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Door Guard Door Guard or Alternatives
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DoorGuard is a car protection product whose purpose is to prevent your car from getting dinged, scratched, or otherwise damaged while you're parked. This guard is meant to be attached to the door of your car across the spot where you're most likely to get dinged by someone's door or hit. You attach it with strongly-held suction cups on the back, and this is supposed to prevent the product from scratching your car. There's an anti-theft device to hopefully prevent DoorGuard from being stolen.

Door Guard Door Guard or Alternatives
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The cost of Door Guard is $29.95 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Waterproof Material

    The product is made of waterproof material, so if it rains or hails or snows while you're in the mall, for example, Door Guard will not be ruined. You can take it home and hang it to dry, and it will live to protect your car in the future.

  • Attaches With Suction Cups

    The back of the product contains strong suction cups. You attach Door Guard to your car with the suction cups, which prevents it from scratching or taking the paint off your car. This is a fairly common complaint customers make of some of the competing brands.

  • Fits All Vehicles

    According to the manufacturer, this product can be used on many types of vehicles - cars, SUVs, and trucks primarily. It was designed to fit different sized or shaped vehicles.

  • Anti-theft Mechanism

    After you attach Door Guard to your vehicle, you take the anti-theft strap, open the door, and place it inside. This is supposed to prevent others from stealing the product to use on their vehicles.

  • Folds up Small

    This product is quite compact. After you use it, you can just fold it up and store it in the car or trunk. It lays flat and takes up very little space.


  • Prevents Dings and Scratches

    The primary purpose of the Door Guard is to prevent your car from getting dinged or scratched by someone opening their car door and hitting yours. It could even help if you're parallel parked on the street and someone sideswipes you. This could end up saving you a lot of headaches.

  • Product Doesn't Scratch Car

    A common complaint of these types of products is that they end up scratching the vehicle, or even taking some of the paint off the car. They end up doing what they're meant to prevent. Of course, this defeats the purpose of such a product. This almost always has to do with the way the item attaches to the car. Door Guard uses suction cups, which are meant to prevent similar damage.

  • Use it Everywhere

    The product is very versatile in that you can use it anywhere you park. This includes garages, parking lots, driveways, or on the street.

  • Saves Time and Money

    If Door Guard works as it should, it could end up saving you a significant amount of time and money. Even a small scratch can cost a lot to repair, and a dent is even more costly. These arrangments end up taking up a lot of your time, too. If you can just stick this item on your vehicle and prevent all that trouble, it could be a worthwhile item to own.

  • Gives Driver Security

    Many people feel very uncomfortable with leaving their vehicle parked in a public lot or on the street. Especially if they have a nice car, it can be a concern and a distraction when you're going about your business. This item could give drivers a sense of security that they're protected from random damage.

  • Free Shipping

    Although it doesn't relate specifically to the quality of the item itself, it's a nice bonus that the manufacturer is throwing in the shipping for free in this case.


  • Looks Cheaply Made

    The manufacturer doesn't specifically state what the item is made of on the official website, but it looks cheaply made. It may be waterproof, but it's likely not going to last very long. Whenever the manufacturer doesn't state what material an item like this is made of, it's suspicious.

  • Still Easily Stolen

    The anti-theft device is not going to prevent anyone from stealing Door Guard if they so desire. It's just a thin strip of seatbelt material that you could cut in a second with scissors or a knife. The only thing you would lose would be useless anti-theft protection. It's an insult to the consumer's intelligence to even call this an anti-theft device, in these days of high-tech inventions.

  • Suction Cups Won't Last

    They may be extra strong, but those suction cups are not going to last very long. This is likely why other companies don't use them - they're a very poor long-term bet. Suction wears off quickly. How quickly depends on the quality. What's more, this is a fact that everyone knows. Even the majority of small children have experienced the fail of suction cups at least once in their lives.

  • Not Long Enough

    It's really hard to understand why the company decided to make Door Guard so short. Why not make it span more of the length of the vehicle? The way it's designed, it's only good for preventing dings and scratches from a car door hitting it. It only covers one area. However, the manufacturer advertises that this will prevent dents. For that to be true, they would have to make it much longer to protect the vehicle.

  • Too Expensive for Quality

    The price of this item seems too high for the quality. To pay that much for a strip of material with suction cups on the back and a seatbelt to prevent theft seems exaggerated.

  • Wouldn't Survive Some Weather

    Door Guard is waterproof, true, but it seems like it would be unlikely to survive heavy-duty weather. Torrential rains or high winds would probably rip those suction cups off easily.

How it's Different from Competitors

Most competitors use different materials to attach the device to the car, rather than suction cups. Some have an anti-scratch film, or sticker, to combat the issue of having the item scratch the vehicle. Competing brands with a similar concept have a much longer design in a few cases. They protect more of the vehicle and therefore are much more useful.

One design is a thin rubber bumper. When a door or another part of a vehicle comes into contact, it's supposed to bounce off the rubber and therefore do no damage. This is a more helpful design than Door Guard, and it's much more attractive-looking on the car. The most successful brands take into account the attractiveness of the item on the car along with its purpose.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Door Guard online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Door Guard online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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