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CustMBite is an anti-snoring system that's been invented by a dentist who also specializes in dental sleep medicine. Each anti-snoring kit consists of an upper mouthpiece, a lower mouthpiece, and two compact anti-microbial cases for you to store the mouthpieces in. Both mouthpieces are made from a patented material known as Vistamaxx, which is purported to be flexible and comfortable for a person's mouth to hold. It's specified that each mouthpiece contains strategically placed tori bumps to guide the tongue into an ideal position.

CustMBite CustMBite or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of CustMBite is $89.97 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Warm Mouthpieces in Microwave

    To make your CustMBite mouthpieces as flexible as possible so you can mold them to the size and shape of your mouth and teeth, you'll first need to warm them in your microwave. Consult your instruction manual to find out exactly how many seconds of warming each one requires.

  2. Place Lower Piece in Mouth

    Once you've warmed up your mouthpieces, place the lower mouthpiece in your mouth, against your bottom row of teeth, with its tori bumps facing upward.

  3. Add Upper Mouthpiece

    Next, add your upper mouthpiece to your upper row of teeth, this time making sure the tori bumps are facing downward. If you find having both mouthpieces in your mouth at the same time a little hard to get used to, you can remove this one and just start with the lower mouthpiece on its own.

  4. Get Ready for Sleep

    With either the lower mouthpiece or both mouthpieces in your mouth, get ready to go to sleep in bed as you normally would. As you lie down and then go to sleep, the mouthpiece(s) will gently guide your tongue into an ideal position so it doesn't partially block your airway and cause you to snore.

  5. Remove Mouthpieces

    When you're ready to get up and out of bed again, slide the mouthpiece or mouthpieces that you've been using out of your mouth and store each one in one of the included cases. There, they'll stay safe and clean until you need to use them at night again.

How It Works

Snoring is typically caused by the tongue relaxing and falling back in the throat, thereby partially blocking the airway, as a person sleeps. The more the airway is blocked, the more a person will snore. When you add the lower mouthpiece from your CustMBite kit to your mouth before you go to bed, though, it'll gently encourage your tongue to lift itself slightly so it doesn't fall backward. At the same time, if you're using the upper mouthpiece, too, it'll gently encourage the tongue to move a bit forward in your mouth, which will help keep it out of your airway. With your tongue as clear of your airway as possible, there should be little to no snoring coming from you while you're sleeping.


  • For All Adults

    The CustMBite anti-snoring kit has been designed to be used by adults of all ages and genders. A teenager may be able to use it, but you should check with their dentist first before offering one to a teenager under your care. Regardless of age, it's compatible with sets of metal or invisible braces, so if you have a set in your mouth, you won't have to avoid using either the upper or lower mouthpiece.

  • Compact

    Other over-the-counter anti-snoring devices, such as CPAP machines and anti-snoring masks, may require you to wear something that isn't tiny around or on your head. On the other hand, both mouthpieces that come with each CustMBite kit are just about the same size as a row of teeth. Aside from enhancing your comfort level while you're in bed, these small mouthpieces (and their cases) won't take up a lot of space in your home or in a suitcase while you're away.

  • Flexible Material

    The material used to create both the upper and lower mouthpiece in one of these sets is quite soft and flexible. As a result, you won't feel like you're biting down on a hard rock when you have one or both of them in your mouth. Each mouthpiece will bend and flex to conform to the shape of your teeth, instead of requiring you to slide your teeth around to find a comfortable fit.

Positive Points

  • Aids With Sleep

    If you snore a lot, it's only logical to assume that you may wake yourself up with your own snoring, and if you sleep with a partner, you'll probably wake them up. When a person who snores starts using CustMBite every night, though, everyone in the room should get better sleep, due to not having to deal with loud snoring noises. Partners who've had to sleep apart because of the snoring that one or both of them has been doing may find that they'll be able to sleep happily together and wake up well-rested again.

  • May Improve Breathing

    Besides promoting the tendency to snore, allowing your tongue to block your own airway will likely cause you to have some trouble breathing. If you've got asthma or COPD on top of a snoring problem, you could wake up gasping for air (and your inhaler) in the middle of the night. Fortunately, your CustMBite should remedy some of your breathing problems by keeping your tongue tilting slightly forward and upward and out of your airway.

  • Delivers Quick Results

    If you were to take an over-the-counter or prescription pill for your snoring, it might take hours to get into your bloodstream and do its work. Once you've got your CustMBite mouthpieces in your mouth, however, they may do their job by gently guiding your tongue into a good place within minutes. Plus, over time, they'll reduce the amount you snore in a night by up to 50 percent.

Critical Advice

It's important that you clean your CustMBite mouthpieces every so often so they don't get covered in things one might find in one's mouth, such as germs, bacteria, or food residue. To do so, it's best to use the oral appliance cleaner produced by CustMBite. This cleaner comes in a spray bottle, and once you spray your upper and lower mouthpiece with the solution, all you'll need to do is let them sit for an hour or more. It's also important that you keep your mouthpieces in the proper cases when you're not using them, so you don't expose them to unnecessary dirt around your home.

Save Money

If you've tried other over-the-counter snoring remedies and they've failed, you may be looking at shelling out some cash to undergo an airway-widening surgery that'll reduce your snoring. Luckily, seeing a specialist and investing in this sort of procedure may not be necessary if you try CustMBite, as you may be able to get the results you need from this kit at home.

Wise Advice

Do not buy CustMBite online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy CustMBite online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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