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Core Max is a core based exercise mat that functions as an "exercise system" for your body. The Core Max company claims that you can get sexy abs by working out just eight minutes per day. With each core max total body training system you order you get the fast results exercise chart to chart your progress, a calorie cutting guide, and a workout DVD. You can target your abs, oblique muscles, and secondarily the shoulders, arms, and legs when you use this fully assembled exercise unit.

Core Max Core Max or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Core Max is $4.99 plus $14.95 shipping for a total price of $19.94.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page which was taken offline due to Core Max being discontinued. Core Max may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page which was taken offline due to Core Max being discontinued. Core Max may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.


  • Dual Direction Resistance

    Dual direction resistance lets you double your workout.

  • Power Assisted Rebound

    The power-assistance rebound system gives you support and resistance in both directions so that you can maximize your results and minimize potential for injury.

  • Customize Routine

    You get to customize your routine using three levels of resistance.

  • Transportable

    The easily transportable and compact design lets you take it with you on the road.

Positive Points

  • No Tools

    There are no tools needed to assemble the unit. It arrives already assembled and all you need do is adjust the arms to your desired intensity level.

  • Lightweight

    The unit only weighs eleven pounds which makes it easy to transport. It also folds up into a more compact unit so you can keep it in an office, car, or on the road while you travel.

  • Three Levels

    The unit offers different fitness levels including beginner, intermediate, and advanced. These three resistance settings can be switched back and forth. You might be a beginner one day, but later have a spurt of energy that allows you to tackle intermediate with ease.

  • Chart Progress

    You get the chart to monitor progress, and a dietary guide. This is perhaps the most important component of this system, though it is not advertised as such. In the finer print you will find that if you adhere to the calorie cutting nutritional guide and chart your progress as explained in the DVD, then you get results. The company guarantees that you will get results, but does add that results will vary person to person.

  • Workout Dvd

    The workout DVD is only eight minutes long, which is the eight minutes daily advertised by the company. However there is another fifteen minute workout that you should do too, though they do not say that immediately. In combination these two equal a standard twenty three minute core workout, something you should do each day.

Negative Points

  • Limited Weight

    The unit can only support up to 220 pounds so anyone heavier than that cannot use it.

  • Not for Full Body

    The unit targets your oblique muscles, lower abs, upper abs, and middle abs. It is stated that you can target your glutes, arms, shoulders, and legs too when you do the cycle motion while doing core. Bear in mind that you are not getting any resistance from these other exercises, so doing cycling while doing a core workout only intensifies the core workout. This unit does not actually improve the legs or glutes.

How it's Different from Competitors

This unit is allegedly scientifically designed, though there is no further information on what this “scientific design” actually is, how it was tested, or what science is behind it. There are many ab based mats just like this, where you essentially do crunches the entire time, holding the arm handles and pushing yourself up. This unit is different from competing ab based mats insofar as it has the DVD to go along with it, and a nutritional guide on how to cut calories. Cutting calories, or at least getting the right calories, is imperative to actually seeing the results of a core workout.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Clean it

    Clean the Core Max after each use with mild soap and warm water, or with a solution of warm water and vinegar. This will remove any bacteria accumulating from your workout.

  2. Follow Nutritional Guides

    When doing any form of core workout, you need to be cognizant of the fact that your core is the last place fat is burned. So until you have burned fat everywhere else, you won’t see the results you are achieving. This is not to say that you are not making gains, because you probably are, but you won’t see a visible six pack without changing your diet.

Benefits of Strong Core

  1. Core Function

    Your core is one of the most important part of the body, one which helps you complete all of the other work you must do in season and off season. Of course many people think of the aesthetically pleasing six pack abs. However, if you are training to be a legitimate athlete the real key is having a strong core not what your ab muscles look like.

    The primary function of your core is to stabilize your body's frame so when you sit, walk, run, or even jump your core is responsible for stabilizing the trunk area. This allows your body to move more effectively and efficiently. If you have a very weak core you will be more likely to overcompensate with another muscle group.

  2. Avoiding Injury

    This shift in your mechanics can cause aggravation to existing injuries or causing new injury. Research shows that having a strong core greatly reduces the chance of injuries in your hips, legs, and glutes.

  3. Balance

    Your core is also essential for proper balance. Standing on one leg is a simple task in theory but if your core muscles are not strong enough to make sure your hips remain stable. Then you will have the added risk of caving in with your knee and causing injury to your knee.

    Stopping in the middle of a run to quickly reverse your direction is an unstable balance movement which requires a lot of force in a very short amount of time.

  4. Stabilization

    Core muscles help you to stabilize your spine and your pelvis so that you can maintain your balance when you do these things. Having core conditioning also helps you as an athlete to adapt to the unstable physical demands of whatever sport you were trying to do.

Overall Health

  • What Else to Include

    A typical fitness program involves weight training, cardio, running, walking and playing various sports. These exercises need not be intense, but if you are looking to build muscle strength and gain muscle mass, you need to train accordingly. Physical fit people can enjoy a healthy lifestyle which can lead towards prosperous life. If you are looking to achieve health and wellness, there are several methods of doing so.

  • Being Fit

    Being fit can bring about a peace of mind in your life, therefore, you need not take that for granted. It is not only men who look for physical fitness; rather women also train hard to get their ideal body. Physical appeal isn’t the only reason men and women work hard with core.

    Self-satisfaction and enhanced personal performance are other reasons which prompt people to hit the ground running, literally or figuratively. In addition, athletes need to be fit to ensure they achieve the required sporting goals. Staying healthy is another reason for which people undergo intense workout sessions.

How It Works

The Core Max works by using resistance to improve your muscle tone. When doing the core muscle workout on the mat, the resistance in the sidebars helps develop your core on the motions both down and up. The Core Max comes with instructions for exercises for eight other body parts, all using the resistance that the bars provide. Dual action resistance reduces muscle strain. Resistance is gentle and it has three levels of resistance.

Save Money

If you are trying to get back into shape and don't know where to start, you can use the Core Max at home instead of spending money on a gym membership.

Save Time

Core Max's programs only need to be done for minutes a day, which eliminates the hour-long classes or workouts at the gym. It also eliminates the need to drive to the gym and can be done in the convenience of your home.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Positioning it

    Every user is different, so the Core Max make take a few tries to get the settings just right for your body and maximum comfort.

  2. Take it Slow

    It might seem easy and painless the first day you use it, which might make you want to do more than recommended. However, take it easy. If you are new to working out or just getting started again, you'll be surprisingly sore after using it a few times.

  3. Watch All the Videos

    It might seem like a simple machine to figure out, but make sure you watch all the instructional videos. You might find an exercise you didn't think to do or one you might even enjoy more.

  4. Keep it Clean

    Just like at the gym, wipe down your equipment. Germs and bacteria from sweat and your skin can collect on the Core Max. It's important to keep your machine clean.

  5. Follow the Nutritional Guide

    To gain optimal results, use the included nutritional guide. You can do as many workouts as you want, but if your eating habits aren't healthy, you won't be as successful as you could be. Combine a healthy diet with a healthy workout for great results.

  6. Stop if it Hurts

    Like any exercise equipment, if it hurts, stop and talk to your doctor. You know your body best, and if you experience significant discomfort when using the Core Max, talk to your doctor or call the company for advice on setting up the machine for your body.


  • Seat

    The Core Max is designed for the average-sized person. If you are obese and trying to shed some pounds, this product might not be for you just yet. If this is concerning, measure your body and decide if you will be comfortable using the machine. The seat is about 17 inches wide.

  • Limited Resistance

    The three settings on the Core Max are great, especially for beginners, but if you reach the point of feeling the strongest level of resistance is easy, you might want to challenge yourself more. Working out at the gym would allow you to use extra resistance to intensify your workout.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Core Max online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Core Max online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 10 Oct 2021 Heidi - (Southport, QLD)


I bought this a few years ago, couldn't get it to open up as I lost the instructions, and found them the other day.
I have ME/ CFS so can't do much exercise, especially walking or standing. I'm mostly bed bound.
I got on the floor and gave it a go and was thrilled it actually worked brilliantly! I pushed down and it bounced me back up, which I couldn't do myself.
Doing the back exercise I could hear all the vertebra cracking into alignment.
I'm sore today, can't move much as I overdid it, with different exercises, but that's expected.
I will fill you in on progress if I can.
I only gave 4 stars as I don't know how successful it will be yet.
So far, fantastic! Great for the housebound.

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Posted: 24 Apr 2018 Dean - (Leland, NC)

No instructions on what the resistance settings are 123 but what to use first.

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Posted: 13 Aug 2017 Etta Alston - (Princeton, IN)

I am only 4'10" and there is no instruction how to modify some of the positions for a shorter person. Also, the dvd does not give any advice about what position to have the machine on and moves immediately from one exercise to the next without giving you any time to adjust the equipment. I am pretty disappointed with this. Would not encourage anyone to get it.

10 of 13 people found this review helpful.

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