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Fingerling Fingerling or Alternatives
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Fingerlings are fun new kids toys that react to the world around them so children get the benefit of always having a talkative friend right at their fingertips. They react to sound, motion, and touch and move in unique ways that mimic real monkeys. There are both monkey play sets and individual monkey characters available for purchase. These cute toys grip onto your child's finger and never let go, making them a good companion for any imaginative child.

Fingerling Fingerling or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Fingerling is $14.84 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $24.79.

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  • Variety

    Fingerlings come in 8 colors and 3 varieties, including a unicorn, sloth, and two unique play sets that pair the traditional Fingerlings with fun items to play with.

  • Collectable

    Fingerlings are great for young collectors, as there are different colors and varieties to collect. Collect all of the Fingerlings and children will be happy and occupied for hours.

  • Interactive

    Unlike other toys, Fingerlings are highly interactive. They sing, move, hang upside down, go to sleep, blow kisses, and love to get attention, encouraging children to use their imaginations to keep the Fingerlings happy.

  • Child Friendly

    These toys are made with children in mind. They say only encouraging and friendly things, and shower their human play mate with affection. Each toy is easy for children to use and enjoy.

  • Battery Powered

    Fingerlings are given life by way of batteries that can be replaced when they die. This makes owning a Fingerling easy, as the batteries can be replaced whenever it is necessary and disruptions in the use of the toy can be avoided.


  • Mimicry Pet

    Mimicry Pets are interactive hamster toys that are soft to hold and fun to talk to. They talk and mimic the words of the child using them, allowing children to learn from talking to the toy.

  • Furreal Friends

    FurReal Friends are traditional kids toys that are interactive and fun to play with. They come in a variety of types and each FurReal Friend has its own unique personality based on the way it acts and what sounds it makes in response to stimulation.

  • Mypal Violet

    MyPal Violet is made by LeapFrog and is useful for educational learning and enjoyment. The toy comes in two varieties, and both colorful varieties can sing. They can also memorize your child's favorite things such as songs and colors.

  • Georgie

    Georgie the interactive puppy can perform tricks and entertain children. The toy is powered by a rechargeable battery. He walks, plays, and barks.

Does It Really Work?

Yes! Fingerlings really do interact with children by making sounds, singing, moving, and sleeping. They are easy to lay with and fun to watch. Each Fingerling is unique and creates a fun, imaginative experience, for children.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Clapping

    If a child claps his or her hands twice near a monkey, the toy will start to sing. This can also be done with groups of the toy to get the entire group singing at one time.

  2. Tilt and Turn

    The toy responds differently to movements when it is lying down, upside down, or right side up. To see what your child's toy can do, try turning the toy in different directions and repeating actions.

  3. Head Tapping

    By tapping the heads of the toys, your child will receive random responses. Tap the toy's head to get a surprise response from the toy.


  • Do Not Submerge in Water

    Each toy is operated by a battery. When wet, the battery can be rendered useless. It can also stop the toy from working altogether. Avoid getting the product wet or exposing it to moisture.

How it's Different from Competitors

Fingerlings are exciting new toys that cling to your children's fingers so they can take them with them wherever they go. They are interactive and react to sound, motion, touch and even make fun little monkey noises while they wiggle around. Fingerlings put friendship literally at your fingertip.

There is a whole crew of different monkeys to collect. You get to choose from the original 6 or you can go for one of the exclusive monkeys including Rose, Sugar, Kiki, Amelia, Kingsley The Sloth or Gigi The Unicorn. Each sold separately.

These tiny baby monkey toys will provide kids with friendship and are a great way for them to play together with their friends.

Play sets can also be purchase for your baby monkey to play with. There a 3 different play sets which include a Monkey Bar and Swing, Jungle Gym or a Teeter Totter.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Tap Their Heads

    Fingerling baby monkeys have two different sensors on either side of their head. Tap once or twice to trigger a variety of reactions.

  2. Hang Them Upside Down

    Afterall, these are monkeys. Hang them upside and you will trigger hysterical laughter.

  3. Pet Them

    With the help of their sensors, Fingerlings react affectionate by cooing and happy eye blinks when you show them some love.

  4. Make Them Toot

    Cup your hand on top of their head and you will trigger a cute little toot. Hang them upside and try it to trigger a different reaction.

  5. Blow Them Kisses

    Blow kisses at your Fingerling and they will make adorable kissing sounds right back at you. Sometimes, however, you might trigger a sneeze.

  6. Get Them Talking

    Fingerlings can make up to 40 different sounds and always react differently depending whether they are right-side up, upside down or laying on their side for a nap. The more creative you get, the more sounds you will learn to trigger.

  7. Rock Them to Sleep

    Like people, baby monkeys need their nap time too. Try cradling your Fingerling and rocking it to sleep. It will make cute sleepy sounds as it drifts off to dreamland.

  8. Give Them a Grip

    Baby monkeys feel safe and secure when they are clinging on to something. Let your Fingerling cling to you finger, the side of your notebook or even a pen or highlighter to make sure your monkey feels safe and happy.

  9. Get Them Singing

    The original 6 Fingerlings will sing if you clap your hands twice near them.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Change Batteries

    To change your Fingerling's batteries, simply lay it down so that the battery compartment is facing up. Using a screwdriver, remove two small screws. Remove old batteries and replace with fresh ones. Be sure to only use compatible batteries.

  2. Slow or Unresponsive?

    Sometimes when the battery is low, your monkey might go into energy conservation mode. These toys are designed to save energy when they are not being played with. Therefore, if your monkey is slow or unresponsive, first try turning the Fingerling off and on again. If that does not work, replace the batteries.

  3. Batteries

    Each monkey requires 4 small LR44 / AG13 button cell batteries and are included with your purchase.

Critical Advice

Toys are power by batteries which can malfunction if they get wet. Be sure to keep toys dry and away from any sources of water.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Fingerling online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Fingerling online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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