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Copper Fit Pro is a brace for the elbow or knee, one in a line of many braces sold by the same company. The company claims that wearing the Copper Fit Pro increases mobility in the elbow and knee while decreasing inflammation in both. It is also purported that it will remove the discomfort associated with much of this pain. The copper infused compression technology reduces odor associated with wearing and sweating into a brace.

Copper Fit Pro Copper Fit Pro or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Copper Fit Pro is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • Compression Band

    It has kinesiology compression bands which are placed strategically within the garment so that it targets the center points where pain often occurs.

  • Reduces Inflammation

    The product reduces inflammation when it becomes intolerable and helps to relieve pain.

  • Improves Recovery

    Improves recovery time by reducing said inflammation and improves performance simultaneously.

  • Pain Relief

    Offers muscle ache and pain relief with a guarantee.

  • Elbows and Knees

    Works well for the elbow or knee.

How It Works

The Copper Fit Pro is designed with copper, which takes the form of infused copper compression in the given garment. This is meant to target the areas where pain and inflammation are most troublesome ( particularly in joint areas ). In doing so, it naturally reduces aches and pain in the muscles.

The Copper Fit Pro brace works the same as any other sporting brace insofar as the tight constriction keeps joints and muscles in place where they ought to be, even if they are swollen. Said tightness and constriction helps to reduce inflammation and, by association, pain from inflammation.


  • Supportive

    Copper Fit Back is an elbow and knee brace constructed of neoprene and copper-infused fabric. Claims from the manufacturer is that it offers support for the joints and muscles. The brace is one from a long line of successful items which are supported and endorsed by professional athlete Brett Farve. This brace is adjustable so it can offer relief for the elbow and knee after a workout, after sports, during every day activities too. It gives users greater mobility during all of the aforementioned.

  • Good for Rehab

    This product works well for people who are coming out of rehab and have continual discomfort in the joints like the knee or elbow. It improves mobility for said individuals.

  • Reduces Recovery

    Reduces the length of recovery periods for those who work out regularly, making it a shorter recovery period and a shorter wait time by extension before one can head back to the gym. This works well for athletes needing the same benefits too.

  • Fits Any Size

    Thanks to the use of Velcro straps, the Copper Fit can fit any sized elbow or knee. The design is lightweight and contoured so that it can fit comfortably under a sports shirt or pants if necessary. What’s more, the company claims that in addition to the well-known features, this particular product wicks moisture which helps to prevent foul odor. For those who have active lifestyles, this is particularly beneficial.

Critical Advice

While millions, literally, of Americans suffer from joint pain in the elbows and knees, they are spending billions in search of pain relief, on items such as these. With so many causes of joint pain, it is important to take this item with a grain of salt. It works well but might not work well for you, depending on your particular pain problems. That said, it is imperative that anyone looking for medical pain relief from this product speak with their doctor first. Doing so will ensure that the product is best suited for your particular issue.


  • Bad Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews of the Copper Fit Pro and its associated line of products is not good. Customers have regularly complained that the product does not meet with its advertised claims, not functioning like it should. Additional complaints stated long shipping times, challenging placing orders which resulted in higher charges or more items than wanted. In fact, many customers have noted that they were not given the chance to review the order before they processed it as complete, during which time the order included more items than they wanted. Some cases there were more charges than they expected. The customer service is less than ideal too, with representatives from the company often unwilling to help and instead using numerous upsells when you call for issues.

  • Not for Everyone

    If you really need an elbow or knee brace, and you are not in any hurry to receive it, then the Copper Fit Pro is a perfectly fine brace. It will offer some degree of relief in certain cases, but not all. This must be stressed. The same way that traditional store brand braces do not work for everyone, nor will this brace.

How it's Different from Competitors

Based on the commercial, it must be stated that the Copper Fit Pro is not much different from any other knee or elbow brace, except for its copper-infused fabric. As such, one can visit a local sporting goods store where similar braces can be found without the added shipping and handling costs. The reason being, the copper does not actually offer pain relief or support benefits. Copper infusion only serves to reduce the odor and microbial buildup.

Compression offered by the Copper Fit Pro can reduce or eliminate some forms of elbow or knee inflammation. Again though, it is important to note that the pain relief you receive from this product is going to be roughly the same as the relief you would get from a local retail brace. What’s more, if you buy a local brace, you have an easier way to return or exchange your product.


  • Inflammation is Normal

    It is important to note that inflammation is the body’s natural response to stress or strain. If you are working out or playing sports, your muscles will likely be inflamed to some degree almost all the time. We often think of inflammation as a bad thing, but in reality it is perfectly natural. If you stop inflammation as a response in your body then you harm the way your body responds to issues. However, too much inflammation can impede the exercises or sports you are doing, in cases where the inflammation inhibits flexibility or mobility. Only in such cases should this brace or any other similar brace be worn.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Fit Pro online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Fit Pro online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 08 Apr 2018 john - (Greenacres, FL)

Not Worth it

I have used the old version and never had a complaint. Don't know if it is the copper or just the compression that helps. My old ones were worn so i bought the newer version, copperfit pro they Decided to save 2o cents and not put the rubber on bands, dumb thing to do. The old version would stay in place all day, the new ones don't stay for a half hour. They slid down and do no good. Hope they are happy saving 20 cents.

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