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Flak Sack Flak Sack or Alternatives
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Flak Sack is a drawstring bag that has a built in locking mechanism for theft prevention. The Flak Sack lock is engaged when the lock strap is pulled closed. It can be attached to a heavy item to further prevent it and its contents from being stolen. This bag itself is made out of a special armor grade fiber that is abrasion and slash free. The product is constructed with a leather sternum, and is designed to be worn with the straps on each shoulder. This bag is water resistant, and there is a RFID blocking device in its interior.

Flak Sack Flak Sack or Alternatives
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  • Anti Theft Locking Strap

    The anti-theft locking strap with its brass lock is a patent pending feature that allows a simple drawstrap bag to become a safe for the user's belongings.

  • Abrasion & Slash Proof

    Flak Sack is made with a double layer of ultra high molecular weight polyethelene
    fiber that makes it virtually abrasion and slash proof. This fiber is the same kind that is used in the making of personal body armor.

  • Water Resitant

    This bag is coated with a coating of an industrial substance that makes the material of the bag stain and water resistant. The interior pocket of the bag is also treated to resist water.

  • Rfid Blocking

    An RFID blocking technology is built into the internal pocket of the bag. This technology shields credit cards, passports, and key cards from remote scanning.

  • Sternum Strap Gives Comfort

    The Sternum Strap centers the weight of the bag across the middle of the user's body for added comfort.

  • Soft Double Braided Ropes

    This tote has soft double braided ropes made out of nylon. The ropes are both comfortable carried or on the shoulders. These ropes are, also, made to last.


  • Simple Anti Theft Design

    This tote bag turns a simple tote into a safe for a user's belongings that can be brought anywhere. The lock strap pulls and locks in securely the contents of the bag. This bag can then be left anywhere with its contents secure.

  • Abrasion and Slash Proof

    This bag is made out of ultra high molecular weight polyethelene fiber combined with other special fibers that is abrasion and slash proof. The fabric of the bag is similar to the kind that is used to make personal body armor.

  • Water Resistant

    Flak Sack is doubly coated with an industrial substance to make it resist water. The interior pouch of the bag is, also, treated so any eletronic equipment is protected.

  • Sternum Strap for Comfort

    The Sack comes with a leather sternum strap that is pulls the ropes together across the user's back. This leather sternum distributes the weight of the tote equally upon the shoulders for more comfortable use.

  • Seamless Fabric Design

    This product is constructed out of a single piece of fabric which eliminates the possiblity of seam tearing.


  1. Not Puncture Proof

    Although the Flak Sack may be slash proof it is not puncture proof. The whole fabric of the bag is subject to being punctured.

  2. Heavy

    Several user's found that the Flak Sack was too heavy for comfortable use.

  3. Straps Too Long

    One medium heighth person found the straps on the tote to be too long for comfortable use.

  4. No Instructions

    A consumer was not satisfied that the product did not come with instructions for use.

  5. Black Strap Can be Cut

    One consumer was able to cut the black strap's fabric where the lock is placed. By cutting the strap, an approximate three inch hole was made in the top of the tote.

Negative Aspects

  • Heavy

    This tote bag with all its security measures is heavier than other tote bags. The leather sternum addresses some of the problem, but doesn't alleviate it for some consumers.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Flak Sack online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Flak Sack online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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