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Flame Heater Flame Heater or Alternatives
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Flame Heater is a compact heating device which emits 600 watts of heat. The manufacturer's claim is that this small heater is capable of doing the job of a larger space heater, and at a much cheaper cost. This heater is supposed to warm up a room in a few short minutes. It plugs into any electrical wall outlet and stays suspended there; the device has no cord. The heater is designed to warm individual rooms and other small spaces.

Flame Heater Flame Heater or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Flame Heater is $29.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Thermostat With Remote

    Flame Heater has a thermostat which goes up to 90 degrees. You can control the thermostat via a small remote control device from wherever in the room you're located; you don't have to physically get up to change the temperature. Set the temperature that you want and the device will start heating up immediately.

  • Heat Speed

    There's a setting on the device for speed. There are only two possible speeds - high or low.

  • Push-Button Digital Display

    The controls on this heating device are contained on the push button digital display. This is where you access the thermostat, speed, and other features. Of course, you can use the remote to control all of the features on the display.

  • Timer With Automatic Shutoff

    Flame Heater has a timer that you can set for when you want the device to shut off, and it will do so automatically at that time.

  • Highly Portable

    Flame Heater was made to be highly portable. Since it's meant to heat small spaces, you can easily carry it with you from room to room when you go somewhere else in the house. You can take it to your job to heat your work area, or over to a friend's house. When you travel, you can just slip this small device into your bag. It hardly takes up any room. Now you can guarantee that your hotel room will be warm.

  • High Heating Capacity

    This device emits over 600 watts of heating power. It's a minuscule but very powerful heater that is supposed to be able to warm up a room in a few minutes. Apparently, as soon as you turn it on it starts blasting out heat.

  • Electric Heater

    Since this is an electric heater, you plug it into any wall socket. However, in the case of this product, you plug it in directly as there's no cord. The small device plugs into the socket and stays hanging there until you remove it and take it elsewhere.


  • Heats Very Quickly

    One great benefit of this tiny heater is that it starts working immediately, as soon as you program the temperature you would like. For a small device, it delivers an amazing amount of power. If you need to room to warm up fast, this is your heater.

  • Much Cheaper Than Floor Heater

    Floor heaters eat up a tremendous amount of electricity, and they can really make your electric bill soar. This compact little heater is supposed to be much more efficient than your standard floor heater. The manufacturer claims that this device will save you a lot of money on your electric bill. One reason for this is the fact that with Flame Heater, you can only heat up one room at a time - the room you're occupying at the moment. If you change rooms, you take the device with you and heat up only that room.

  • Very User-Friendly

    Flame Heater is very easy to use and understand. You may not even need the manual. The push-button digital display is extremely clear.

  • Safer Than Electric Heater

    With your standard electric heater, the grill is quite open and it can get absolutely red hot. It`s too easy for a child or a pet to get too close to it and get burned. In addition, these heaters are big fire hazards. You have to watch them very carefully. With Flame Heater, the grill is much smaller and it's on the wall, hopefully, more out of the way than an electric heater would be. For added safety, you can choose an outlet that's high up rather than close to the ground.

  • Free Shipping

    The company is offering to foot the bill for the shipping costs, on an already very reasonably-priced item. This does make the product slightly more appealing. It`s a nice bonus.

  • Extra Heater for Small Fee

    The manufacturer is offering a deal right now whereby if you purchase one Flame Heater, you can get a second one for a small fee. This amount is probably equal to the shipping and handling costs.


  • Only for Small Spaces

    It's true that this product was specifically designed to heat up rooms and other small areas. However, it's still a disadvantage that it can't heat beyond a small room. Obviously, you are often going to want to heat up more than one room in the house, as they may be several people there. It would be nice if the heater had a better capacity. This way, you may have to buy several if you want to make use of the cost-cutting benefits in your home.

  • No Warranty Visible

    According to the website, there doesn't appear to be a warranty for this product. It's not mentioned on the site itself, as a benefit of the heater, nor is it discussed in the Terms and Conditions. There could very well be one that they haven't mentioned on the website, but it doesn't seem likely that the company would leave this information out.

  • No Cord

    As mentioned, the heater plugs into the wall outlet directly. However, sometimes you do want a cord. You may want to move the device to the middle of the room like you would a space heater, so people can sit around it and so it can heat the room more evenly. With this heater, you can't do that. You can only move it around to different electrical sockets in the room.

  • Not Secured Enough

    Devices that plug into wall outlets have to be quite light to not eventually start falling out of the outlet; dropping down with the weight of the object. There's a good possibility that this would happen at some point. In that case, there`s a risk of fire with this device, although it`s probably less risk than with an electric heater. It`s probably better to stay mostly in the room while this device is on, just for safety measures.

  • Off in Power Outage

    One of the problems with using electricity is that if the power goes off, you lose the heater too. If it`s winter time, the heater is what you need the most.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Flame Heater online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Flame Heater online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 31 Dec 2022 Smith - (Torquay, ENG)

Not Good

I have not plugged in the Flame Heater as it has the wrong plug on it! Therefore no use at all.

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Posted: 27 Dec 2022 Lee Stevens - (Widnes, ENG)

Waste of Money

Just not up to the job, might heat a small cupboard on a summers day.

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Posted: 17 Dec 2022 Ian Jacklin - (Worthing, ENG)

Poor Quality

The only room tijacklin84@gmail.comhis that will heat quickly is the toilet. First plug in the power plug broke a pin. The second one works but the power plug is way too flimsy and without support will work its way out of the wall. Direct from an eco buddy at almost £40 each but £20 on Amazon. I'm requesting a full refund. We'll see if they hold up to their no-quibble refund policy.

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Posted: 14 Nov 2022 David Howell - (London, ENG)

Working Remote Control

No instructions at all. How does the remote control work? There is a word at the bottom of the remote Marked 'Release', and a downward arrow to a tiny pull-out which fails to pull out. How does that work? Nothing on earth will shift it.

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