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Dac-5 XHose Dac-5 XHose or Alternatives
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Dac-5 Xhose hose is a high grade, drag resistant hose with a polyester outer layer that is specially woven to make the hose tougher and stronger compared to normal garden hoses. Using solid brass fittings and a superior strain relief caller, the entire unit is crash resistant. With a thick, specially formulated latex interlayer, the hose expands to give you more velocity and higher pressure. Triple layer construction and a built in stabilizer makes this unit ultralight, and up to 100 feet long.

Dac-5 XHose Dac-5 XHose or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Dac-5 XHose is $19.95 plus $0.00 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Dac-5 XHose at the discounted price of only $6.95 for a total price of $26.90.

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  • Expands

    The hose will automatically expand when it is full of water.

  • Contracts

    It will shrink back to its original size in a matter of seconds.

  • Sturdy

    It will never kink or damage.

  • Lightweight

    It is lightweight.

  • Brass

    It has solid brass fittings which are resistant to any type of crushing.

  • Resistant

    It is water resistant and tear resistant so it is impervious to all weather.

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Positive Points

  • High Velocity

    A specially formulated latex interlayer is what causes the host to expand when you turn it on which produces more velocity and higher pressure. This means that each time the hose is crushed or smashed or in any way constructed it will actually produce a stronger flow of water.

  • Grows in Size

    This hose expands as you fill it up with water so that a mere 25 foot long hose tripled in size in terms of the girth. When you are done using the hose and you turn off the water you can literally watch as the hose shrinks back down. Shrinking, it will go back to its normal size making it much lighter and easier to carry around when not in use.

  • Tow Pounds

    Durable and reliable this hose weighs under 2 pounds which means even small children can carry it around without any issue.

  • Run it Over

    If you run it over the hose will be just fine. In fact you can run it over time and time again and it will continue to remain disaffected. The copper brass fittings are impervious to wear and tear.

  • Never Kink

    The patented design will never twist, tangle, or kink. You can literally tie this hose in knots and nothing will happen. The water will remain the same without any issue.

  • Use for All Things

    Versatile in its design whether you are growing your own garden, filling the water tank for camping, rinsing off your car, you can use this hose to do just about anything you want. With enough burst strength to handle heavy cleaning, kinked resistance and durability, you can use this hose for all manner of everyday applications.

  • Fireproof

    You can like the hose on fire and it will work just fine in fact, find enough to put the fire on itself out.

How It Works

This unit is reinforced with high-grade drag resistant polymer exterior layers which are specially woven together to make it stronger and tougher. The brass fittings are solid brass and offers stained relief colors which are crushed resistant. Specially formulated latex interlayer expands to give you more power.

Their hose uses a special woven design, otherwise known as webbing. Webbing is a strong fabric woven in the shape of a flat strip or tube using different fibers of different weights. Generally it is made out of synthetic fibers or especially high-strength materials like Kevlar. The breaking strength of webbing is usually in excess of 10,000 pounds but the webbing itself is light and strong. Tubular webbing consists of a flattened to commonly use in industrial applications like these.

Flexible hose for high-pressure applications contains an inner tube which conveys the pressurized fluid. Exterior for the inner tube is covered with a fiber webbing to protect the inner tube and increase the pressure resistance of the host. Reinforcement layers overlay the fiber webbing with an outer cover to offer additional reinforcements. Fiber webbing is manufactured in the form of fiber ribbon wrapped around the inner tube. Between the fiber webbing and the reinforcement layer is a chemically connected intermediate layer which is what gives the hose its functionality.

How it's Different from Competitors

This hose uses a special polymer comparatively different than traditional garden hoses though not quite as strong as military webbing. Military spec webbing is generally composed of high tensile strength, narrow woven fabrics like nylon or Kevlar which are used in things like parachutes, webbing equipment, military belts, and more. Their idea behind them is the same however that the unit has to be light enough to carry around something vital but still strong enough to survive outdoors. The same type of military pack that should be light enough to be carried for long periods of time needs to be exposed to the elements at all times.

Simultaneously it must still maintain its original strength. Likewise this hose is designed to do the exact same thing, sustain itself outdoors but still be strong enough to carry all of the contents of the water pressure. No matter what water pressure it might be.

This garden hose is kink resistant and will not kink while you uncoil the hose or pull around behind you in the yard. It is tough on the inside and the outside which means that you can't scuff the jacket, tear the hose, puncture it, or cause any other damage. As a result the exterior will look great one season after the next.


  • Max Flex

    Max flex is a premium garden hose 50 feet in length, completely kink resistant. Using a tough, copolymer featuring flat technology, this copolymer is 30% lighter than similar hoses. What's more, the hose is lead-free and environmentally friendly. Heavy duty construction means this hose will not burst up to 500 psi. There is reinforcement at high-pressure areas to increase durability. Couplings are made of over sized crush proof aluminum which will withstand daily use, trembling with garden equipment or happy feet. Their couplings attached to any spigot.

  • Tuff Guard

    This hose is one of the newest garden hoses on the market. It is also the lightest and most flexible out there. 35% lighter than conventional hoses this one can be tied in a not without any disruption to the flow of water. The drawback to this particular design is that the couplings spend so taking off the sprayer can be challenging, something the company already knows. In fact, the company is working to alter that in the next generation of the hose but in the meantime a good pair of pliers can help fix the issue.

  • Never Kink

    Never kink is a commercial grade hose which was manufactured out of recycled materials and has been reinforced with self-straightening reflex mesh technology. Reflects mesh technology makes it impervious to kinks. This hose is all weather flexible and perfect for industrial-strength jobs, commercial jobs, even home-based residential jobs.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Dac-5 XHose online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Dac-5 XHose online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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