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Deluxe Atomic Lighter Deluxe Atomic Lighter or Alternatives
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The Deluxe Atomic Lighter is a durable, handheld, flameless lighter that works every time. Small and durable, the lighter does not blow out and can be used in bad weather conditions such as wind or rain. It plugs into the wall to charge using a USB power cord and can get up to 100 lights per charge. There is no need for gas or butane with this lighter. The Deluxe Atomic Lighter can be used for lighting fires, cigarettes, fireworks, candles, or anything a regular lighter can be used for.

Deluxe Atomic Lighter Deluxe Atomic Lighter or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

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Is Deluxe Atomic Lighter a scam or a great buy?

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Deluxe Atomic Lighter is $29.99 plus $6.99 shipping, for a total price of $36.98.

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  • No Fuel Needed

    The Deluxe Atomic Lighter runs on electricity, not gas or butane. You will not need matches to use this and there are no flames when you use this lighter. You will only need to charge it prior to using it.

  • Works in Bad Weather

    The Deluxe Atomic Lighter works in wind and rain. If you are experiencing bad weather while tailgating, barbequing, or camping, the lighter will not fail you.

  • Rechargeable Battery

    It can be charged using a USB port and can have over 100 lights per charge.

  • Works 100 Percent of the Time

    The official site says the lighter will work 100 percent of the time.

  • Durable

    The Deluxe Atomic Lighter can stand up to bad weather conditions, be thrown in your camping pack, or even being run over by a large vehicle.

  • Activated by a Button

    To turn on the lighter, simply push the button. This button reduces the risk of burning your fingers or getting gas on your hands as you try to light something.

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How It Works

The Deluxe Atomic Lighter uses technology similar to that of a taser. It creates an electrical arc that is emitted from each side of the lighter. You'll see the electric arc when you press the button and the arc appears as two brightly colored lines crossing paths. The lighter heats up quickly and to high temperatures.

Critical Advice

Do not put your fingers in the lighter's electrical arc. While it is not a flame, it is two electric currents coming together. If you try to put your finger in between the currents, you will receive a shock. When using it, keep it at a safe distance from your body and clothing. The item you are lighting on fire could catch onto you if you have loose clothing or your hair is down. Be sure not to keep the light on for more than five seconds and always turn it off after use. Don't use the lighter if it has been damaged in any way.

Save Money

With the Deluxe Atomic Lighter, you do not need to constantly purchase matches or lighters. Matches can get wet, lost, or you could only have one left. This lighter will save you from using the last match, provided it has its charge. It will also eliminate the need for fuel lighters that crack easily and run out quickly.


  • Narrow Lighting Space

    Some reviewers have noted that the electric arc space is too narrow to light some cigarettes or cigars.

  • Not Long Lasting

    Users report that the Deluxe Atomic Lighter stops working after a few uses. Either it does not hold its charge or it will not turn on again.

  • Needs Electricity

    If you are camping for days at a time and have used up to 100 lights with the Deluxe Atomic Lighter, you will need to recharge it. If you do not have access to an electrical outlet, you will be unable to charge it and will have a problem when it comes time to light that fire.


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Deluxe Atomic Lighter Infomercial
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