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Dream Waves

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Dream Waves are stuffed toys that are also magical night lights. Just press the button and it projects waves of light that will turn your child’s bedroom ceiling into the surface of the ocean. Choose from 9 styles; deep blue puppy, sea unicorn, purple sea lion, tie dye frog, pink sea turtle, blue sea turtle, pink sea snail, pink dolphin and blue penguin. Approximately measuring 12” in size, Dream Waves is recommended for children 3 years old and up. Both boys and girls will love it. All Dream Waves come with 4 light options and has a timer mode that will shut it off automatically after 20 minutes.

The Claim

Dream Waves make the ultimate nightlight that children will love. Fold it up into a pet or open it to lay flat and they will comfort your child in the dark. The light options that come in steady blue, amber or green will amaze them as they conquer their fear of the dark. There is a fourth light option which is all the three colors transitioning every 4 seconds into a continuous loop. This creates a magical environment that will give your child a restful sleep. Playtime will also be so much fun with Dream Waves so it’s not just a bedtime pal.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Dream Waves is $29.95 plus $7.95 shipping, for a total price of $37.9. This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page which was taken offline due to Dream Waves being discontinued. Dream Waves may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

How It Works

Dream Waves are night lights in the form of sea creatures that also double as stuffed animals. Once you turn them on, light patterns are projected from their backs which make kids feel as if they’re under the sea. The light each creature gives off moves back and forth, simulating the motion of water. Aside from keeping them folded up as sea buddies, kids can also lie them out flat on their beds. They act as an amusing moderate light source while a child is still awake, but turn off automatically after 20 minutes, when the child has hopefully fallen asleep.


  1. Bedtime
  2. As you sleep, keep your Dream Waves buddy conveniently besides you on your bed or nightstand. You can always turn him or her on again if you need some light during the night.

  3. Sleepovers
  4. Dream Waves creatures can provide light for you and a friend ( or even a bunch of friends ) when you host a fun sleepover. If your friends have these toys, too, that’ll only add to the fun.

  5. Camping
  6. When you use a Dream Waves creature to project water-like patterns onto the ceiling of your tent, you’ll feel as if you’re actually camping under the sea.

  7. Daytime Play
  8. Dream Waves sea creatures are great toys to play pretend with during the day, especially if you have more than one to play with. To conserve the energy within each creature’s lights, you may want to leave the lights off during the day.

Positive Points

  • Various Creatures Available
  • When selecting a Dream Waves toy, you can choose from nine different creatures in various shades, including purple, pink, blue, and even tie-dye. The creatures include a puppy, unicorn, snail, frog, sea lion, penguin, dolphin, and two different turtles. All of the creatures’ characters are gender-neutral, and you can make up your own names for your new friends.

  • Four Lighting Options
  • Once you’ve got a new friend, you can also choose from four different lighting options. These include steady blue, green, or amber, and a fourth alternative, which has all three colors alternating every four seconds.

  • Lights Stay Cool To Touch
  • When you touch the LED lights located on your creature’s back, you won’t burn yourself, as they stay cool even when lit up.

  • Ideal Size
  • At approximately twelve inches long, Dream Waves creatures are small enough to fit in a backpack or suitcase, but large enough to cuddle nicely.

  • Encourage Imagination
  • The fact that these toys allow kids to imagine that they’re underwater encourages the development of their imagination. Playing pretend with these creatures during the day or night will help with this, too.

  • Help Reduce Fear Of Dark
  • Having a Dream Waves creature turned on helps one get used to a room that’s not completely bright, without having to experience total darkness.

Negative Points

  • Batteries Not Included
  • These creatures require three AA batteries each to operate properly, and you’ll need to purchase these batteries separately.


  • Ages Three And Up
  • For safe use, it is recommended that children under three years old do not use the Dream Waves toys.

Save Money

Since Dream Waves creatures are night lights and stuffed animals in one, you’ll get a great night light, while sparing yourself the expense of a basic stuffed animal.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Dream Waves online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Dream Waves online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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