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Drew & Cole Soup Chef Drew & Cole Soup Chef or Alternatives
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Soup Chef is a soup-making machine that makes healthy, smooth, or chunky soup in 19 to 25 minutes. Use the soup maker to make up to 5 portions of your favorite soup, sauce, or gravy quickly. The soup chef's technology cuts down the hard work for you and chops, sautes, boils, blends, and simmers the soup at the touch of a button. You can avoid scrubbing because this machine has a built-in auto-clean function, which makes clean up easier and faster.

Drew & Cole Soup Chef Drew & Cole Soup Chef or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Drew & Cole Soup Chef is $99.00 and the shipping is FREE!

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How It Works

You can select what you want the machine to do, and the Soup Chef cooks all of the ingredients. The cooking process starts at high heat, which releases the flavors of the food while keeping all the nutritional value of your ingredients.

Depending on your choice of smooth or chunky soup, the wave-blend technology breaks down your ingredients to the desired consistency.

If you want a smooth soup, the blades blend everything together to a creamy consistency. If you want chunky soups, the machine boils and simmers the soup without breaking down the ingredients. In this way, you can eat healthy and nutritious meals.

When your soup is cooked, the machine beeps to alert you that its cycle is finished. That means you don't have to keep checking to see if the food is ready.


  • Saute

    With the sautee function, you can skip the first part of making soup: the sauteeing and browning of ingredients. You have the option to add the onions and other basic ingredients, and the machine sautees them for you before you make the soup.

  • Smooth +

    You can make a creamy nutritious soup because the machine blends all the ingredients together so you don't need to use a blender or extra appliances. Any ingredient will be blended to a creamy consistency so you won't end up with random chunks of unblended food.

  • Chunky

    The chunky feature keeps the ingredients bite-sized so you can eat spoonfuls of hearty soup. If you love meat in your soup, you'll like the fact that the machine cooks the meat while keeping it tender.

  • Keep Warm

    With the keep warm option, you don't have to eat the soup right away. It can be served hot up to 2 hours later, so you can make it in the morning and enjoy it for lunch.

  • All-in-one

    If you don't like using different appliances to make a meal, you'll like that this soup maker is a small appliance that does everything in one bowl.

    It can saute, simmer, boil, and blend, so you can skip all the manual work. The only thing you'll have to do is place all your chopped ingredients into the metallic bowl and choose your cooking setting.

  • Memory Function

    The machine keeps on making your soup even if you decide to add more seasoning during the cooking process. You won't have to press any other buttons or reset the appliance, because the machine does all the work without interrupting the cycle.

Positive Points

  • Cleans Itself

    If you hate washing up after cooking, you'll be pleased that the Soup Chef comes with an auto-clean feature which makes it easy to clean. Add some soap and water and watch it clean itself with the push of a button in about 3 minutes.

  • Family Size

    The capacity of the soup maker is 1.7 qt (1.6 L) which makes about 5 bowls of soup. That's enough to feed an entire family with one batch of cooked soup, so you won't be cooking huge batches of soup daily.

  • Multifunctional

    With the cooking settings of the Soup Chef, you can make more than just soups. The machine can make a sauce, gravy, dahl, and creamy desserts, so you won't have to stick to soup every day.

  • Fast Cooking

    The Soup Chef claims to be the fastest soup maker of its size, which means that you won't be waiting for a long time for your soup. If you hate waiting, you'll be pleased to know that you can have a smooth soup in 19 minutes or a chunky soup in 25. You no longer have to wait one or more hours for the soup to cook.

  • Teflon Base

    If you hate food sticking to the bottom of the pan, you'll be pleased to know the soup maker is made with a Teflon base. This sturdy material means that your ingredients will not stick to the bottom of the machine and burn.

  • Instant Serving

    Without using any ladles, you can pour the soup out straight from the soup maker because it has a pointed spout just like a kettle. You can put your soup bowls on the table and bring the machine over by carrying it in your hands to serve everyone in seconds.

  • Healthy Meals

    If you have fussy kids or spouses who don't like vegetables, this machine helps you serve the nutrition of veggies in a soup form that everyone can enjoy. Soups are healthy meal options, so you can keep the family in great shape while giving them their daily dose of healthy food.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Chop Ingredients

    Choose your favorite ingredients for your soup recipe and chop them into small pieces. The soup maker cooks any kind of ingredient, so you can pick your favorite flavors to add into the soup.

  2. Saute

    Add your base ingredients like onions or peppers, and press the sautee button. The Soup chef will brown your ingredients for you so you don't need to monitor and fry anything and risk burning yourself with hot oil.

  3. Add Ingredients

    Simply add the rest of your ingredients such as meats, pasta, veggies, and stock and press the smooth or chunky button to start the cooking process. The machine will start working right away, so you can go about your day without worrying about it.

  4. Serve & Enjoy

    After 19 or 25 minutes pour your soup into a bowl and serve as the soup will be fully cooked. The soup can be enjoyed instantly or kept warm for later.


  • Undercooked Ingredients

    If you are adding ingredients that take a long time to boil the soup may taste undercooked. Foods like beef, beans, or squash need longer to fully cook than the maximum 25-minute cycle of the soup maker.

Anyone Can Cook

With a soup maker, anyone can be a good cook without having special skills. The simple cooking process lets people add all the ingredients into one pot and let the machine do all the cooking. It's easy, so any adult can use the appliance to make quick meals.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Drew & Cole Soup Chef online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Drew & Cole Soup Chef online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 31 Jan 2021 Laura - (Nottingham, ENG)

Super Easy to Use

This has to be one of my favorite Xmas presents. So easy to use and makes delicious soups. You can literally throw anything into this and the results are incredible.

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Drew & Cole Soup Chef Infomercial

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