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Flame Bulb Flame Bulb or Alternatives
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Flame Bulb is an LED light bulb that's meant to look just like a flickering flame from a candle. However, unlike a candle, each of these bulbs won't have an open flame when lit up, and won't be made of wax that'll melt everywhere. The soft yellow glow that comes from each bulb should aid you in creating a peaceful ambiance both inside and outside your home, where each bulb can be added to any standard light fixture.

Flame Bulb Flame Bulb or Alternatives
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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Add to Lighting Fixture

    To start using one of these bulbs, you'll need to screw it into any indoor or outdoor lamp or alternative lighting fixture, just as you would a standard light bulb.

  2. Turn Light On

    Next, once your bulb is securely screwed into the lighting fixture of your choice, turn on that lighting fixture as you normally would and watch the yellow bulb come to life.

  3. Enjoy Stress-Relieving Glow

    After your yellow bulb has been turned on, you'll be able to enjoy its peaceful, stress-relieving glow for as long as you'd like. Since each bulb contains long-lasting LED lights, it'll likely burn for hundreds of thousands of hours before needing to be replaced. When you don't want your bulb turned on, you can simply shut off the lamp it's been put in as you would normally.

How It Works

Each Flame Bulb operates by virtue of LED fast-flicker technology, which means that the LED lights within each one will work together to mimic the effects of the soft, flickering flame of a candle. Unlike traditional candles, though, they'll be able to create this effect without becoming a fire hazard or potentially making a mess of the area around them by melting.


  • Golden Glow

    Instead of beaming bright white light, these bulbs will offer you a softer golden glow, which you may find more calming and less likely to give you a headache or strain your eyes. Plus, if you're using one in your bedroom, you may be able to leave it on all night without running the risk of it keeping you awake for hours.

  • Stays Cool to Touch

    The Flame Bulb will always stay cool the touch, so neither you nor any children under your care will ever burn your fingers by touching it. This means you'll also be able to move each bulb, if you desire, without waiting for it to cool down after it's been turned off. What's more, if some other object happens to touch it, such as a piece of paper or plastic, the bulb won't set that object on fire.

  • Can Use Year-Round

    You'll be able to use one of these bulbs both indoors and outdoors, in any season, without worrying about it incurring damage due to weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind and the hot sun.

  • No Batteries Required

    Although you'll probably need batteries or electricity to operate the lighting fixture you add each Flame Bulb to, you won't need any additional batteries to operate each bulb itself. Once you insert one of these bulbs in a lighting fixture, that lighting fixture's normal power mechanisms (including the on / off switch) will control it completely.

Positive Points

  • Will Help Keep Yard Safe

    Your driveway, your front steps and the area around your pool, if you have one, can be prime places for people to stumble and fall, especially in bad weather. Fortunately, if you don't like the look of bright floodlights, you can just add some Flame Bulbs to your yard in order to give anyone enough illumination to move through it safely. Aside from keeping things safe, these bulbs may make the yard look more attractive, especially while you're having a party—the guests may feel as if they're really socializing by candlelight!

  • May Create a Romantic Mood

    If you're having a date night with your significant other and want to create a romantic mood that encourages amorous behavior, turning on one of these bulbs will likely help you out. If you place one on the dinner table between you and your date, you'll still be able to see each other's eyes and faces clearly, but everything else will fade into the background.

  • Could Help Relieve Stress

    After a long day at work or school, during which you've been staring at bright smartphone and computer screens for hours, a Flame Bulb may help relieve some of your stress. You could turn one on in your bedroom or living room while you read or meditate quietly, or even bring one into your bathroom and switch it on while you soak in the tub. You'll still be able to read small print if you'd like, but you'll be able to give your eyes and head a break from the constant brightness typically experienced during the workday.

  • Makes Good Night Light

    This type of bulb will make a good night light in any room, but it may be most handy in a child's room since it'll always stay cool. It'll hopefully give the child just enough illumination to assuage any fears of the dark, but not so much that they won't be able to sleep. If your child has a favorite bedside lamp, you'll likely have no problem switching its standard bulb for one of these gentler ones.

Negative Points

  • Can't Use Bulb On Own

    There's no way to turn one of these bulbs on and use it on its own without screwing it into a lighting fixture first. That means that if you don't have the electricity or batteries required to operate any of the lighting fixtures around you, you won't be able to use one of these bulbs at all. It would be helpful if some way to turn each bulb on independently could be created, so it could be used in a power outage when there are also no batteries handy.

  • Predetermined Flickering Speed

    The Flame Bulb will flicker in a predetermined way, at a pre-set speed, and there'll be no way for you to change this to suit your needs at particular times. To make the bulb even better, it would be beneficial if users could be given the opportunity to change the flickering speed or make the bulb solid by using a switch or remote control.

Save Time

It can take up to several minutes to light a traditional candle, especially if you're not experienced with doing so. Then, after you're done using it, you'll need to spend at least several more minutes cleaning the melted wax out of the candle holder it's been sitting in. On the other hand, it will take just one or two seconds to turn a Flame Bulb on or off, and there'll never be any mess associated with doing so.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Flame Bulb online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Flame Bulb online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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