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Firemans Flex Hose Firemans Flex Hose or Alternatives
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The Firemans Flex Hose is a durable garden hose that you can use for both gentle tasks such as watering flowers and tasks that require more power, such as hosing down an RV. Each hose is made of professional-grade knitted fabric similar to that used to construct the hoses used by professional firemen, and this hose will never tangle or kink on you while you use it. It comes with its own lightweight reel for storage purposes.

Firemans Flex Hose Firemans Flex Hose or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Firemans Flex Hose is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Firemans Flex Hose at the discounted price of only $7.99 for a total price of $35.97.

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How It Works

Until you turn on the connected water source, this hose will stay flat on its reel. However, after you turn on the water and begin to gently pull it off its reel, it'll expand so it's a cylindrical shape. Due to the material used to make each hose and the design of the reel, you'll be able to pull the hose off the reel without worrying about it snagging. When you're done using your hose, you'll be able to reel it in just as smoothly as you released it, and it'll dry out and flatten out as you're retracting it back onto the reel. Each hose's reel even has a lever that you can use to help reel your hose in, so you won't have to touch a wet or muddy hose.


  • Four Lengths Available

    The Firemans Flex Hose comes in three different lengths, including 25, 50, 75 and 100 feet, so you can select the length that's most appropriate for your property. Keep in mind that the longer your hose is, the heavier it will be, although any of these hoses will be lighter than the majority of garden hoses.

  • Lightweight and Portable

    While some traditional garden hoses weigh as much as 15 pounds, the 25-foot version of this hose weighs only three pounds when it's on its reel. That means that a child will likely be able to lift this size of hose and participate in yard work that they may not otherwise be able to do. Even if you obtain a 100-foot hose for your property, there's still a good chance that a child will be able to work with it by carrying it and moving it around. This hose's lightweight nature makes it a great choice for arthritic seniors, too.

  • Never Tangles, Kinks, Tears

    Many hoses will kink as you drag them around, leaving you wondering why the water's no longer coming out and making it necessary that you go and find the kink. They may also tangle as you roll or unroll them, which will only create extra work for you. Fortunately, you won't have to deal with either of these issues if you use the Firemans Flex Hose since it's been designed not to kink or tangle. Plus, it's been designed not to tear, so it won't start leaking or become totally useless like some hole-filled garden hoses might.

  • Brass Fittings

    The fittings on each of these hoses are made of durable brass that can—along with the rest of the hose they're attached to—withstand the pressure of a wheel. These fittings include the brass nozzle that will give you the option of watering something with a fine mist or using a powerful jet stream. Since you'll have these choices when it comes to water flow, you'll be able to safely use one of these hoses to water or wash off virtually anything in your yard.

Positive Points

  • Can Store Almost Anywhere

    When it's not being used, this hose will sit in a reel that doubles as a carrying case, so you'll be able to store yours almost anywhere. You may want to place the reel on a flat surface and leave it standing up, or turn the hose and its reel on their side to store both in a drawer. Each black reel actually has a handle, so when you want to move your hose from place to place, you won't find it to be an awkward struggle.

  • Ideal For Boats, RVs

    If you allow it to release its most powerful jet stream, the Firemans Flex Hose is ideal for cleaning dirty boats and RVs. The powerful jet stream will clean any dirt and debris off of them in just minutes, so each one will look sparkling clean once it's out on the road or water. You may also want to use this hose's jet stream to hose down your house's siding or the pavement on your driveway in the same manner.

  • Will Water Delicate Plants

    This garden hose is so versatile that even if you've just finished hosing down a large object like a boat, you'll be able to use it to water delicate plants such as flowers. Just turn the brass nozzle in the opposite direction to get the fine mist setting instead of the jet stream, and you'll be able to water any plants without damaging their leaves or petals.

  • Good For Physically Limited

    If you're injured or are suffering from a temporary or permanent physical disability, this hose is an ideal choice for you since it's so lightweight. Having to move around a heavier hose may exhaust you, and cause you not to get your yard work done, but it's unlikely that this one will, especially since it moves so smoothly. Therefore, your physical limitations won't get in the way of you having a clean and attractive-looking yard.

Negative Points

  • Isn't Green

    The Firemans Flex Hose happens to be gray instead of green like garden hoses normally are. This color change may be irrelevant to a lot of people, as color has nothing to do with a hose's performance, but those users who expect their garden hose to be green may be disappointed.

Critical Advice

If you compare the level of water pressure in a longer hose as opposed to a shorter one, the level of pressure will normally be lower in the longer hose. This is likely because the water has a longer distance to travel from the source to the end of the hose. Consequently, unless you need a hose of 50, 75 or 100 feet, you should stick to the 25-foot version, as you'll get a water stream that's just a bit stronger each time it's turned on.

Save Time

After you obtain a Firemans Flex Hose, you'll likely be able to complete any task that involves watering much more quickly than you did with a traditional garden hose. Not only will you be able to move the hose around more quickly from place to place, because of its weight, but you'll also be able to coil and uncoil it super-quickly. This hose can be pulled off or released back onto its reel in a few seconds while coiling and uncoiling a traditional garden hose would take almost anyone at least a few minutes each time.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Firemans Flex Hose online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Firemans Flex Hose online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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