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Flavor Fresh is a premium Vacuum juicer that is designed to create the perfect juicing experience. It uses whole foods, helping to reduce waste and not having to chop your fruits and vegetables has the added benefit of saving time. The included pump removes oxygen from your shakes and smoothies, the end result is a shake that tastes better and stays fresh for longer. The compact design is easy to use, easy to maintain and produces great tasting smoothies.

Flavor Fresh Flavor Fresh or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Flavor Fresh is $104.80 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $114.75.

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  • Use Whole Foods

    Most juicers require you to chop your produce down to size before putting them into the device. The Flavor Fresh allows you to skip this process entirely. Simply place your fruit or vegetables of choice in the device and let the Flavor Fresh do the rest.

  • Vacuum Storage

    The included Vacuum sealer lets you prepare your juices ahead of time without worry of spoilage. When used properly most varieties of juice can hold for five to seven days. Prepare your smoothies even farther in advance by freezing your juice and defrosting the night before.

  • Removes Oxygen

    Oxygen is the primary thing that causes food to spoil. The included oxygen pump removes a significant portion of the oxygen from your drink. Having less oxygen in your juice will allow it to last longer and will leave your mix less prone to separation. By removing unwanted O2 your drink will taste better and have a more consistent texture.

  • Compact Design

    Many juicers on the market are big and bulky. They often take a lot of counter space and have numerous parts to remove and clean. The Flavor Fresh boasts a small form factor and easy to clean design. Save both time and space with the Flavor Fresh.

How It Works

Before blending, use the included oxygen pump to remove any oxidants from the air and your selected produce. After removing any oxygen, blend in the Flavor Fresh just as you would any traditional blender. After you have finished, remove the blade and container for easy cleaning.


  • Juice Lasts Longer

    With a traditional juicer, you are forced to drink your smoothie shortly after you make it. If you don't, you might get a less than enjoyable experience. Within minutes oxygen will begin to affect your drink, even if it's in the refrigerator. Removing the oxygen beforehand will allow you to store premade juice for several days.

  • Use on the go

    The FlavorFresh comes packaged with a To-Go cup. Use the included vacuum sealer to lock freshly made juice in the To-Go cup. Store until you're ready to drink then simply grab and go.

  • Better Tasting

    Oxygen can ruin the taste and texture of foods. The Flavor Fresh removes most of the oxygen ahead of time. Fruits and vegetables that run through the Flavor Fresh are less prone to separation. Meaning, your juice will have a richer taste and thicker more consistent texture.

How it's Different from Competitors

There are a wide variety of different juicers on the market. They vary in size and shape, but they all have one thing in common. They are complicated to use and a pain to clean. Not only is the Flavor Fresh neither of these things, it also produces fresher juice that tastes better and stays fresh for longer.

Easy Recipe Ideas

  • Pineapple Energy Blend.

    Pineapple contains bromelain which aids in keeping down inflammation. Grapefruits contain lots of calcium and potassium. They both contain natural sugar to help get through the morning. Throw in a couples pinches of salt and you have a great energy blend that promotes a healthy PH balance.

    ½ small pineapple
    1 grapefruit
    ½ lemon
    1-inch of fresh ginger.
    1-3 pinches of salt for electrolytes.

  • Mean Green Blend

    This classic juice blend may look a bit offputting at first, but don't let its bright green color scare you away. This juice packs a punch and is full of nutriants and vitamins. Add a couple Kiwi's or a bit of sugar to balance out the flavor profile.

    8 stalks of celery
    1 large cucumber
    6 kale leaves
    A handful of parsley or cilantro
    ½ lemon
    1-inch fresh ginger.

  • Ginger Carrot Morning Blend

    The main stars of this juice blend are the carrot, ginger and turmeric. All of the above have amazing health benefits and this blend is a perfect power house morning drink to supplement your morning coffee or. Maybe help cut it out altogether.

    5 Medium-sized carrots (peeled)
    2 Apples (halved and cores removed)
    1 Small piece of fresh ginger (1 inch)
    1 / 8 Teaspoon turmeric

  • Breakfast Zinger Blend

    The Breakfast Zinger Blend is a classic blend of fruits and features our best friend the beet. This juice has a great color and fantastic taste that's perfect for starting the morning.

    2 Cups (480 ml) coconut water
    2 Lemons (seeded and halved)
    2 Carrots (halved)
    2 Apples (seeded, cored, quartered)
    2 Beets (quartered)

  • Post Workout Muscle Repair

    A killer combination of tart cherries and pineapple will help promote healing after an intense workout. Pineapple and cherries are both rich in nutrients which help cut down on swelling and inflammation.

    1 cup tart cherries (frozen / thawed or fresh)
    1 cup pineapple
    1 / 2 cup spinach
    1 lime (peeled)
    1 inch ginger

Wise Advice

Do not buy Flavor Fresh online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Flavor Fresh online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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