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Ever Blade is a knife with a convex blade that's been engineered to cut through a wide variety of food items, such as bread, meat, vegetables, and fruit, both quickly and efficiently. Each one comes with a sharpener that's meant to serve as a knife holder, too, and it's claimed that each time you place the knife into it and pull it out, it'll get a sharpening. All of these knives have been made from high-quality German steel, so they may last for decades.

Ever Blade Ever Blade or Alternatives
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The cost of Ever Blade is $44.50 and the shipping is FREE!

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How It Works

Many traditional knives have blades with V-shaped edges at the top, but the top edges of the Ever Blade knife create a convex shape. As a result, the top edges make up less of the knife's surface area, which means that users will encounter less resistance as they use the knife to slice or chop food items. With less resistance, cutting will be smoother and will happen more quickly, especially if you're attempting to make a series of parallel cuts.


  • Made From German Steel

    The blade of each Ever Blade is made from German steel, and while steel is quite a durable material in general, German steel is particularly known for its durability. Therefore, even if you use this type of knife to cut fairly hard food items on a daily basis, it may last you for decades or perhaps your entire lifetime.

  • Riveted Handle

    The blade of each of these knives has been attached to the handle with three rivets, which means that it's unlikely that the blade and the handle will become detached. A blade coming detached from its handle can cause safety issues for the person who is using the knife, so this may come as a relief to users who are worried about injuring themselves.

  • Long Blade

    Some knives actually have handles that are longer than their blades, which indicates that the blades may not be powerful, but the steel blade of each Ever Blade knife is longer than each one's handle. However, the handle is just over half the size of the blade in length, so that's still long enough to accommodate large hands and give users a great deal of control.

  • Sharpener Included

    As alluded to above, a sharpener that will also hold each knife securely when it's not in use has been included with each Ever Blade. To sharpen your knife, all you'll need to do is stick its blade in the holder and pull it out again. That means you won't have to take any extra time to sharpen it, as the sharpening will happen automatically each time you put it away and then take it out to use it. The sharpener has a flat base, so it'll rest securely on a table or countertop with one knife inside.

Positive Points

  • For Hard and Soft Foods

    This type of kitchen knife is sturdy enough that you can use it to slice through hard foods, such as pineapple or a thick cut of meat, without worrying about it breaking. On the other hand, though, the knife will be gentle enough on delicate, soft foods that it won't damage them. You should be able to use it to cut slices from smaller fruits and vegetables without squishing or otherwise damaging the food.

  • Can Handle Sticky Foods

    Some kitchen knives can get stuck in sticky foods, such as freshly made bread or certain types of cheese, but it's unlikely that this one will ever get stuck in a sticky food item. Due to its sharpness and the lack of resistance its blade puts up as it cuts, it'll likely move straight through sticky food as it would through nearly any other piece of food.

  • Blade Protected by Holder

    If you often worry about any children in your household accidentally cutting their fingers on a kitchen knife, you can let go of that worry when you use the Ever Blade. Since you'll be able to store it in its own holder that will cover its blade, the blade will never need to be exposed in a kitchen drawer or another storage space.

Negative Points

  • Not Highly Compact

    It's stated that this knife will be able to replace all your traditional kitchen knives since it's able to cut such a wide variety of things. Unfortunately, however, this knife isn't as compact as many other kitchen knives, such as paring knives or steak knives, so you may not want to get rid of those just yet. If you're looking to bring knives along on a trip away from home, you may find your smaller knives more portable than this one (especially if you take its holder's size into account).

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use Sharpener for Other Knives

    If you keep other kitchen knives around, you may be able to use your Ever Blade's sharpener and holder to sharpen some of them. As long as the knives aren't incredibly tiny or too big, you'll be able to slide them in and out of the holder if you think they're getting dull. The sharpener may not sharpen them as effectively as it does the Ever Blade, but it's likely to have some effect on their dullness.

  2. Wash by Hand

    Although you can put steel kitchenware in the dishwasher, it's best to avoid doing this, because dish detergent and the heat inside the dishwasher may corrode the steel. With that being said, you should wash this steel knife by hand with soap and water as often as possible. If you ever do put it in your dishwasher, leave it on the top rack and give it its own space, at least a couple of inches away from any other pieces of kitchenware.

  3. Grip Top of Handle

    To give yourself more control while using this kitchen knife, you should place your hand closer to the top of the handle than the bottom when you grip the blade. Doing this—but without allowing your fingers to literally touch the blade—will allow you to make more precise, accurate cuts than you'd otherwise be able to. It almost goes without saying that you should also be using your dominant hand as you slice or chop food with this knife.


  • Only for Food

    This knife can cut almost anything that's known as a food item that humans can eat, but you must remember that it has only been designed for cutting food. You shouldn't use it to cut inedible items that are made of materials such as wood, plastic, stone, or glass, except perhaps in emergency situations. It'll never get dull if you only use it for food and sharpen it on a regular basis, but using it on a hard, inedible material may dull it before its lifetime should be over.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ever Blade online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ever Blade online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 16 Dec 2021 Linda Kay Jackson - (Grand Prairie, TX)

So far the Best Knife I've Ever Used

This knife really delivers. It's the best I've used. Decided to order a second one. The drawer full of knives and the sharpener I already have are being donated. I love this knife.

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Posted: 12 May 2021 Sharon Bihun - (Sydney, NSW)

Where's my Return Miracle air Fryer ?

I received a Miracle air fryer some months back and there seemed to be a piece missing I was told to return the whole product which I did. This was delivered to you on the 12.4.2021 tracking number 2XJ5012689.
I'm waiting for another Miracle air fryer to be sent to me but nothing has been delivered can you let me know what is going on?

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Posted: 24 Apr 2021 Bob Mason - (Richland, WA)

Junk, Junk,junk


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Posted: 01 May 2021 Donna Watkins

Made it easier to make a purchase of the product or not.


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