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Dry Steppers Dry Steppers or Alternatives
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Dry Steppers are plastic bags that have been enhanced with a zipper up the front and a drawstring at the top. The purpose of these specialized plastic bags is to slip them over your shoes when there is inclement weather out so that you can walk through things like rain, snow, or mud. Wearing them in such instances protects your footwear from damage, which ensures you not only look better but are not walking around with wet shoes.

Dry Steppers Dry Steppers or Alternatives
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Dry Steppers Commercial
Is Dry Steppers a scam or a great buy?


  • Variety

    Lots of variety is available. With so many new design options, each with a new name, you have more than one option from which to choose. The downside here is that there seems to be no discernible difference between the different options other than the shoe image printed on the sides of them. Theoretically, the shoe image is meant to better explain to you as the wearer, which one will best fit the shoe you are wearing. However, the designs seem to be the same lengths and heights as any other, which begs the question, what is the actual difference?

  • Protect Investments

    These really do help to protect investments. For example: if you are out on a rainy day or you have to walk to work through mud, you do not want to show up in flats that are dirty or wet. Moreover, if your shoes were costly, then you might ruin your investment or the lifespan of your shoes by getting them wet. Some of the more expensive shoes are crafted from fine leathers that will be ruined if exposed to inclement weather, so now you can protect yourself and your feet.

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How It Works

Dry steppers have a front zipper for added security and a tighter fit. Patent pending sole design will move water out of the way so that you have a non-slip, increased grip when walking. Elastic drawcord at the top will help you to tighten and toggle the seal so you enjoy the ultimate dryness. High-quality construction made from the heavy duty plastic gives you long-lasting wear and won’t rip.


  • Wet Wood

    It is suggested that you do not wear these covers when you are on wet wood floors.

  • Waterproof?

    Dry Steppers are not waterproof, but they are water resistant. Like most rainy weather clothing they can repel almost all inclement weather, meaning different snow or water. However, it is not guaranteed and they might still slip on some surfaces.

How it's Different from Competitors

They are made with rubber soling, drawcords, zippers, and a plastic bag. These covers are designed to be worn where ever you like. You do not just have to wait for it to rain. They will work well on snowy days, rainy days, when you are outdoors in the mud, on the grave, or concrete.


  • Men's Sizing Chart

    The sizing is tight for a reason. You will want a more secure fit around your shoe. That being said, the company suggests that you buy a size up if you are worried about the steppers being too tight. Wide soles make for tighter fits. For men, if your sneaker size is five, six, or seven, get the small steppers. Sizes eight or nine should get a medium. Ten or eleven should get a large, while twelve or higher should get an extra large.

  • Women's Sizing Chart

    Shoe sizes run small/tight for a reason. You want them to fit securely around your shoe so if you are worried, about the fit, you can buy a size up to avoid them being too tight. Wide soles do make for a tighter fit though. Women who are size six, seven, or eight in shoes should get a small. Nine or ten should get a medium. Eleven, twelve, or thirteen should get a large, and fourteen or higher should get an extra large.


  • Front Zipper

    The zip is located on the top and front of the product which makes it easier to use and reduces the chance of water seeping in from the ground below. By locating the zip on top of the shoe it is easy for the user to reach and use and there is less chance of it breaking due to being stepped on. It is also much more comfortable to walk with it on the front than if it were located anywhere else on the item where it might pull or get caught on other pieces of clothing.

  • Non-slip Sole

    As they are located over the top of your shoes they still have to give the same level of grip and comfort as you would find just wearing your shoes. The non-slip sole helps to ensure that it is easy to get traction on the ground, even during inclement weather conditions.

  • Elastic Draw Chords

    The chords and toggles that are located at the top of the Dry Steppers act to seal moisture out, ensuring that your shoes will remain dry while wearing them. The chords can be pulled as tightly or as loosely as you would like and are completely adjustable on an individual basis.

  • Variety of Styles

    Dry Steppers can be purchased in a wide variety of colours and styles. They can easily be mixed and matched to suit your different outfit choices. Each design looks very different and while many contain a picture of a shoe on the side, there are others that are patterned all over.

  • Sizing

    The sizing chart is simple to read and easy to understand. There are a variety of sizes to suit either men or women. The sizing is intended to run snuggly against the shoe, however, those shoes with wide soles might need to move up a size in order to fit comfortably. If you are concerned then buying the next size up is always an available option.

  • High Tops

    Can cover high top trainers when bought in a larger size.


  • Not Waterproof

    You might expect a product like this to be completely waterproof, however, Dry Steppers are only water resistant. This means that they cannot be used during severe weather to keep shoes dry and should be used with caution in certain inclement weather conditions. Thick mud and the boggy ground is a challenge due to the dense nature of the terrain.

  • Wooden Floors

    Wet wood floors are an area that Dry Steppers cannot be used. Although they are able to cope with other forms of wet flooring, the risk of splinters from wet wooden flooring is too great. If you are in an area where there is a variety of flooring types then this could quickly become an issue with having to take them off and put them back on repeatedly.

  • Material

    Though Dry Steppers are made from plastic bags, rubber soles, zips and elastic, the material isn't as durable as has been made out on the website. There are issues with the product breaking very easily and not lasting for more than a few outings. This is a major drawback for many people considering these items.

  • Fitting

    The sizing is incredibly tight and if the shoe is slightly larger than standard then the Dry Stepper won't be able to fit over it. Stretching the material to get them on and off only acts to make the material less stable and easier to tear over multiple uses.

  • Picture

    The picture on the side of each item is supposed to relate to the different situations for each of the different Dry Steppers to be used in. In reality, each of the products that have different images on the side doesn't differ in any way and this means the imagery is redundant.


  1. Material

    Many users have noted that the material used to make the item isn't strong enough to last very long. As the website claims that the product is durable this is an issue that has been brought up numerous times.

  2. No Delivery

    Many people who have ordered from this company have failed to receive a delivery and have found the customer service less than adequate in this situation. While it isn't all the customers reporting it, the numbers are high enough that this is a genuine cause for concern.

  3. Sizing

    The sizing guide doesn't seem to be very accurate with a large number of people reporting that their orders were too small. This is something that can be easily rectified by adjusting the size chart for a looser fit. Many shoes have thick soles as part of the fashion these days and this means that larger fits are necessary.

  4. Too Small

    For those with larger feet, there doesn't seem to be an option for Dry Steppers. The XL version of the product will only cover shoes that are a small size 11 and anybody with feet over this size doesn't have an option available. Size 11 and above is not particularly uncommon these days and this is a large number of people that are missing out on this product.

  5. High Tops

    Although the item can be used with high top sneakers, this makes the already tight fit even snugger. For those that want to use these with high tops, it is better to get at least 1 size larger than advised to reduce the risk of the shoes sticking out of the top.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Open Packet

    Open the package containing the Dry Steppers and remove the item. The product is ready to use straight from the packet and nothing else is needed to make them usable.

  2. Undo Chord and Zip

    Undo all of the chords and zips to make enough space for your shoe to slide in.

  3. Place Over Shoe

    Very carefully slide the shoe into the product. Take particular care to ensure that the product doesn't catch or rip on the sole of the shoe.

  4. Do up Zip

    Carefully do up the zip ensuring it doesn't get caught on your laces. When the zip has been fully zipped up pull the elastic chords to tighten around the top of the shoe. Pull the chord until it is comfortable and be careful to not cut off blood supply to your foot. The elastic doesn't need to be particularly tight to keep moisture out of the foot compartment.

Save Money

Dry Steppers have been designed to keep your shoes both clean and dry. By protecting your shoes from the outside elements you are able to look after your shoes and save money in the process. By prolonging the lifespan of these shoes so easily without having to buy a new pair. Proper shoe care is often expensive in both monetary terms and in terms of the amount of time it takes. Using Dry Steppers enables you to save money on other products that you would otherwise have to buy in order to keep your shoes in the best condition. You can also use the product to protect indoor flooring from outdoor conditions. Covering your shoes in wet, muddy or snowy conditions with keeping your shoes in top condition. When you come back inside you can simply remove the product and continue wearing your shoes as you like.

Save Time

For people who don't have time to clean their shoes or their carpets on a regular basis using Dry Steppers can be a life changer. These items can be used to keep shoes clean and dry which means they don't need the care and attention that many shoes desire. You can also use them to ensure the carpets and flooring in the homestay clean and tidy. By covering the shoes when out and about it is possible to make sure they don't become damp or dirty and then run the risk of treading it through the house. Similarly, if you have someone visiting who doesn't like removing their shoes you can simply ask them to put a pair on and this means you don't need to clean up when they have left.

Critical Advice

If you are considering buying a pair of these items it is better to buy them in a size larger than the website indicated. There are a large number of people who report these items not fitting properly and upon trying to return they have been faced with unanswered emails. Always order from the official website as many orders appear to get lost when they are ordered from other, third-party dealers.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Order Larger

    Order a size larger than the website indicates and you will be sent an item that works well without being overly snug. You will reduce the risk of tearing or weakening the item in any way, too.

  2. Check Movement

    While the chords need to be pulled tight to keep moisture out, they don't need to be pulled too tightly. Simply tighten the chords until you feel comfortable and make sure you have given your foot enough wiggle room. Without checking for movement space you run the risk of tearing the item while out and about. Keeping it slightly looser will also reduce the strain the material feels keeping it stronger in the long run.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Dry Steppers online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Dry Steppers online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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