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DoodleDesk DoodleDesk or Alternatives
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DoodleDesk is a portable lap desk that's been created with adults of all ages and children in mind. When you're sitting down, the desk has been designed to sit at lap level, and the flat surface on top will hold things as large as a full-sized coloring book. Plus, each one has a storage compartment inside. You can get one of these desks in a shade of bright blue or dark gray, and each comes with a small reading light that can be attached to it.

DoodleDesk DoodleDesk or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of DoodleDesk is $19.99 plus $5.99 shipping, for a total price of $25.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Fold Out Legs and Position

    To begin using your DoodleDesk, fold out its legs and position it over your lap. You can add anything you want to its flat surface, like a small or medium-sized laptop or a coloring book, but be sure you don't overload it with more than a few things.

  2. Fill Storage Space (Optional)

    If you want more items at hand than a few, you can simply open the top of your desk to reveal a storage compartment inside. This generously sized compartment will hold a wide variety of things, such as books, pencils, markers, and other writing utensils. Once you've added the things you need, close the lid again so you can use the desk.

  3. Use Desk For Up to Hours

    Since this desk will rest comfortably across your lap, even if you're a passenger in a car, you'll be able to use it for up to hours at a time. When you're done with your work, your art or whatever you've used it for, or it's time to change locations, just add the items on the top of your desk to its storage compartment.

  4. Fold Up and Store

    Once you're completely done using your desk, it's best to fold up its legs again and put it away. If you're at home, you may want to store it under a piece of furniture, while it may fit under your seat or next to you on a backseat if you're in a vehicle.


  • Lightweight

    The DoodleDesk is made out of plastic instead of metal or wood, which makes each one fairly lightweight. If a child is going to be using it, they may even be able to fold it up and move it from place to place themselves—just make sure they don't pinch their fingers. An adult user will likely be able to carry their desk in just one hand, while it's folded up.

  • Two Shades Available

    When obtaining one of these desks, you'll have a choice between the shades of bright blue and dark gray. The former shade may be more appealing to children, while the latter may be more appealing to adults or teenagers. If you think you might need more than one of these desks in your household, though, you may want to get one (or more!) in each shade.

  • Built-In Kickstand

    Each desk has a kickstand that will tip the desk's top surface so that it's resting at an angle. This may be helpful if you want to place a book or tablet at an angle instead of having it sit flat, so you can read or watch the screen from a slightly different perspective. In seconds, you'll be able to make your desk's surface flat again, if you choose.

  • Comes With Reading Light

    Every DoodleDesk comes with a small reading light that you'll be able to attach to the back of the desk. Each light will match the desk it's come with, as it'll be the same shade. This reading light will come in handy if you want to work or do other activities involving your desk at night without turning on a larger source of bright light. If you were to turn on a larger overhead light, this could disturb a roommate or others riding in a vehicle with you, but it's unlikely that this reading light will disturb anyone.

Positive Points

  • Will Function As Standing Desk

    If you'd prefer to stand up instead of sitting down while working or doing something else with your desk, it'll function as a standing desk, too. Just place it on a countertop or a table and use the desk as you normally would, but while standing up. You may want to use your desk with your laptop or tablet in this way if you need to look up directions for recipes or home repairs that you're doing.

  • Can Be Used As a Snack Tray

    The DoodleDesk can also make a great snack tray and will help prevent you from spilling food or drinks all over your clothes as you watch television or otherwise recline. When using it for snacks, though, limit the snacks to just a few (and no more than two dishes or plates), and make sure the top surface is flat when you put the snacks down. Otherwise, if the surface is even a bit tipped, you could end up with unwanted spills!

  • Ideal Surface For Crosswords

    Aside from being an excellent surface to use for kids' coloring and art projects, work, homework and anything involving books, laptops, or tablets, this desk makes an ideal surface for crossword puzzles. When you place any sort of crossword sheet on its top surface, you'll be able to see the entire thing clearly as you read the clues and fill in the answers. After you're done your puzzle, you can store crossword sheets and pencils (plus a pair of reading glasses, if you've used them) in your desk's inner compartment.

Negative Points

  • Legs Aren't Adjustable

    Although you can adjust the angle of your desk's surface, you won't be able to adjust the height of your DoodleDesk's legs. This may disappoint people who have very short or very long arms and would like their lap desk to be resting a little higher or a little lower than the average person's. Along the same lines, if a child is still very short, they may find that their desk comes almost all the way up to their chin, instead of just above their lap.

  • Durability is Questionable

    Due to the fact that this type of desk is made of plastic instead of a material that's commonly known as being stronger, such as metal, that calls its durability into question. While this desk will be lighter to carry than a metal or wood desk, it may break down more quickly than one of those would, especially if its storage compartment is frequently filled to capacity.


  • Don't Sit On Desk

    The DoodleDesk looks like it might make a convenient seat, especially if no others are available, but it's not meant to be sat on. Each one can withstand the weight of a laptop or a heavy book, but not an entire person—even a toddler. If you were to sit down on the top of your desk, its plastic could crack almost immediately. It almost goes without saying that you shouldn't stand on one of these desks, either.

Wise Advice

Do not buy DoodleDesk online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy DoodleDesk online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 23 Jul 2019 Ronald Antley - (Palm Harbor, FL)

I ordered 2 Doodle Desks. Order# 28241520 2 months ago. How do I get my money back?

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Posted: 05 Jul 2019 Donna Conner - (Spotsylvania, VA)

Order Status

I ordered two doodle desks, order #28224333, and would like to know the status of this order.

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Posted: 08 Jul 2019 Ebony Bray

Your order was likely canceled. Doodle Desks are discontinued.


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