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Drain Wig

Drain Wig is a device that can be inserted in a shower or bathtub drain, where it will help catch debris such as hair. Every two to five months, you'll need to pull it out, and after you do so, you'll instantly end up with a clean drain. The device fits most shower and tub drains; plus, each one looks attractive once inserted, as the tub drains are shaped like anchors and the shower drains are shaped like flowers. After you remove one of these, it won't be hard to dispose of, as you can simply toss it into any trash bin.

The Claim

Cleaning out a drain can be gross, but when you use Drain Wig, you won't need to touch the hair that has gathered in your dirty drain any longer. In fact, you won't even need to look at it. All you'll need to do is pull your Drain Wig out of your drain, holding onto the top, and all of the accumulated hair will come with it, attached to the device's chain. Since this process is so simple, cleaning your drain will be a much quicker task, aside from being a more pleasant one, and you likely won't need to call a plumber as often.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Drain Wig is $19.95 and the shipping is FREE!

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page: drainwig.com

Drain Wig Commercial

How It Works

The Drain Wig consists of a topper, shaped like a flower or an anchor, and a stainless steel chain. Its topper is the only part that is visible when it's inserted in your drain. As you shower or bathe, the stainless steel chain picks up hair and other debris, with the help of tiny rubber whiskers located along the chain's length. In the shower, the flower-shaped topper ensures that water can travel down the drain without difficulty. Eventually, over time, all the debris your Drain Wig catches turns into a thick ball, which can be pulled out of the drain with a simple pull of the topper. The topper is the only part of this apparatus that you'll ever need to touch.


  1. Shower
  2. The flower-shaped Drain Wig will slide into virtually any shower drain, so as you wash your hair, it can catch any excess strands and save them for disposal later.

  3. Bathtub
  4. The anchor-shaped Drain Wig for the bathtub attaches in such a way that will enable you to insert the tub's stopper and keep all the water in your bath as you're in it. As you drain your bath, it will then catch any debris that is floating around.

Positive Points

  • Attractive Design
  • Each Drain Wig is shaped like a flower or an anchor, which makes these devices more interesting to look at than they would be if they were shaped like circles or squares. Plus, since the ones that look like flowers are for the shower, and the ones that look like anchors are for the tub, you'll always know which one to use in any case.

  • Fairly Long Lasting
  • You can use the same Drain Wig for up to five months without replacing it, so you won't constantly need to monitor the condition of these devices.

Negative Points

  • Not Reusable
  • Any Drain Wig must be disposed of once you pull it out of your drain, contributing to your household's overall level of waste. It would be beneficial to a user, and more environmentally friendly, if the devices could be reused.

  • Only Come in White
  • Every Drain Wig's topper is white, so they'll all show dirt easily. If the Drain Wigs came in other shades, too, that would make users' tubs and showers look much more interesting, and devices of a darker shade would conceal the appearance of dirt.


  • Cleaning Drain by Hand
  • You can use a variety of other tools, such as drain snakes, to clean your drain by hand, but this can be tiring and can take hours. Plus, if you're easily grossed out, it won't be fun, as you'll have to look at every last bit of dirt that comes out of the drain.

  • Using Harmful Chemicals
  • Often, people attempt to break up a clump of debris in their drain by pouring chemicals down it, but this doesn't always work, and toxic chemicals can ruin your pipes.

  • Calling a Plumber
  • There is the option of calling a plumber to clean out your drain for you, but then you'll likely have to wait around for hours as you supervise and wait to pay the plumber. By using Drain Wig instead, your cleaning job will be done in seconds.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Drain Wig online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Drain Wig online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Dave Kosey - (Sumter, SC)
Posted: 01 Feb 2018

Hard to Order from Drain Wig

Could not order these direct from drainwig --Would not take my paypal card. I tried three times and it was rejected. I ordered through Ebay with Paypal and everything went fine, and it was cheaper.

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Dbm - (Richmond, VA)
Posted: 15 Aug 2015


In the promo, that it is a one-use-only item at $19.99. Sure you can leave it in until you have to take it out because it loses effectiveness.

4 of 9 people found this review helpful.

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