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The Double Whammy Max is a plug-in device for your home that will drive away spiders, ants and crawling rodents like mice, along with zapping away flying insects like mosquitoes. You'll be able to use this device in any room that has an electrical outlet, and it'll work effectively throughout every square inch of a standard-sized room. This tool requires no toxic chemicals for use, and although it emits a sound that pests can hear, the average person or pet won't hear it.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Double Whammy Max is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How It Works

As soon as you've plugged one of these tools into an electrical outlet, it'll emit ultrasonic sound waves throughout the immediate area that will drive away large bugs and other crawling pests. Meanwhile, the blue light coming from the device will also attract small, flying insects, so they'll fly up to it and get zapped. The end result is no annoying pests being present in the room your Double Whammy Max is plugged in within.


  • Small

    Each pest-repelling device is quite small, not much larger than a standard night light. Therefore, you'll barely notice yours once it's plugged into an electrical outlet. If you only have one, you'll also be able to move it from room to room without a lot of effort. That option will come in handy if you have larger pests that simply move on to another room once the one they originally inhabited gets cleared out.

  • Non-toxic

    Making use of this tool won't require any users to come in contact with toxic materials, and while the sound waves that come from the device will irritate pests, they aren't toxic, either.

  • Soundless (for Humans, Pets)

    The average human or pet won't be able to hear the sound coming from this device, so it can be considered soundless for virtually all beings except for pests.

Positive Points

  • For Multiple Rooms

    You can obtain as many Double Whammy Max tools as you'd like, for as many rooms in your home as you'd like. All you'll need is an electrical outlet to plug each device into. If you plug one into an outlet in every room, you could end up with a 100 percent pest free dwelling.

  • Can be Used at Work, School

    While this tool was designed with at-home use in mind, it can also be used at a workplace or a school. If you have electricity at your cottage or in your RV, you may even want to bring one along with you on a trip. Just make sure, if you're bringing one to work or some other public building, you have permission to plug it in there.

Negative Points

  • Cruel to Flying Insects

    Some people, especially animal enthusiasts, might find the fact that this device zaps and kills flying insects overly harsh and cruel. They may prefer to use a method of pest control that keeps insects out of the house, but allows them to remain alive.

  • Could be Heard by Person, Pet

    It's stated that the average person or pet can't hear the noise that comes from the Double Whammy Max, but this implies that an occasional person or pet with excellent hearing may be able to. This could seriously disturb a person or animal, especially if it's a pet or child who has no idea where the noise is coming from or why.


  • Chemical Pest Killers

    There are various chemical solutions available that will kill different types of pests, but if you use these, you or other members of your household ( including pets ) could come in contact with toxic residue.

  • Rodent Traps

    Some people choose to make use of rodent traps, but this may become a complicated process, as you'll need different types of traps for different types of pests. You'll also need to dispose of ( or set free, depending on the type of trap ) whatever's in each trap.

  • Professional Extermination

    A professional extermination to get rid of pets is an option, but you'll need a certain amount of financial resources in order to get an exterminator to come in. You'll likely need to spend time supervising them and their team, if they bring one along, too.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Double Whammy Max online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Double Whammy Max online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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