Copper Fit GuardWell Hand Protector

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Copper Fit GuardWell Hand Protector Copper Fit GuardWell Hand Protector or Alternatives
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Copper Fit GuardWell Hand Protectors are full-fingered gloves that have been made to put a barrier between your hands and the potentially dirty, germ-filled surfaces you touch while you're out in public. The stretchy material used to create these gloves has been infused with copper to help with the buildup of odorous bacteria, and it's stated that the fabric is lightweight and breathable. These gloves come as single pairs or in sets of four, and all are washable and reusable.

Copper Fit GuardWell Hand Protector Copper Fit GuardWell Hand Protector or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Copper Fit GuardWell Hand Protector is $19.99 plus $4.99 shipping for a total price of $24.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Put One Glove on Each Hand

    To get started with your Copper Fit gloves, slide one onto each hand as you would when putting on an ordinary pair of gloves. With each glove, make sure the solid side with the logo is lined up with the back of the corresponding hand and the side with the striped silicone bands is lined up with the front. Wiggle your fingers a bit to get used to the gloves, which have been designed to be quite flexible and offer you the full range of motion that you'd get with bare hands.

  2. Work With a Variety of Objects

    While wearing these gloves, you can go out in public and touch or work with virtually any objects you choose, including gym equipment, vehicles, and technological devices. The fingers of the gloves have even been constructed in a way that will allow you to touch the screen of your smartphone as you normally would, without problems.

  3. Remove, Wash and Reuse

    After you get home for the day, slide off your gloves and wash them in your sink with soap and warm water. Leave them somewhere in your home to air-dry until you need to use them again.


  • Five Finger Slots Per Hand

    These gloves aren't open mitts that may restrict what you can do with your fingers—instead, there's a slot for each of your fingers and your thumb in each glove. As a result, even if you need to do detailed work with your hands, such as crafting or woodworking, you should still be able to get this done with the gloves on.

  • Can Get One or Four Pairs

    You can get one pair of these gloves at once, but if you don't want to wash them every day, or you want to share them with others, sets of four are available. If you share your gloves with members of your household, though, they should always be washed between uses, so no invisible germs can be passed between users.

  • Contain Silicone Bands

    On each pair of Copper Fit gloves, silicone bands have been strategically placed along the palm and the fingers, which will help you maintain a non-slip grip on objects. Therefore, you'll be unlikely to drop a dumbbell, a piece of wood, or any other object you're carrying on your toe (or anyone else's) while you're using these gloves. The bands may also help you grip a dog's leash effectively if you're wearing the gloves as you walk your pup.

  • Moisture Wicking

    The copper infusions within these gloves will enable them to literally wick moisture away from your skin as you wear them, so your hands will feel more cool and dry than sweaty and wet. That means you may be able to wear a pair of these gloves all day without being tempted to take them off and thereby expose your bare skin to germs.

  • Bacteria and Odor Resistant

    Copper is also bacteria-resistant, which means that bacteria won't quickly collect on these gloves and refuse to budge, as it may on a pair of cotton or polyester gloves. Plus, it follows that the unpleasant odors that commonly come with the presence of bacteria will be unlikely to assault your nose while you wear a pair of Copper Fit gloves.

Positive Points

  • For Adults of All Ages

    These copper-infused gloves are suitable for adults of all ages and genders, and children with larger hands may also want to wear them. They can be worn for nearly any type of physical activity, and seniors with arthritis or other mild mobility issues may feel that the gentle compression they provide is soothing.

  • Help Prevent Sickness

    By touching surfaces that have been touched by others in public, you might quickly pick up the Coronavirus or another harmful virus, like the seasonal flu virus. However, if you wear gloves like the Copper Fit gloves, you'll significantly diminish your exposure, as public surfaces will be coming in contact with the gloves instead of your skin. Furthermore, these copper-infused gloves will provide additional protection that other gloves can't offer, due to their high level of bacteria resistance.

  • May Last for Years

    Copper is known for its durability, and these gloves have been designed to be washed and reused a multitude of times, so one pair may last you for years before it wears out. If there's any point at which you're not concerned about germs or viruses, you'll still be able to wear these gloves to keep your hands warm or to protect your skin from the sun. They have a UPF 30 rating, which means they'll offer you some protection from UV rays on sunny days.

Critical Advice

These gloves come in two different adult sizes, small / medium and large / extra-large. You can measure your palm to find out which size you take, and if a child under your care has appropriate palm measurements, they can comfortably wear a pair of these gloves, too. If a child or teenager's hands happen to change in size over time, there's a good chance that the gloves will be able to stretch enough to accommodate the new dimensions.

Negative Points

  • Only Come in Black

    Copper Fit gloves only come in black, and while many people may find this shade to be desirable, others may desire gloves in a brighter color. It would be helpful if the gloves could be made available in at least a couple of other shades, such as blue and red, so fashion-oriented people could match them with some of their outfits.


  • Don't Expose to Chlorine

    Although it's fine to wash these gloves on a daily basis and wear them while you're out in the rain, you should never use them while you're swimming in chlorinated pools. It's unlikely that using them in a river or lake would cause any negative effects, but exposing them to chlorine could cause their materials to break down and wear out more quickly than usual.

  • Don't Skip Hand-washing

    The Copper Fit gloves have been made to enhance your personal cleanliness routine—not to replace it. While you likely won't wash or sanitize your hands in public very often while you wear these gloves, you should still wash them each time you arrive home. To keep your skin as clean as possible, each time you pull off the gloves, you should be washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Fit GuardWell Hand Protector online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Fit GuardWell Hand Protector online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 16 Jul 2020 Vickie Gregory - (Greeneville, TN)

Gloves not Received- no Response from Company

I have requested information about the status of my order and have not heard one word from the company. I'm very disappointed that customer service is so poor. The gloves may be wonderful. I wouldn't know. Perhaps if they'd ship my order, I'd have a better opinion of my experience with Guardwell.

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Copper Fit GuardWell Hand Protector Infomercial
Copper Fit GuardWell Hand Protector Infomercial
Copper Fit GuardWell Hand Protector Infomercial

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