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Dry Erase Plus Dry Erase Plus or Alternatives
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Dry Erase Plus sheets are peel-and-stick sheets that function like dry erase boards, except that they're less bulky and you can draw or write on them with other things besides dry erase markers. Besides the standard dry erase ones, you'll be able to draw on each of these sheets with permanent markers, plus crayons, too. You'll even be able to stick fun stickers and tape to them and remove those with just alcohol. Each sheet can be cut to an ideal size and reused later.

Dry Erase Plus Dry Erase Plus or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Dry Erase Plus is $19.95 plus $5.95 shipping, for a total price of $25.90.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Cut Sheet to Desired Size

    To get started with these sheets, select either the large white sheet included in each kit or the clear medium sheet. You can use them at the size they are (22 by 34 inches for the former, and eight by 10 inches for the latter), or cut them to a different size. They can be cut with regular scissors—just remember that after you cut one, this process is irreversible and a sheet can't be reverted (in one piece) to its original size.

  2. Peel Backing Off Sheet

    Once your chosen sheet is the size you want it, peel the backing off to reveal the stickiness underneath.

  3. Mount Sheet

    The next thing you'll need to do is mount the sheet to a wall or piece of furniture by affixing the sticky back to that surface. Keep in mind that you'll be able to move the sheet later if you decide it's not in the perfect place.

  4. Start Drawing or Writing

    After your sheet is hanging on the wall or clinging securely to a piece of furniture, you can start writing or drawing on it with a dry erase marker, a permanent marker or a crayon. If you're feeling creative, you can add stickers or tape at this point.

How to Clean and Reuse a Sheet

  1. Wipe With Erasing Cloth

    When you want to erase what's currently on your Dry Erase Plus sheet and reuse it, you may be able to get everything off just by wiping it with the included erasing cloth. This will depend on what you've got on there and how long it's been there.

  2. Apply Alcohol (optional)

    In the event that you can't get everything off your sheet with just your erasing cloth—such as if there are still some marker streaks or sticky areas from tape left behind—you'll need some rubbing alcohol. To apply this, put a bit on a cloth and wipe your sheet as usual. If you don't want to put alcohol on the included erasing cloth, any other cloth made of smooth fabric will do.

  3. Leave in Place or Move

    Once you've removed every trace of color or stickiness from your sheet and it looks like a blank canvas again, you can either leave it in the same spot or move it. To move it, gently give its edges a pull and it'll peel off the wall or piece of furniture it's attached to, without leaving residue behind. Following that, you can stick it up in its new location.


  • Thin and Lightweight

    Unlike standard dry erase boards, some of which are quite bulky and may weigh up to a few pounds each, Dry Erase Plus sheets are paper-thin and lightweight. Therefore, it's unlikely that anyone will have trouble moving them, including children.

  • Two Shades Available

    These sheets come in two shades, white and clear, and you'll get a sheet of each shade that can be cut into smaller sheets within each set. While either shade of sheet will look nice when mounted to most surfaces, the clear one will come in handy if you don't want any background color behind your writing or designs.

  • Markers, Cloth Included

    With each Dry Erase Plus set, you'll get a five-piece set of colored markers, including a black one, a yellow one, a red one, a green and a blue. In addition, each set will include a permanent black marker and a dry erase black marker with a magnetic cap. As mentioned, each set also contains a small, light blue erasing cloth that can be used to blend colors, too.

  • Comes With 34 Labels

    The last small item that each set of dry erase sheets contains is a set of 34 white labels that'll stick to virtually anything within your home. They're made of the same material as the dry erase sheets, so you'll be able to use any writing utensil on them that you'd use on the sheets. You may find these labels useful when you're labeling storage bins, boxes or other household items such as jars or plastic containers of food.

Positive Points

  • Fun for Children

    Kids of various ages will be able to have fun drawing and practicing their penmanship on these dry erase sheets, both at home or at school. Best of all, when they get bored with one project or feel they've made a mistake, they'll be able to wipe off some or all of their sheet and start again. What's more, if a child sticks a clear sheet to a piece of furniture or the wall, they'll be able to feel the excitement of drawing on one of those surfaces without literally doing it.

  • Helps Adults Stay Organized

    While adults can have fun drawing on these sheets as much as kids do, they may find that their main benefit is that they help one stay organized. Adults can use them at home in the kitchen to write reminder notes about appointments or make a grocery list, and each sheet can be erased on a daily or weekly basis. At work, any adult may find it useful to stick one of these sheets to their desk or cubicle wall and use it to make to-do lists or record a schedule of meetings.

  • Can Use in Vehicle

    Besides home and office use, these dry erase sheets can also be used in any vehicle. You may want to let a child stick one to their window and pass the time by drawing on it during a long drive, or keep reminders for yourself on your dashboard. You'll just need to make sure that using one of the sheets yourself doesn't result in your eyes being away from the road for too long.

Negative Points

  • Need Rubbing Alcohol

    If you use these dry erase sheets on a regular basis, you'll have to keep some rubbing alcohol on hand. Otherwise, one day, you may find that you can't erase the contents of a particular sheet. Over time, if you use rubbing alcohol to erase your sheets frequently, you may end up using an entire bottle on just this one task.

Save Money

If you switch from ordinary dry erase boards to these sheets, you won't have to replace your dry erase markers as often, as you'll be able to use other writing utensils on the sheets. You'll be able to use up the utensils you have on hand, regardless of whether those are permanent markers or crayons, instead of visiting an office supply store again.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Dry Erase Plus online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Dry Erase Plus online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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