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Diamond Sharp Knives

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Diamond Sharp Knives

Diamond Sharp Knives are ultra sharp knives which are made of stainless steel, with a ceramic coating infused with diamonds. It's the claim of the manufacturer that the addition of diamonds makes these knives five times harder than steel. The blades never get dull and the knives never have to be sharpened. Your knife will always stay as sharp as it was on the day you bought it. The company backs up their product by offering a lifetime guarantee.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Diamond Sharp Knives is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page: buydiamondsharp.com

Diamond Sharp Knives Commercial


  • Diamond-Infused Coating

    The big feature of this product that the manufacturer is stressing is that this stainless steel knife is covered in a diamond-infused coating. Diamonds are one of the hardest things in nature, which means that this knife is meant to be incredibly hard, and very sharp. Of course, the inclusion of diamonds in the coating has inspired the name of this knife.

  • Harder Than Steel

    The claim is that these knives are five times harder than steel. Naturally, the manufacturer says this is almost exclusively because of the diamond-infused coating.

  • Sharper Than a MENSA Genius

    The diamonds make these knives extremely sharp. Apparently, they can cut through most things easily. They can even cut effortlessly through an aluminum can. That means chopping, cutting, dicing, and any other knife activity you may do while cooking is going to be faster than you're used to.

  • No Slip Handle

    Diamond Sharp Knives have a special handle which doesn't slip out of your hand. Apparently, the handle has a texture that prevents it from slipping, but the details of this are not explained on the company website. It's not clear what the texture is made of that makes is no-slip.

  • Free Diamond Peeler

    The manufacturer is including a good quality peeler which also has the same diamond coating with the purchase of a knife. This peeler is supposed to be harder than steel and very sharp, so it will enable you to peel much faster than in the past and get the job done quickly.

  • Second Knife Half-Price

    For a limited time, the company is offering customers the option of buying a second Diamond Sharp Knife for free, but you have to pay a shipping and handling fee on the second knife. It works out to the equivalent of buying the second knife for half price.

  • Free Shipping

    The company is paying the shipping on every order of a knife. That's a nice additional discount on this product that isn't priced very high, to begin with. It may not be a reason to buy the knives in itself, but it's certainly an added incentive.


  • Cuts Through Almost Anything

    These knives are stainless steel with a diamond coating, so they are really sharp. When it comes to food especially, they can cut through anything - even a steak that's frozen solid. That means when you use the knife to cut or chop food, it absolutely glides. This really speeds up your preparation time by quite a bit.

  • The Product Name

    Diamond Sharp is a really good product name, in the humble opinion of this reviewer. It has a pleasant flow to it and it conveys what the product does really well. Of course, the addition of the word 'diamond' anywhere is likely going to get good feedback because it's an exciting word that conveys money and mystique and romance. Naturally, the word 'sharp' when talking about knives is going to have a positive connotation.

  • Doesn't Stick

    These knives don't get food stuck to them when you're cutting, slicing, chopping, and other food preparation activities. This also speeds up the process of preparing food for cooking. Imagine slicing cheese and not having to stop every few seconds to peel the cheese off the knife.

  • Expands Cooking Repertoire

    Since these knives speed up your food preparation time overall, they lessen the time it takes you to prepare different dishes. You can add variety and new recipes to your repertoire with all the time you'll save using these knives.

  • Never Needs Sharpening

    One of the incredible things about this knife is that the blade is guaranteed to last a lifetime. It will never dull with use, and it will always be as sharp as it was the day of your purchase. The manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee. If at any time in your life this knife should become dull or perform less well, they will replace it with a new one.

  • Durable

    Diamond Sharp Knives are very durable. The stainless steel core with the diamond coating will remain in excellent condition.

  • Reasonably Priced

    This knife is priced really reasonably, especially with the addition of the bonus peeler.


  • Someone Could Get Hurt

    We all want a knife that's this sharp and that makes our lives in the kitchen easier. However, one big drawback of having a knife around the house that's as sharp as this one is that someone could easily get badly hurt. This could happen while you're chopping food to prepare a meal, by accident, just as one possible scenario.

  • The Diamonds Are a Hook

    The idea of putting diamonds into a coating to make a knife sharper seems like it's a hook. It's a marketing tool, sticking in something that people think is exotic and that they associate with money. In reality, for this price, they couldn't be including very much in the way of diamonds in the coating.

  • Strength Maybe Exaggerated

    On a related point, questioning how many diamonds this knife really has brings up questions about the claim that this knife is five times harder than steel. It seems doubtful that there are enough diamonds in the coating to make the knife that strong.

  • Two Different Knives

    The deal to double your purchase and give you two knives with the second one half-price could be improved. Instead of offering another of the exact same knife, a different type of knife, like a boning or paring knife, would have been a better offer and much more useful.

How it's Different from Competitors

Diamond Sharp Knives are priced really low compared to competing companies; on average about half price. Other manufacturers that offer uniquely sharp knives seem to mostly use stainless steel, alone. This supports the previous hypothesis that the diamond coating is just a hook to draw in customers. In reality, Diamond Sharp Knives may be no sharper than any of the other competition out there. However, they're still a much better deal, and they are also very attractive knives. Scanning the competition, they are certainly among the most attractive looking sharp cutting knives on the market. These knives do have a tremendous amount of appeal on the whole.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Diamond Sharp Knives online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Diamond Sharp Knives online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Diamond Sharp Knives Infomercial
Diamond Sharp Knives Infomercial

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Sylvia A McKenzie - (Tallahassee, FL)
Posted: 29 Aug 2019


I need customers service number.

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Mary McDonald - (Harrisonville, MO)
Posted: 29 Aug 2019


I haven't received any notification of expected delivery. I haven't even received anything showing I purchased the knives. Please send information on my purchase and expected delivery.

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larry french - (Temple City, CA)
Posted: 11 Jul 2019

Diamonds are not Rare or Expensive

Diamonds are not rare and are found on all continents. GE makes them they are used in industry for cutting tools (saws and abrasives). They are used to cut thru thick steel, concrete, etc with high-pressure water. The only reasons people think of them as "rare" is the propaganda fed to them by DeBeers and Oppenheimer.

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Kathryn Bailey - (Lexington, KY)
Posted: 09 Jul 2019

What a Scam

My husband wanted me to order the Diamond Sharp Knife set. The total was $23.98 but when I went to PayPal, the total was $66.94. The shipping was $42.00 dollars. I had already put in my information before the final total came up. PayPal did not have a cancel button so I could not cancel thru PayPal. I called the company's customer service and the item had supposedly already shipped. The lady was rude and said they only ship, they do not make the item. She said that I had ordered several of the items, 5 or 6. I had ordered the Buy one and get one for the $6.99 s&h. What a scam, beware.

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mary carter - (Elkton, MD)
Posted: 18 Jun 2019

When do I Expect to Recive my Order

When can I except my order.

3 of 4 people found this review helpful.

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A Sutton - (Maiden, NC)
Posted: 09 Jun 2019

Diamonds not for Sharpness

The ads say the diamonds make the blade five times harder, not sharper. Diamonds are purportedly for strength. The ceramic coating is supposed to make the knife stay sharp, never need sharpening. This is not possible unless one never uses it to cut anything. And here's a plus. This coating will wear off eventually if it's washed, more quickly if it is washed in a dishwasher. Buy good knives, not hyped knives.

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Sharon - (Grants Pass, OR)
Posted: 07 Jun 2019

Received my dimaond sharp knifes and peelers today. Havent used them. Hope there as good as they say. Yet.

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