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Emeril Lagasse Pizza Grill Emeril Lagasse Pizza Grill or Alternatives
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The Emeril Lagasse Pizza Grill is a stovetop or grill accessory that mimics a real pizza oven. This grill comes with a cordierite-ceramic plate that heats up the bottom of the pizza and creates crisp, well-baked crust. The set also comes complete with a hood, a serving tool, and a pizza cutter. Homeowners who don't have the space or budget for a full pizza oven can still enjoy authentic pizza at home. Chef Emeril Lagasse sponsors the product.

Emeril Lagasse Pizza Grill Emeril Lagasse Pizza Grill or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Emeril Lagasse Pizza Grill is $89.97 and the shipping is FREE!

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • Cordierite & Ceramic Plate

    The most important part of the pizza grill is its cordierite and ceramic plate. These two materials conduct heat more efficiently than a traditional oven or grill, helping the user bake quality pizza in a short amount of time.

  • Grill or Stovetop Use

    The pizza grill can be used on a gas stovetop or a grill. It doesn't create heat on its own, so it needs to be used in conjunction with another appliance in order to function. The heat from the grill or stovetop travels into the plate, baking the pizza efficiently.

  • Double-Walled Housing

    The hood's double-walled housing traps the heat inside the grill, cooking the pizza quickly and ratcheting up the temperature. This construction allows the grill to heat up to 700 degrees, the necessary temperature for traditional pizza baking.

  • Thermo-Max Technology

    The double-walled housing and cordierite-ceramic plate combine together to create Emeril Lagasse's Thermo-Max technology. Essentially, this refers to an insulated, high heat environment - perfect for pizza cooking.

  • Cast-Iron Grill Plate

    Customers have the option of adding Emeril Lagasse's cast iron grill plate to their order at checkout. This accessory is compatible with the pizza grill and can cook a variety of items, including flatbreads, quesadillas, meats, and more.

Sponsored by Emeril Lagasse

Who is Emeril Lagasse? Lagasse is a classically-trained chef hailing from Massachusetts. He has experience with food of many varieties, including American, French, Italian, and New Orleans-style cuisine. Currently, he is the proprietor of 11 restaurants in the United States. He's expanded his expertise by creating a line of cooking accessories and utensils, including the Emeril Lagasse Pizza Grill.

Emeril has the culinary knowledge to support the use of his product. His experience spans several years and many types of cuisine, making him a relatively trustworthy voice when it comes to kitchen appliances and utensils.

Does It Really Work?

The science behind the pizza grill's stone is sound - both cordierite and ceramic are often used to manufacture traditional pizza stones. These materials do indeed offer above-average heat conduction, and they can be very helpful for achieving well-baked pizza crust.

It's somewhat unclear how this pizza grill's hood is more efficient than a typical oven. The website and commercial don't elaborate much on how the hood works. Therefore, it's difficult to say whether this aspect of the product is worthwhile. However, it is safe to assert that the pizza stone is comparable to other products and should be quite effective when baking pizza.

Positive Aspects

  • Affordability

    Installing a full-size traditional pizza oven can cost thousands of dollars. By comparison, the price of the Emeril Lagasse Pizza Grill is relatively reasonable. It's also a good option when compared to the prices of other small pizza ovens or pizza accessories.

  • Relatively Easy to Use

    The Emeril Lagasse Pizza Grill doesn't require any special programming in order to work. A user only needs to turn on their stove or grill in order for the grill to begin working. This makes it so that the customer doesn't need to learn anything new in order to operate the grill.

  • Simple to Assemble

    Though the grill comes with several components, it's not difficult to assemble. The pizza stone simply slides into the open-bottomed hood, and the raw pizza goes on top of the stone once the grill reaches the desired temperature.

  • Similar to Neopolitan Pizza

    The pizza grill seems to closely replicate the Neopolitan pizza tradition. In this famous region of Italy, pizza is typically cooked at a high temperature for a short period of time (different from America pizza, which is cooked at a lower temperature for slightly longer). Emeril Lagasse's pizza grill creates Neopolitan pizza for a reasonable price.

Negative Aspects

  • Doesn't Work With Electric

    The Emeril Lagasse Pizza Grill isn't compatible with electric stovetops. This alienates a large customer base, as electric and induction stoves have become increasingly popular over the last few decades.

    This product also works on grills, but this is only applicable during the warm seasons. Customers who use their grill instead of their stove would only be able to use the product for a small portion of the year.

  • Similar to a Pizza Stone

    Customers would likely get a similar result by using a pizza stone in their oven. Though household ovens don't get up to 700 degrees, a pizza stone still works well to crisp up pizza crust without burning it. The product's advertising doesn't clearly state why its hood is preferable to a traditional oven.

    A pizza stone is also easier to use than this product, as it can go directly in the oven without any prep. Overall, customers who aren't too picky about their pizza should consider investing in a simpler utensil.

  • Storage Issues

    This product is not very compact or easy to store. Customers with cluttered kitchen storage will find it difficult to house this item. The product doesn't appear to fold or shrink in any way, making it unsuitable for cabinet storage.

Does Pizza Steel Work Better?

More recently, food-focused consumers have gravitated towards pizza steel instead of pizza stone. Pizza steel is made of solid steel, and it heats up faster and conducts heat much more efficiently than pizza stone. This makes it an opportune choice for the most forward-thinking home chefs. Customers should look into different types of pizza baking materials before choosing a product.

Critical Advice

The Emeril Lagasse Pizza Grill is a unique item, and it might serve the needs of some customers who lack a pizza grill or are very passionate about traditional cooking methods. Less fussy customers might consider looking into other items before investing here. Home chefs who want to create traditional pizza without installing a pizza oven should consider this grill as a possible option. It's more affordable than a traditional oven, and it can suit households with gas stoves or grills. The ideal audience for this grill is adventurous with food and doesn't mind a bit of extra fuss in the kitchen. Consider your own preferences and needs before investing in the Emeril Lagasse Pizza Grill.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Emeril Lagasse Pizza Grill online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Emeril Lagasse Pizza Grill online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 29 Jan 2021 Shelly B - (Ashburn, VA)

Pizza Stone Cracked in Half After 2nd Use

Do not buy this! I waited for several months as this was on back order. Then the pizza stone cracked in half the second time I used it. Do not recommend.

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Posted: 28 Dec 2020 JoAnne - (Ravenna, OH)

Too Expensive

Again, there is no way that I would purchase a product with Emeril Lagasse's name on it. I don't care for Emeril Lagasse in the first place and second of all, I do not like his TV personality.

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Emeril Lagasse Pizza Grill Infomercial
Emeril Lagasse Pizza Grill Infomercial
Emeril Lagasse Pizza Grill Infomercial

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