water it loses that adhesion.

    The tape was able to stick to itself, the parts where the tape encountered the water loses adhesion and allowed leaks. The infomercial demonstrates being able to apply the tape to a leak underwater. Customers have found this is not quite feasible. Generally, the consensus of using the tape from unsatisfied customers is that it does not work as advertised.

    This may be a case that Flex Tape works best under the most optimum conditions, along with dry and clean conditions. A clean, dry surface seems to be necessary for this product to work as advertised.

  3. Same Product for Less

    Many consumers found that the Flex Tape was the same as any waterproof tape that could be found at your local hardware store. Customers were not happy about the amount of tape that was provided for the price, versus buying the same product without the Flex Tape brand name at a hardware store. Customers claim to be able to find the same product with more tape in the role for less money.


  • Fiber Fix

    FiberFix has been around for a few years longer than Flex Tape, and it claims to be 100 times stronger than duct tape. This is a one-time use product. Unlike tape, FiberFix is to be soaked in water and then applied to the broken area in need of repair. Since it is not tape, but rather another material meant to be soaked and then allowed to dry, it isn't as easy to remove. However, FiberFix is considered both a quick and permanent fix.

  • Gorilla Tape

    Another well-known product, Gorilla Tape is a heavy-duty, reinforced duct tape that is thicker and more adhesive than normal, run of the mill duct tape. This product is much like Flex Tape in that it is after advertised and waterproof and longlasting.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Patch Both Sides

    Where this tape seemed to fail in certain customer's attempts at patching something up, others found ways around it. With a container leak such as a bucket or a pool, you may want to use two pieces of tape on both sides of the damaged item. This may not work for trying to patch things like pipes, but it should work well for containers to stop the leak.

  2. Know Where the Tape Goes

    Due to the nature of the tape, it is extremely sticky and adhesive. This is a good thing! However, this means that you want to be certain of where you're applying the tape the first time.

    Customers have reported that it is extremely difficult to move. Keep one side of the tape peeled up until you're certain that the tape is in the correct spot. This is so you can have the leverage to pull the tape off if you need to reapply it.

    Customers have also found that once the tape has been pulled up, it won't stick again. You may need to use a second piece of tape if you end up having to reposition it.

  3. Bubbles

    Be aware of the conditions of the repair that you're attempting to fix using this product. Bubbles underneath the tape's surface can allow leaks, which is why the instructions call for pressing hard to remove any air bubbles. However, if you're attempting to repair something with jagged edges around the leak point, it may allow air bubbles underneath the tape, no matter how hard you try to press them out.

  4. As Seen on TV

    Before ordering right from the website, make sure you check your local hardware store, or even just any store like WalMart, that will have an 'As Seen on TV' section. Ordering online may hit you with processing fees and shipping that you can avoid by checking your local stores first. Many places have a section for sale of the products that have been advertised on infomercials.

Critical Advice

All in all, this product is extremely useful if you have a smaller or easy repair to do. While the infomercial advertises this product as a one-size-fits-all repair tool, taking into consideration the repair will save you some time, energy, and perhaps some frustration. If it is something that you will be better off repairing fully right away, skip the tape and go for the full repair.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Flex Tape online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Flex Tape online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 02 Oct 2020 lou - (Halethorpe, MD)

Did not Work

My rain barrel had a small crack on the bottom. It held for a few week than it started leaking again.

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