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Edison Flame Edison Flame or Alternatives
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The Edison Flame is a revolutionary new LED light bulb that flickers a warm glow and looks and imitates a real flame. This provides you with the calming ambiance of a candle lit room, without an open flame. The Edison Bulb replaces any standard light bulb. Fits in any regular socket and makes decorating your home a breeze. This product is great for creating a relaxing environment for reading or unwinding. You will get the beauty of a flame with the safety of a light bulb.

Edison Flame Edison Flame or Alternatives
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Edison Flame Commercial
Is Edison Flame a scam or a great buy?

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Edison Flame is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page ( ) which was taken offline due to Edison Flame being discontinued. Edison Flame may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page ( ) which was taken offline due to Edison Flame being discontinued. Edison Flame may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

Easy to Use

  1. Replaces Any Bulb

    You can use this innovative new light bulb to replace any standard light bulb in any conventional socket. Simply screw in the Edison Flame and turn it on.

  2. Switch it on

    The only thing that you need to do is flip the switch and turn the light on. Then, sit back and relax and enjoy the calming setting that the bulb will immediately create.

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How It Works

The secret to Edison Flame is its revolutionary use of LEDs. It uses a total of 386, small but powerful, LED lights that dance and flicker just like a flame. Candles can get hot and can be a fire hazard. However, Edison Flame's use of LEDs means that it stays cool to the touch. This causes the bulb to look like an authentic flame, without being a fire hazard.

The first time you turn the light on, you will get a regular, steady glow. Turn it on the second time and you will get the twinklings of an open flame. In just seconds, you can go from regular room lighting to a soothing, relaxing atmosphere.


  • Safe

    This product provides you with the safety of a light bulb in combination with the look of a real flame. Edison Flame is perfectly safe to use around pets and children and stays cool to the touch, despite its flame-like appearance.

  • Decorate

    The Edison Flame can make decorating quick and easy. Once you install the bulb, you will instantly change the atmosphere to a calm, relaxing setting.

    This could be great for decorating for themed birthday parties or to set the mood for a quiet dinner party.

    You can even use this bulb to replace your outdoor lights. This will give your entrance or walkway a warm and inviting look that will seem like you've gone back in time to when they used gas lanterns.

  • Fits Any Socket

    This product was designed to be compatible with any conventional light socket. This means you can change the atmosphere of any room. Indoors or outdoors.

  • Led Technology

    This radically new way to light up your rooms uses 386 LEDs lights that dance, twinkle and flicker. They flash in a pattern that is designed to emulate the looks of a real flame.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Offer

    This product is available as a double offer. When you purchase on Edison Flame, the company will include a second light bulb. You will still have to pay a separate, small fee. This offer also includes free shipping.

  2. Guarantee

    Every bulb comes with a full, life time money back guarantee. If the bulb ever breaks or burns out, the company will replace it. You will have to pay shipping and handling on the return of the product.

  3. Not in Stores

    This product is available exclusively online. You can order the Edison Flame by filling out the form on the product's website.

How it's Different from Competitors

The only other way to achieve this type of lighting is to use candles. They can be messy and wax can stain and be difficult to clean. Not to mention that the open flame can be a hazard around pets and kids. Edison Flame replaces candle light by using flickering LEDs to emulate the warm glow of a flame. The LEDs stay cool and are completely safe anywhere around the house.

Save Money

This product is backed by a comprehensive life time guarantee, this means that it is meant to last for far longer than traditional bulb filaments. You will save money by not having to continuously replace your light bulbs. Plus, if your bulb does get broken or burns out, you will get a replacement bulb at no cost.

Save Time

You can save time with Edison Flame by decorating in just seconds. Simply, replace your regular bulbs, turn the switch on and you will instantly have a seemingly new room.


  • Electricity

    Although this product is generally safe, children should never handle or replace light bulbs on their own. Always make sure that the light switch is turned to the off position before unscrewing bulbs. This will help avoid any risk of electric shock. Adult supervision is highly recommended.

    Light bulbs are fragile. Be careful when handling this product and be sure to not drop it. It may cause the internal workings to disconnect and the bulb to no longer function.


  1. Offer

    The special offer makes you think that you will get two Edison Flames for the price of one. However, there is still a small fee. It is still a good offer but their advertising should be worded better.


  • Multiple Use

    This product can be used either outdoors or indoors and can be used in a number of applications form a light on a desk to the lighting for a room or a lawn. It can also be used in wall lights or pillar lamps, in crystal fixtures or chandeliers, in solar torches or in lights for the garden. These bulbs look very good in a lampshade or frosted glass, or in a simulated old lantern.

  • Great for Special Occasions

    The simulated flame of the lamp fits in especially well with traditional festivals like Christmas or Halloween, and can considerably add to the ambiance of a room. These bulbs are especially suited to strings of decorated lights, which creates a very interesting effect. They are also good for commercial establishments, such as wedding venues, coffee shops, bars or even hotels. It is excellent for romantic evenings, where you can set up a number of simulated candles or lamps to make a room look beautiful and create the right ambiance.


You should be aware that this device cannot be used in voltages others than the one it is rated for. Extreme shifts in voltage can damage the device. It should not be used as lighting for emergencies, as it may not put out enough light in such situations. While the bulb can be used outdoors in a properly shielded container or lamp, the bulb itself is not waterproof and can be destroyed if it is exposed to water. The best safety procedure while you're changing bulbs for lamps that use this one is to turn off electric supply before you change the bulb.

Special Design

The bulb is specially designed to simulate flame flowing along form the base of the bulb to its summit. The lighting is very stable, and the light puts out a very pleasant and aesthetic color, which is very like the color form a candle flame or a fire. This lighting makes any room look cozy and comfortable. This makes the Edison Flame an excellent lamp for any room where you want just the right atmosphere or to set the right mood. It's an excellent lamp not only for homeowners but also for interior decorators and designers. It can be used to make a room either peaceful or romantic.

To be Used Upright

The mainstream variant of this lamp can only be used upright. If the bulb is put into a socket that faces downwards, it will look as if the flames are flowing downwards, which will not be realistic. There are special versions of this lamp sold by the same manufacturer that actually have the flames flowing from the tip of the lamp to its base, for use in upside-down sockets. That is to say, in sockets that face downwards. There are special variants of the lamp in which the flame flows in one direction or the other, depending upon whether the bulb is installed upright or in the inverted position. You should be sure to buy the right variant when you're purchasing the bulb.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Edison Flame online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Edison Flame online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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