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Figure 8 Fitness

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Figure 8 Fitness is a dance inspired workout video that will help you lose weight, maintain an hourglass figure and get that six pack you have always dreamed of. Inspired by Latin dance moves this workout video revolves around three hip exercises that are continuously repeated. These workouts allow you to burn 1000 calories every session. Forget about getting on the floor to do crunches and sit-ups when Figure 8 Fitness is not only more effective but it is also fun. You will not even think of this program as a workout but rather a dance class. If you love music, movement and dancing you should try Figure 8 Fitness - it will get you the flat abs you have always wanted.

The Claim

Do you want sexy flat abs but endless crunches are not getting the job done? Try Figure 8 Fitness. In just 60 days this dance inspired workout video will give you that flat stomach you have always dreamed of. Figure 8 Fitness is a workout video that targets your abs and belly fat. The secret behind this workout is three movements involving your hips which are: sways, rolls, and tucks. Hip sways attack your obliques keeping the waistline slim, hip tucks target the upper, lower and middle abs - this is basically a standing crunch. Finally, hip rolls are all about stretching your surrounding muscles giving you that hourglass figure. Get flat abs and feminine curves but dancing the pounds away - you will have a blast.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Figure 8 Fitness is $59.85 plus $19.95 shipping, for a total price of $79.80.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page which was taken offline due to Figure 8 Fitness being discontinued. Figure 8 Fitness may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page which was taken offline due to Figure 8 Fitness being discontinued. Figure 8 Fitness may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.


  • Targets The Waist
  • When it comes to losing weight, many people face challenges around the area of their waist. Figure 8 Fitness allows people to overcome this problem with an array of intense and powerful workouts. People will finally see results.

  • Professional Methods
  • Figure 8 Fitness features routines that are performed by professional dancers. This ensures that even non-dancers can achieve a slim waistline.


  • High Pace
  • Figure 8 Fitness routines are rather high paced. It may be extremely difficult for people to keep up with the workouts. This is especially true for people who are not used to dancing. Users might take a while to adjust.

  • Time Consuming
  • Compared to other workout programs on the market, Figure 8 Fitness is much more time-consuming. People who are short on time or live a busy life, may not be able to benefit from Figure 8 Fitness compared to people who have time.


  • Fitness and Eating Guide
  • Figure 8 Fitness comes included with an awesome eating and fitness guide. This guide will allow you to make the most of your included exercise programs. It features a meal plan that will turn your body into a calorie-burning machine.

  • 60 Day Wall Calendar
  • Figure 8 Fitness also comes included with a 60-day wall calendar. This will help keep you inspired and on-track to achieve all of your desired fitness goals.


Real people have seen real results with Figure 8 Fitness. These routines emerge dance and fitness in a way that allows people to achieve the body of their dreams. Confidence has never been more at reach. It was designed by Janna Kunitz, a latin ballroom dance champion. Thus, it is an easy 3-step method.

How It Works

Figure 8 Fitness is more effective than lying on the ground and perform sit-ups. It combines the excitement of dance and effectiveness of fitness to create an extremely powerful routine. Everyone will love Figure 8 Fitness.

How it’s Different from Competitors

Figure 8 Fitness is different from other products on the market because it is fun. Other workouts are grueling, painful and boring. Everyone will have a blast with Figure 8 Fitness.


  • Rockin’ Body Dance Workout
  • The Rockin’ Body Dance Workout is similar to Figure 8 Fitness because it also involves dancing. People will be able to burn at least 1,500 calories per day.

  • Hip Hop Abs
  • Also combining the excitement of dance, Hip Hops Abs is a great way for people to lose extra weight along their midsection. It is also effective, like Figure 8 Fitness.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use The Guide
  2. Everyone should follow the included guide when following Figure 8 Fitness. It will allow you to achieve maximum results.

  3. Drink Water
  4. Figure 8 Fitness is a form of cardio workout. You should drink plenty of water during the routine to stay energized and prevent dehydration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many Dvds Are Included?
  • 6 DVDs come with Figure 8 Fitness.

  • Is It Effective?
  • Yes, Figure 8 Fitness is a very effective way to lose inches away from your waist.

  • What Are The Movements?
  • Some of the common movements in Figure 8 Fitness include hip sways, tucks and spins. All are easy to perform.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Figure 8 Fitness online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Figure 8 Fitness online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Roxann Smith - (Arlington, TX)
Posted: 30 Jan 2019
I have a Question

Gave me the Wrong Link?

I ordered the figure eight with the impression that I paid for the DVD's but after sending a message I was emailed back saying that I didn't pay for the shipping of the DVD. Which was $9.95 and I was willing to pay that so when I went to the link and all I got was an oops and that it wasn't an address. All I want to do is get the DVD's and try this out for myself. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!

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Nadia Negrinotti - (Niceville, FL)
Posted: 30 Dec 2018
I have a Question

The presentation say you will receive the "Figure 8 basis", is that the same thing as the Figure 8 fitness" ? Thanks.

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Annabelle Jones - (North Oaks, MN)
Posted: 04 Dec 2018
I have something to say!

Kicked out of the Group?

What is this damn thing? A cult? Y'all sound like Scientologists!

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Tammy Thatcher
Posted: 13 Feb 2019

You are crazy, crossfit is a cult. This is nothing like a cult.

Angel Thomas - (Dover, NJ)
Posted: 13 Apr 2018
I Regret Buying it!

Good Workout, Poor Customer Service & Shady Tactics

The product itself is a great workout and effective if you follow the meal plan and workouts. When I first joined last year the only purchase that was required was the Figure 8 Fitness program which was $47 for lifetime online access and challenges, nutritional support and support group included. If you wanted DVDs it was an additional $9.99 for shipping. Now things have changed. It now cost $29.95 plus shipping monthly for protein FX to be apart of the challenge! And that’s if you live in the US. Add another $20/25 if you live out of the US. Without it you now can’t be in the challenge . Being a part of the challenge was a reason many joined Figure 8 to begin with. It was part of the sales presentation of reasons to buy etc. Currently they only offer dairy protein with soy in it. Many have complained about not being allowed to be a part of the challenge because they either can’t purchase because of expense , medical reasons, allergy reasons etc. If you mentioned your frustrations on the group they will delete you and ban you from the page without warning or hesitation! Even if you send them a private message to admin or to customer “support “ looking for answers or sharing your frustrations in private they will block you! Not only from the group but from even messaging them. Please be aware of this company ! It’s sad because the product itself is fun but they do not care about their customers. I was one of their winners in a challenge and lost 20 pounds and several inches and I was still banned from their page. I have contacted customer support trying to figure out why and I have yet to hear from them. Not many will speak out about this in fear of being banned or hearing back from support . So just be careful before you get involved! It used to be about health and wellness and you felt supported! Now it just seems about pushing their product protein FX.

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Posted: 20 Apr 2018

April, if you were banned from the group, you violated the rules of the group, which you agreed to upon entering the group. Customer service would be glad to help you with any issues you have. Please email Thanks.

Posted: 25 Apr 2018

Hi Nikki, Glad I came across this site today. After reaching out to customer support one last time yesterday after almost 3 weeks of sending emails and never once hearing back because I wanted to figure out what had happened. I decided to look around and see if anyone else has had any issues. I have discovered there is practically no where to leave an honest review on this product! I’m not the only one this has happened to. I did not break any group rules . Not a single one. I was always positive and encouraging on the group . Thats what left me confused. I asked my questions privately to y’all as Figure 8 Fitness admin. I didn’t realize we were not allowed to have concerns or ask private questions. I now see I’m not the only one . In thinking that it’s me now a response is given after repeated attempts on my part and several emailed messages. Not even a number to call to speak to someone. Then you all had your messanger conviently shut off on Facebook so I couldn’t contact you as well as shutting comments off on your public page so I couldn’t post. This was after you told me you’d look into it and then bam blocked. Let’s please not act like you didn’t know I have been sending emails for weeks. All I wanted was to understand and I was respectful. Still left with no answers and no way to contact anyone. I do love the program but very sad that this is how customers are Treated and not even the respect given to respond to Any customer support emails. Hope you have a great day! Thanks.

Elizabeth Sampson
Posted: 09 Feb 2019

It’s very strange that you did not reply to April’s “lasts stance”. What gives? Is the truth that hard to swallow? Do you really have that much stake in the product that you can’t be honest with her? At least send her a PM and post that you sent her one. At least you might’ve redeemed yourself, somewhat. You probably just left an even worse taste in everyone’s mouth, now. Great job.

Posted: 25 Apr 2018

Same thing happened to me. Good to know I’m. It the only one. Great product but sad they won’t even message you back.

Diana Chapman - (Machesney Park, IL)
Posted: 07 Mar 2018
I have something to say!

What the Problem Is

Core Rhythms is fantastic! I loved it. All of the dvds are excellent, target all ages and has two amazing dancers pouring their souls into these programs. Unfortunately, there's a glitch in the videos which is heartbreaking because they are so good and they don't seem to be making anymore. Figure 8 is targeted it seems to much younger women and is also good. But there's just this feeling if you're old like me you don't really belong. However, I can do all these exercises.

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Posted: 20 Apr 2018

Diana, Figure 8 has women of all shapes sizes & ages in our private Facebook group. BodyFX offers a full staff of support too. We'd love to see you there.

Suzette Morin - (Platteville, WI)
Posted: 09 Apr 2017
I Regret Buying it!

I ordered this product on February 6th and the payments were taken off my credit card and I have not heard or received anything at all and I'm not impressed.
There were two different items that I ordered and I would appreciate a response or refund my credit card
Thank you
Suzette Morin.

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Posted: 20 Apr 2018

Email customer support & they'll get you taken care of. Support@bodyfx. Com.

Nikki Simon - (Glen Carbon, IL)
Posted: 06 Feb 2017
I Recommend Buying it!

The Real Woman

I am a Real Woman, who has given birth to four children. I am physically very fit, and dedicated to working out. Figure8Fitness is very intense and it is fun, and time-consuming.

I feel very good after the workout sessions, which are high impact.

However, I sincerely doubt that I would ever be able to re-gain my abs, as suggested by doing this workout, and those women in the videos have not given birth to children, so they have completely defined stomach muscles.

I would like to be proven wrong and see a Real Woman, like me, with the abs we see from the women in the videos = ).

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Susan Deardeuff
Posted: 18 Feb 2017

Have you done her Core Rhythms workout? I'm trying to find out how it compares to that.

Diana Chapman
Posted: 07 Mar 2018

Love Love Love Core Rhythms and wish there were many many more. I just got the feeling these two
dancers were onto something big in weight loss and toning, but there are some glitches
With the dvds which is devastating more for them because you feel they poured their souls in.
As an older women, I like the Core R. Better than the Figure 8 because it seems much more inclusive of
All ages. Figure 8 makes me feel I don't belong.

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