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Fan Blade Buddy Fan Blade Buddy or Alternatives
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Fan Blade Buddy looks like a great big purple sock with a handle, but it's actually been made to clean virtually any ceiling fan without causing dirt and dust to fly through the air. Since each of these tools has an extra-long handle, it's stated that you'll be able to use it to clean a ceiling fan at nearly any height. The idea is that the mouth of the socklike tool will open up and swallow each blade, thereby cleaning the top and bottom at the same time.

Fan Blade Buddy Fan Blade Buddy or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Fan Blade Buddy is $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping for a total price of $26.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Extend Handle

    To clean a ceiling fan with your Fan Blade Buddy, you'll need to extend the handle of the tool so that it's pointing toward one of the fan's blades. The mouth of the bag that's attached to one end of the handle (the part that looks like a sock) should be lined up, ready to swallow the blade.

  2. Push up on Handle

    Next, push up a bit on the upper part of your tool's handle, in order to cause the mouth to open up so it can take in the first blade.

  3. Clamp Down and Pull Back

    Once your device's mouth has completely swallowed a blade, meaning that the entire socklike compartment is wrapped around even the part that's furthest from you, you'll need to clamp down and pull back. To clamp down, pull down slightly on the upper part of your device's handle, and to pull back, start walking slowly backward. Your Fan Blade Buddy's purple mouth will start to slide backward, too, and it'll clean the blade it has in its grips at the same time.

  4. Repeat With Other Blades

    Your cleaning tool's mouth may just slide off the blade that it has cleaned when that's finished, but if not, you'll need to push up slightly on the upper part of the handle again. This will open the mouth more fully so it can release the blade. When one blade is free and clean, you can repeat the entire process outlined above on the other blades of the same ceiling fan.

  5. Dispose of Mouth

    After you're done cleaning an entire fan, if you don't have any other ceiling fans to clean, you should detach your Fan Blade Buddy's mouth from its handle and dispose of it in the trash. Each tool comes with 10 socklike mouths, so another one can be quickly attached the next time you need to use it.

How It Works

Each disposable mouth that comes with every Fan Blade Buddy contains thousands of tentacles made of microfiber material. After the cleaning clamp that each mouth is attached to gently grips a fan blade, the tentacles will grab dust and dirt as the mouth slides along the blade. Therefore, pieces of dust and dirt will end up being caught by the mouth instead of falling to the floor or staying suspended in the air. Since you can simply throw out each mouth after you use it, the dirt and dust it has gathered shouldn't be a bother to your living environment at all.


  • Extra-Long Handle

    The Fan Blade Buddy has an extra-long handle that you can extend to the ideal height when you need to clean a particular ceiling fan. When extended to its full height, it's so long that it'll likely enable you to clean ceiling fans that are affixed to cathedral ceilings without a ladder.

  • 10 Bags Per Set

    With each of these fan-cleaning tools, you'll get 10 attractive purple microfiber bags that are also known as mouths. Logically, with a single set, you'll be able to clean at least 10 ceiling fans. Although it's normally a good idea to switch bags between fans, you may be able to use one bag for two or three fans if they weren't extremely dirty to start with.

Positive Points

  • Good for People With Allergies

    If you were to clean a ceiling fan with a long-handled broom instead of using this tool, you'd end up releasing tons of dust from the fan into the atmosphere. Once there, it could stuff up people with allergies. Alternatively, people who are allergic to dust might actually enjoy using the Fan Blade Buddy since it'll trap the dust from a dirty fan instead of releasing it. The same goes for people whose asthma can be triggered by the presence of dust.

  • Will Clean Fans of Any Shape

    The Fan Blade Buddy can open its mouth up wide enough to accommodate both large and small fan blades, regardless of whether they're more rounded or rectangular. That means you'll probably be able to use it to clean any ceiling fan within your home or workplace. If you decide to pick up a new fan at any point, you also won't have to be concerned about the device's ability to help you clean it.

  • No Climbing Required

    As mentioned, you won't have to climb ladders when you want to clean a ceiling fan with the Fan Blade Buddy, and you won't have to stand on a chair or stool, either. This will make cleaning your ceiling fans much safer for you, especially if you have any mobility issues or you've attained a senior age. No matter how good a climber you think you are, humans are almost always safer when using a tool with two feet on the ground. What's more, you'll have no climbing devices to put away when you're done using your long-handled cleaning tool.

Negative Points

  • Creates Trash

    This particular tool isn't a very environmentally friendly one, as using it literally creates trash. Each time you use one of the disposable bags and throw it out, you'll be adding to your trash pile. It would be helpful if the bags could be recycled in some manner, but it looks like that isn't possible. Consequently, unless you use the same potentially dirty bag to clean many different fans, you may be contributing a lot of material to your local landfill.

  • Only for Ceiling Fans

    The disposable bags that you'll attach to your Fan Blade Buddy's handle have only been designed to clean ceiling fan blades. You won't be able to use them to clean fans that have been configured in a different manner, like free-standing fans with blades on the inside.

Save Time

If you clean a ceiling fan with a broom, or climb up and clean it with a rag, you might end up with tons of dust on the room's floor and its furniture. This means that you may find yourself with three cleaning tasks instead of one, as you may then need to dust the furniture and sweep the floor. By using a Fan Blade Buddy to clean each ceiling fan in your home, though, you'll ensure that you won't need to spend time dusting your furniture and sweeping afterward.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Fan Blade Buddy online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Fan Blade Buddy online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 24 Mar 2021 Kristine Pena - (Palos Hills, IL)

No Product - Buyer Beware

I ordered mine in January and it is now the end of March and no product has arrived. I also tried the email associated with my 'receipt' and that bounced right back.

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Posted: 02 Oct 2020 Rosemarie Pudoka - (Uniontown, OH)

I ordered this product on July 3,2020 and as of October 2 have not gotten! Total scam do not buy!

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Posted: 29 Aug 2020 Ken - (Miami, FL)

Complete Rip Off

I ordered this product on July 2 Order confirmation # 637292933202864636. Today is August 29 and it still has not arrived. My e-mail inquiry to the company has gone unanswered.

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