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Diamond Buff Diamond Buff or Alternatives
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Diamond Buff is a handheld microdermabrasion tool you can use at home. Lines minimized around the eye area, dramatically after just thirty days. The eyes are a bonus though, given that the tone and texture of the skin will appear vibrant and alive. Using every other day, for two weeks or twice per week for thirty days. More aggressive skin changes can be achieved if you apply the tool vigorously or you can do it slowly.

Diamond Buff Diamond Buff or Alternatives
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  • For All Skin

    This tool is for everyone, men or women, all ages, all skin types. Type one through six skin types should use this tool for abrasion. Everyone should exfoliate regularly. Most people who do not end up with an ashy skin tone, resulting from the heavy layer of dead skin. Users will see an instant rosy glow once they start removing that dead skin.

  • No Switches or Cords

    It is easy, no cords, no batteries, no replacement parts for it. There are no switches either. No pre-set settings. You have complete control over all of it.


  • Rosy Color

    For all users it is imperative to note that the “immediate” results that you see when you use this, or any other diamond abrasion unit / machine, is the redness from your dead skin cells. These cells are being torn off the face. This “rosy” color, the redness, is the same redness you would see if you were to scrub your face too hard.

    Note that the color you see, the lightness you feel, these are all results from exfoliation, or the removal of the epidermis layer of skin. So, in a way, the “immediate” results are certainly “results” but they are the same “results” you would see if you just rubbed your face really hard or pinched your cheeks.

How It Works

It works by removing dead skin cells from your pores and your face, leaving your skin clean. Rubbing hard against the face, the diamond buff buffers off any dead skin. Around the lip area in particular, this product is great for helping the skin where there are no other items available.

How it's Different from Competitors

This tool is a professional grade tool with 100% diamond grit. Most dermabrasion machines have a hole in the center of their diamond abrasion so that they can vacuum suction up the dead skin removed. However, this also comes at the cost of the amount of diamond abrasion you receive. With this tool, you get a higher amount of concentration diamond abrasion and therefore more results.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Start With Cleanser

    Use it with your cleanser as a starting point. This is really important for those who have sensitive skin. The cleanser acts as a buffer between the diamonds and the skin.

  2. Remove

    Open the small unit, take it out of the package.

  3. Wash Face

    Wash your face with whatever face wash you prefer, then either use the diamond buff on the wet skin, or pat the skin dry and use the diamond buff.

  4. Hold Skin

    View your skin divided into four sections. Hold your skin nice and taut while you are doing it.

  5. Work Slowly

    Work in small sections, moving the diamond buff back and forth. Always keep the diamond tool nice and flat. Move from one side of the face up and around to the other side of the face. Really work in small, small sections with the diamond buff, always holding the skin taut.

  6. Clean as You go

    Clean the diamond buff as you go from section to section because there is a lot of dead skin that gets built up in the diamond head as you are moving around the face.

Save Money

Professional grade exfoliation is very costly and time consuming, with regular trips a necessity. Using this diamond tool alleviates that cost and that time. What’s more, it saves you money on your other facial products because you will end up using less of them each time you use them.

With regular exfoliation all of your cleansers and other facial items will start to work so much better. Reason being they can actually penetrate the pores, reach deep down inside and get to the pores to remove build up. When cleansers have to fight through a layer of build up, they often cannot reach deep down because they are stuck removing that top layer of dead skin.

Removing the dead skin yourself opens up the cleansers or facial care items to do what they are intended to do, whether it is cleaning or wrinkle filling. Due to this, we end up using a lot more of the contents we have than we really need. When the products do not have to work as hard, they do not require as much.

Save Time

This tool is the most requested service in salons and medical spas but it takes time to complete the process properly. It offers immediate results, a softness in the fine lines resulting from the removal of a layer of dead skin. Youthful glow that most woman want, the reduction of fine lines, and the improvement of tone is from the removal of the layer of dead skin that lingers on the skin. You will not be able to have just one treatment to get such results.

For traditional spas or skin care institutions it will take about eight to twelve months is the time span before you see results. With this tool, you get to take it home with you and apply it once per week or more, expediting the results you receive. Most dermabrasion products you cannot use in the shower, but with this one you can. For this, you can use it on wet or dry skin, though use on damp skin is recommended.

Critical Advice

Exfoliate regularly. Remember that a lot of makeup worn by people today is intended to be long term, long lasting. Many new makeups, including things like concealers to foundations to eye liners are not meant to come off easily. Waterproof or smudge proof things in particular are not meant to be removed easily, if at all. As such, a lot of make up residue gets stuck on the face, settling in the pores, building up over time. Mixing with dead skin cells this creates a harmful layer that you should work to actively remove on a regular basis. Exfoliation provides a means for actively removing these things from your face. People do not realize how even, how bright their skin can actually look because we become accustomed to the build up that comes with regular makeup.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Diamond Buff online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Diamond Buff online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 07 Oct 2018 Frieda Vetter - (Delray Beach, FL)

Facial Diamondbuff Microdern

Diamond Buff micro dern I have the facial one and it sucks. That thing is so tiny you need a lifetime to do your face.

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Posted: 20 Jul 2018 Marcella Estrada - (Lindon, UT)


Can you use it on your nose if you have large pores?

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Posted: 30 Mar 2018 Pat - (Mansfield, TX)

Question about repetitive strokes over an area.

How long ( repetitions) over a certain area. I am concerned about vertical lines above lip area.

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