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Finishing Touch Lumina Finishing Touch Lumina or Alternatives
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Finishing Touch Lumina is a compact hair removal tool for the face. This tool has been designed to gently remove hair from the cheeks, chin, lips, and eyebrows without the use of sharp blades, wax or chemical creams. Since each one doesn't appear to be much bigger than a standard pen, most users should be able to hold the tool in one hand as they gently run it across their face. The head of the tool will also pivot to the right, aside from standing straight up, to help you get rid of stubborn hairs.

Finishing Touch Lumina Finishing Touch Lumina or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Finishing Touch Lumina is $9.99 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $19.94.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Add Battery

    With your device turned off, you'll need to add an AAA battery. It's not stated that batteries are included with each device, so you'll probably have to obtain this on your own. After you pull off the battery compartment cover and add the battery, make sure the wide end of the cover is lined up with the wide end of the device. Along the same lines, the narrower end of the cover should be lined up with the narrower end of the device. If you try to force the compartment cover back on upside-down, you might damage your tool.

  2. Begin Removing Hair

    Once your battery compartment cover has been put back on correctly (facing in the right direction) you'll be ready to start using your Finishing Touch Lumina. To do so, flick the tool's power button so that it's on. Following that, pull off the cap and tilt the device at a 45-degree angle while running it very gently along your face, in the opposite direction of your facial hair's growth. If you find you can't remove some hairs with your device's head pointing straight up, turn it off briefly and adjust the head so it's pointing to the right.

  3. Add Brow Attachment (Optional)

    If you want to use your Finishing Touch Lumina to trim your eyebrows precisely, you'll have the option of adding one of the two brow attachments to your tool. The smaller brow attachment (two or four millimeters) is best for shorter eyebrows, while the larger attachment (six millimeters) is more suitable for longer eyebrows. To add one of these attachments, ensure that your device is off, and place your chosen attachment overtop of the head. The grooves on the attachment should be facing in the same direction as the grooves on the head.

  4. Turn Off and Replace Cap

    When your current hair removal session is done, turn off your Finishing Touch Lumina and put its cap back on. Until you use it next, store it someplace where it's not going to get wet.


  • Compact Size

    The Finishing Touch Lumina is compact enough that you'll be able to toss yours in a purse or makeup bag and carry it with you while you're on the go. Since it doesn't require electricity to operate, you'll be able to use it almost anywhere, as long as the battery inside it isn't dead. It may come in handy when you're sitting in the parking lot before an important appointment and realize that you didn't trim your peach fuzz that morning!

  • Bright Light

    Every one of these tools contains a bright white light that will help you see each hair on your face that you need to remove. However, you must remember not to look directly into the light at any time since it could damage your eyes.

  • For Thick Or Thin Female Hair

    This hair removal tool should work on any facial hair that a woman might happen to have, regardless of whether that hair is thick or thin in comparison to the average lady's. It may not be powerful enough to remove the comparatively thicker hair that's commonly found on a man's face, though.

  • Cleaning Brush Included

    Apart from the brow attachments, when they're separated from the rest of the device, it's not safe to clean the Finishing Touch Lumina with water, but a cleaning brush is included for those purposes. To clean your tool, simply leave the brush dry and run it along the tool's surface area in order to wipe away stray hairs or dust. The brush is small, so it won't take up much storage space in your bedroom or bathroom or wherever you choose to keep it.

Positive Points

  • Not Painful or Stinky

    Waxing and shaving can be painful since you might cut or burn yourself, and literally pulling hairs out of your face with tweezers can hurt, too. Fortunately, if you switch to the Finishing Touch Lumina as a hair removal method, it's so gentle that it probably won't ever cause you any irritation or add any redness to your skin. In fact, you'll barely have to touch your skin with the device in order to remove unwanted hair. Furthermore, it won't even give off an unpleasant odor as you use it, as many popular hair removal creams do.

Negative Points

  • Must Provide Own Batteries

    This hair removal device requires an AAA battery to work, and can't be charged any other way, such as by connecting it to your computer with a USB cable. That means you'll have to make sure you always have a replacement battery on hand to replace one that has burned out, or else you won't be able to use your tool for a while.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Test It Out First

    The vast majority of users will have no negative reactions to this device, but before you start using it on your face, it's best to test it out on your arm or leg. If any adverse reaction occurs, you'll need to stop using the device, and you should also refrain from using it if you have sensitive or irritated skin in the first place. In the event that the irritation is temporary, such as that arising from a cut or bruise, you can safely use the device again once the injury is better.

  2. Pull Skin Taut

    This isn't absolutely necessary, but if you want to remove unwanted facial hair more quickly yet precisely than you otherwise would be able to, pull your skin taut with one hand. As you run your Finishing Touch Lumina along it with the other hand, the hair will come off more quickly and effectively than it would if you were to skip this technique.


  • Remove Battery

    If you ever think it'll be weeks before you use this tool again, remove the battery that's currently inside it until the next use.

  • Don't Get It Wet

    Water could damage this hair removal device, so you shouldn't even use it in a damp room or on wet skin. If you wash one of the brow attachments, ensure that it's completely dry before you attach it to your device again.

  • Keep Away From Children

    The Finishing Touch Lumina is appropriate for virtually any adult woman to use, but it's not appropriate for children and should be kept out of their reach. If you've got a teenager under your care who wants to use it, use your own judgment in regard to whether they're mature enough to handle it safely.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Finishing Touch Lumina online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Finishing Touch Lumina online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 26 Feb 2021 Inge Ruzicka - (Mesa, AZ)

Only Works Once

This is my second one and both of them worked once and never worked again. What a scam.

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