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Cozy Wings are durable fabric wings that kids can wear virtually anywhere indoors and outdoors, and each pair can also be used as a blanket. They're made of soft, comfortable double-sided microfiber and are machine washable. When selecting a pair of Cozy Wings, you can choose between 10 different styles that'll make you look like a butterfly, a fairy, a spider, a dragon or a spaceship. There are two different sizes of wings, including a large size that'll fit most grownups.

Cozy Wings Cozy Wings or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Cozy Wings is $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping, for a total price of $29.98.

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How It Works

Once you get a pair of Cozy Wings, you can put it on like you would a blouse or jacket. During the day, you'll be able to keep your hands poking out through the armholes so you can read, eat, play with your cell phone or do other things you need your hands for. However, at night, if you want, you can take your hands and arms out of the holes and wrap your wings around you like a blanket. If your house isn't too cold, your wings might even take the place of your usual blanket(s).

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  • 12 Styles

    As mentioned, there are 12 styles of Cozy Wings available. Four of them will make you look like either a yellow, purple, pink or rainbow butterfly, or you can masquerade as a purple, cyan or green fairy. Finally, your three other choices include a blue spider, a green dragon, and a blue and silver spaceship.

  • Come in Two Sizes

    These wings come in two sizes, including a small size for smaller children and a large size for larger children. The larger size will fit a lot of adults, too, so parents and other caregivers will be able to wear wings at the same time as their children if they'd like.

  • Soft Fabric

    The microfiber fabric used to make each pair of wings is soft, so it'll feel nice and comfy against anyone's skin as they sleep or rest while wearing their wings.

  • Inner Pouch

    Each pair of Cozy Wings contains an inner pouch you can use to carry a small item or two, such as a handful of coins or some favorite pencils that you don't want to lose.

  • Machine Washable

    These wings are machine washable, so if you have a washing machine, you'll never have to take the time to wash them out by hand or transport them to the dry cleaner's.

Positive Points

  • Safe to Run, Climb in

    If you're wearing the proper size of Cozy Wings, they'll only come down to your thighs, so your legs will still be free if you want to run or climb. It won't be dangerous to do so, as the wings shouldn't be long enough to cause you to trip.

  • For Boys and Girls

    Among the 12 styles of these wings that are up for grabs, children of any gender will likely find a pair that appeals to them. While boys may tend to prefer spiders and spaceships, and girls might prefer to dress as butterflies or fairies, kids of either gender can wear any of the 12 styles of wings.

  • Encourage Creativity

    Once a child has a pair of Cozy Wings in their choice of style, this will encourage them to exercise their creativity by taking on the characteristics of a butterfly, fairy, dragon, spider or spaceship. Even if a child's playing alone, this can be stimulating, but it can be made even more fun if a group of kids have these wings and play pretend together.

  • Good Children's Gift

    A pair of Cozy Wings will make a good gift for almost any child under the age of 12, especially if some of their friends also have them. Keep in mind, though, that if a toddler's wings end up being too long for them, they'll need extra supervision as they play.

Negative Points

  • May Annoy Teachers, Coaches

    A teacher may get annoyed if a child wears these wings to school since they may not suit the school's dress code and may distract other students in the classroom from learning. Similarly, if your child's on a sports team, the coach may insist that the child take the wings off while playing, even if they're not a safety risk. Doctors and dentists may also expect children to remove the wings before their checkups.

  • Might Not Fit All Adults

    The large size of Cozy Wings will fit a lot of adults, but it probably won't fit all of them, especially if the adult in question has arms that are wider than the armholes. If you're an extra-tall or extra-wide adult, you may not be able to join in with your child (or children) when it comes to Cozy Wings fun, which could disappoint the child along with you.

Save Money

A pair of Cozy Wings can be used as a light blanket during warm weather. That means, if you get each child in your household a pair of these wings, you won't have to keep as many light blankets on hand as you otherwise would.

Critical Advice

These wings are safe to be cleaned in the washing machine, but they could shrink if put in the dryer. If you're concerned about this, especially if you feel like your wings are already kind of short and tight, it's best if you hang them to air-dry.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Cozy Wings online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Cozy Wings online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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