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Flawless Hair Removal Flawless Hair Removal or Alternatives
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Finishing Touch Flawless is a device built to remove hair from virtually any part of your body, especially your chin, lips, cheeks and arms. This device uses the German Butterfly Technology to make this process as gentle on the skin as possible. The device is unlikely to cause any redness, irritation of allergic reaction on the skin due to its 18-karat gold-plated tip. This tip houses the head responsible for shaving off the hair follicles. It is also runs on AA-battery power, with their being no need for any power output needed to get it started.

Flawless Hair Removal Flawless Hair Removal or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Flawless Hair Removal is $19.99 plus $5.99 shipping, for a total price of $25.98.

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:

How It Works

The device is fitted with a mesh that covers the electrical razor blade spinning inside the housing mechanism, and this mesh continuously traps in hair that comes across its surface. It allowing the blade that spins inside to cut away such hair that penetrates the mesh. This technique of removing hair from the surface of skin is referred to as the Butterfly Technology, as on the Flawless website.


  • Cares for Your Skin

    This device uses only one very tiny circular blade to cut hair on the surface of your skin using microscopic precision. It's a technology that enables such a tiny blade to achieve this without having to expose your skin to unnecessarily extra area of blade surface. This helps in avoiding skin irritation or soreness as part of using this device no matter which skin one uses it over.

  • In-built Illumination

    Due to the nature of this product – being highly compact and portable – the provision of a light built into its body comes very handy. It's especially comfortable when you are out and about or in a rush and in need of a bit of light to do a quick last minute touch up.


  • The fact that the device is small in size and powered basically by AA batteries means that it may not be able to put out the power necessary to cut thicker types of hair. This might be a big disadvantage for individuals with that type of hair. Also, you may not be able to address a large area sufficiently fast, as the device has an upper limitation on how fast it can cut hair.

  • This device is the least painful method of removing hair. However, other methods of hair removal, such as waxing, while being unpleasant, may remove hair closest to the roots. This should be taken into account when choosing a hair removal option.

How it's Different from Competitors

A typical epilator is very much like an electronic pair of tweezers that, due to the nature of its functioning, removes the complete hair follicle itself. They usually leave the skin feeling very smooth, but also very painful, swollen and reddened. On the other hand, a typical razor blade causes the shaft of the hair follicle to lift slightly out of the skin before the blade cuts it close to the skin. This results in the remaining left over portion of the hair strand that’s been cut to slip right beneath the skin. However, this can also result in the blade unnecessarily scraping into the skin and causing cellular damage. It also dries up of the skin’s surface due to the hard metal surface of the blade rubbing against the skin at such close proximity.

Flawless Hair Removal uses a single blade built circular in shape. This solution offers a highly compact, portable alternative to other much larger devices with much bigger heads. Bigger size makes them less portable and more obvious at times when you're travelling to work or in your car stuck in traffic and prefer being discreet while you do a bit of touching up.

Easy to Use

  1. Read the Instructions

    The detailed instructions in the booklet that comes with the shaver will show you how to use the device most effectively, and how to get the best out of all the features of the device. It’s good practice to go through the booklet once before beginning to use the device. The instruction booklet contains maintenance procedures for the shaver, to ensure that it continues to give you good service for years.

    Reading the instructions can also help you to prevent inadvertent damage to the device. These instructions can be important, as the device cannot be used for wet shaving. It has been designed for convenience, which generally means that you’ll be using it for dry shaving. If the device is exposed to water, it could cause permanent damage to the item.

  2. Use the Device

    The sophisticated mechanism of the shaver has been carefully designed to remove hair most efficiently. There is a special mesh over the working components of the device that works to protect your skin and keep it safe. This mesh can also lift hair so that the device can cut it with maximum effectiveness. Experience has shown that this sophisticated design works far more efficiently than conventional shavers available today. The safety mechanism means that you can use it with confidence on the delicate skin of the face and it quickly and effectively removes unwanted hair.

  3. Conserve the Battery

    It is essential that this device is turned off when you’re not using it, as this will help to conserve the battery and prevent the battery from discharging completely. Turning off the device when you’re not using it extends the lifespan of the shaver itself. Also, do note that batteries tend to leak when they’re completely discharged, so this is never a good policy in any case. Leaking batteries could certainly damage the internal components of the shaver. The best practice, in this case, would be to switch off the shaver when you’re not using it.

Make Sure Batteries Have Power

The shaver has been designed to be very efficient and can work on a single AA battery. However, that said, that AA battery is quite indispensable, and you should make sure that it has enough energy to run you shaver. A check on your battery at regular intervals would not be out of place.


  • Painless and Non Reactive

    The shaver has been specially designed to be completely painless and to efficiently remove hair without causing any unpleasant sensations. It can be used to not only to remove the fuzzy hair from the cheeks, but also any extra strands or, of course, hair form the upper lip. Though it looks rather like a conventional lipstick, it’s amazingly effective at removing unwanted facial hair. It's plated with gold to ensure that it is non-abrasive and especially gentle on sensitive skin types. The on reactive gold plating ensures that this shaver does not cause allergies.

  • Effortless to Use

    A single press on the button turns on the shaver. It’s very intuitive and you’ll know just how to use it the first time you hold it in your hands.

  • Comes With Its Own Flashlight

    The shaver incorporates a small flashlight that allows you to use it no matter what ambient conditions of lighting may be. You could use it in a small cloakroom if you have to.

  • Small and Concealable

    For those who would prefer a shaver that is portable and discrete, this device certainly fulfills those criteria. The device has actually been designed to look like a conventional lipstick, so even if someone happens to spot it in your purse, they won’t give it more than a second glance. The fact that it is so small and camouflaged, ensures that you can carry it around with you, to use at times when you could use no other shaver. It has a beautiful outer case of white pearl.

Gold Plating

Shaving devices can abrade the skin. What many people don’t know is that the harsh materials that most shaving devices are composed of can also react harshly with sensitive skins. This shaver, on the other hand, has been carefully constructed and designed to prevent this. As a final touch, the portions of the shaver that actually come into contact with the skin are plated in gold. As everyone knows, gold is a nonreactive metal, and therefore will be unlikely to cause allergies and other unpleasant effects associated with other shavers. No matter how sensitive the skin, it will not be adversely affected by using this shaver upon it. Special care has been taken to make the shaver head of non-abrasive and non-reactive components.

Compatible Across Skin Types

Every individual is unique, and skin types can react adversely to a wide range of products. This is one of the reasons why the manufacturers of this shaver has taken so much trouble to ensure that their product has a completely non-reactive plating of gold. This prevents all adverse reactions to the material of the product. The fact that the material is completely non-reactive makes sure that it’s suitable and will not adversely affect anyone, no matter what their skin type.


  • Cleaning Not Specified

    It’s uncertain as to whether this device is able to clean itself of cut hair or debris, and if it does not, there is no cleaning method clearly specified. There is no information on how one would go about cleaning the device if it became clogged with hair or debris. It's possible that the device can simply be shaken to rid it of any collected hair. However, there is no guarantee that shaking the device in this way will not adversely affect it.

  • Avoid Contact With Water

    It’s certainly an advantage that the shaver can be used at any time without requiring wetting the hair or skin, or any form of lathering. However, you should be aware that this device has not been designed to be used with water at all. You should under all circumstances avoid using the item if the skin is wet, or avoid lathering the skin to soften the hair. It’s important to note that the device has been designed to not require this sort of process in the first place.

    However, if you do expose the shaver to water, or even wet in accidentally, it is likely that the device will stop working. It is still not dangerous, as the device uses voltages too low to harm a human. However, it will void the warranty, and in all probability destroy the Flawless Hair Removal device.


  • Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal is a stable form of therapy these days and has benefited thousands of people around the world. Not only is laser hair removal a stable field of knowledge in the application, but this knowledge has been increased to cover everything from optical correction to the treatment of cancer. This therapy is safe, and it has the advantage of permanently removing hair. The disadvantage of laser therapy is that, of course, it can leave areas of extreme redness, which can be unpleasant or quite sometimes after the session.

    The other disadvantage is that laser therapy can be rather expensive, which can ensure that it’s not a treatment that everyone is able to opt for. Do bear in mind that cosmetic procedures are generally not covered by medical insurance policies. If you would like to go for laser therapy, you could consult a dermatologist.

  • Waxing

    Waxing is an effective and cheap way of removing unwanted hair. Almost everyone has used it, and all one has to do is apply a length of sticky wax to the areas one needs to remove the hair from. Then one simply jerks the strips off, and the hair comes away with it.

Save Money

The shaver is a convenient and effective means to remove excess or unwanted hair. The simplicity and ease of use of this shaver means that you do not have to go in for possible salon treatments. Salon procedures can be quite expensive, and it can be quite inconvenient to set up an appointment. This device allows you to save money by simply removing excess and unwanted hair quickly and easily at home or just about anywhere where you can have a little privacy. Flawless Hair Removal device saves you time that you would normally use for setting up salon appointments for hair removal, and the time spent in the salon. This shaver is also very efficient, which means that the process of hair removal takes the minimum possible amount of time. All this saves you a great deal of time in your day, which you can use more productively elsewhere.


  1. Coarse Regrowth

    There have been the occasional complaint that using the shaver causes the hair to grow more quickly, and can also cause the hair to coarsen to some extent. Some users have claimed that tweezers can remove the hair more effectively and that hair regrowth when using tweezers or waxing is much slower. While this may be true, tweezers or waxing are far more painful and unpleasant alternatives to the shaver.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Flawless Hair Removal online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Flawless Hair Removal online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 03 Jul 2020 Linda Gutierrez - (New York, NY)

This Product is a Piece of Crap

Used device twice before it stopped working replaced battery thinking it was the battery but still would not work. The famous gold plated head came off and would not go back on. I have a sister in-law that bought this same product and her experience was the same do NOT buy this piece of crap.

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Posted: 29 Feb 2020 AGD - (Gadsden, AL)

First Time Use, Never Using Anything Else!

I tried Flawless Hair Removal for the first time today. My mother and I thought at first that it might not work. Once I tried it, I was surprised to find that it didn't hurt and how quickly it removed hair. I have trouble with hair growing quickly on my upper lip, so this product will help me save time and money, instead of spending money on painful waxing. Thank you for making a wonderful product.

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Posted: 26 Dec 2019 Almond Tressa - (Cleveland, TN)


Can not find where to replace the battery?

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Posted: 07 Jun 2020 CG

The battery is located in the base. Remove the top, grab the gold cylinder and the base and pull apart.


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Posted: 30 Jul 2019 Barb Mills - (Flora, IN)

No Good

I bought one of these and it never did work right and now 4 months later it has quit entirely. Would definitely NOT buy another one.

5 of 5 people found this review helpful.

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Posted: 01 Mar 2020 Sue Carr

I totally agree with Barb. I had mine about 4 months when it stopped dead while I was using it. Needless to say that wasn't good.


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Posted: 27 Dec 2018 Jan - (Edinburgh, SCT)

5 O'clock Shadow

I got this product for my Christmas, I usually wax my upper lip and was looking for a more painless hair removal option, I used this product Christmas morning and by dinner time could feel my 'designer stubble', would not use this on my upper lip again however was ok on the rest of my face.

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Posted: 02 Jul 2018 Kathi Holt - (Livingston, TX)


I have bought 3 of these flawless products so far and the average life of each one has been a month before it quits working. It's not worth 20.00 to me to only get one month of use from it. I like what it does but hate that it does not work for long.

6 of 6 people found this review helpful.

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Posted: 17 Feb 2018 theresa weber - (Conyers, GA)

It Sucks

I tried the flawless and it is not like they say it does make your hair come in thicker and stronger the only thing it is good for is if you are going out and see some wild hairs you can whip it out of your pocketbook and use it other then that do not repeat do not use it on your whole face unless you are applying for the bearded ladies job.

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Posted: 24 Jan 2018 Sarah - (Hanover Park, IL)

Battery Change

I've misplaced the original information when I got my flawless a few months ago. It's time to replace the battery but I can't find how to open it. Please let me know asap. I don't want to look like zz top.

7 of 11 people found this review helpful.

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Posted: 19 Sep 2017 Annie DAVIS - (Hope, AR)


I don't see my top spinning! Should it be visible?

1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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Flawless Hair Removal Infomercial

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