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Copper Fit Guardwell Copper Fit Guardwell or Alternatives
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Copper Fit GuardWell Face Protectors are copper-infused, thermal-regulated protectors that cover your nose, mouth, and neck. You can wear this mask in five different ways, each designed to keep you cool and comfortable while protecting you from bacteria. The copper in this product has antimicrobial properties, which make it safer while reducing stains, odor, and deterioration. These protectors are made with a soft, comfortable fabric that allows you to shop, exercise, or work as you normally would while still protecting you from airborne bacteria.

Copper Fit Guardwell Copper Fit Guardwell or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Copper Fit Guardwell is $19.99 plus $4.99 shipping for a total price of $24.98.

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  • Copper-Infused

    The natural properties of copper help protect against bacteria and hazardous germs, making it particularly valuable during this dangerous time. Copper is also not harmful to human skin, so it won't irritate even the most sensitive skin. The advanced copper-infusion in these face coverings can help kill bacteria that you are exposed to in public spaces.

  • Avoid Stains or Odors

    Additionally, the antimicrobial properties of copper protect against bacteria that can cause stains and odors. Copper has been shown to be more effective than stainless steel or silver in constraining coatings and slowing the deterioration of products. In this protector, copper helps reduce any odors on the fabric and slows down any wear and tear on the product.

  • Lightweight and Breathable

    The Copper Fit Face Protector is made with a lightweight fabric and thermal regulated smart technology. This helps keep you comfortable and cool throughout the day. Stay safe without sacrificing comfort or breathability by wearing this protector while exercising outside, running errands, or on the job.

  • UPF Protection

    The fabric also includes 30 UPF protection against dangerous UV rays and other harsh elements. That rating means that only 3.3% of the regular amount of UV rays will pass through the material, making it a perfect option for anyone with particular sensitivities to sunlight. This will be a particularly useful feature in the coming summer months, as protection from the sun becomes increasingly necessary.

  • One-Size Fits Most

    These unisex face protectors fit most face shapes and sizes. As the fabric will adjust to most noses, chins, and necks these coverings can be worn safely and effectively by nearly any adult.

  • Sets of Two

    The GuardWell Face Protector is currently being sold in sets of two allowing you to easily alternate between them. This way, you can properly disinfect one while wearing the other. Alternatively, this could also give you the option to share the neck gaiter with someone in your household and safely travel into public spaces together.

Positive Aspects

  • Comfortable

    The Copper Fit GuardWell Face Protector is designed to be both lightweight and breathable. Stay-dry wicking absorption ensures the protector will stay dry and comfortable throughout the day. Smart technology built into the fabric also increases breathability and ensures you will stay cool in the coming summer months.

  • Protective

    The CDC currently recommends continuing to wear face masks or coverings in public places and around other people. These protectors ensure that your mouth and nose are effectively covered. The secure design ensures that you can continue to shop, go to work, or exercise outside without risking exposing yourself to a virus.

  • Public Health

    During these unprecedented times, Copper Fit GuardWell face protectors can help to keep you and those around you safe and healthy. They can allow you to contribute to public health and safety while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Additionally, they will cover any coughs or sneezes, making the people around you feel safe and at-ease.

  • Secure

    The non-slip design of this product provides all-day comfort and peace of mind. While using a Copper Fit GuardWell face protector, you will be free to move around like normal without worrying about it moving around or shifting out of place. This design ensures that you will be consistently protected from germs and bacteria without risking any accidental exposure.

  • Durable

    The woven copper-infused fabric and reinforced stitching used for these protectors make them durable and long-lasting. They are reusable and washable and it is recommended that you wash them with soap after every use. Regularly wearing and washing the mask should not lead to significant deterioration, making the product a reliable investment.

  • Simple and Stylish

    These protectors are currently being offered in a charcoal gray color with a basic pattern. The simple design can be used in any professional or public setting without standing out due to any bright colors or busy patterns. This makes these protectors particularly useful for those who are continuing to go to work during this health crisis. The sleek design allows you to convey a professional appearance while maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

How It Works

Slip the mask on over your head, wrapping it underneath your mouth and nose. Pull the bottom fabric down below your chin so that the fabric encircles and protects your neck. Ensure that the back of the protector is secured below your ears and all the way around your head. It is designed to fit securely, but not too tightly with the top of the mask on top of your nose and the bottom extending well past your mouth and over your neck. This reduces any gaps or spaces where airborne hazards could enter your nose and mouth. After wearing it into a public place, carefully remove it and wash it with soap, either in a machine or by hand, to ensure it is clean and safe to wear again.

Negative Points

  • Reusable

    These coverings are reusable, which is both convenient and environmentally-friendly. However, if the product is not properly sanitized it can slightly increase the risk of carrying germs and bacteria into your home. Single-use alternatives do allow you to safely dispose of the mask after it has been exposed to airborne hazards. As long as you thoroughly wash the product after using it, this risk should be very minimal.

Critical Advice

The company does not promise that these protectors can completely protect you from dangerous germs and viruses. While they claim that the copper-infusion can protect against bacteria, it is not clear how much copper is actually present in the product. It is important to continue wearing face coverings such as the GuardWell Face Protector in public places. However, the company cannot make any absolute guarantees that this specific mask will ensure your health more than others. Due to the anti-bacterial properties of the element, there are many similar copper-infused face protectors on the market currently. Since there is little information on the amount of copper in the Copper Fit GuardWell Protectors, it is not clear if this option provides any more protection than other alternatives.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Fit Guardwell online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Fit Guardwell online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 29 Aug 2020 KGF - (Roscoe, IL)

It's a SCAM

There is no mask currently being used or sold to the general public that can stop a Coronavirus from penetrating.
A Coronavirus ranges in size from 0.2 microns down to 0.05 micron (. 000008 Inches to. 000002 Inches Rounded Up).
The N95 mask claims to filter down to 0.03 micron (. 000012 Inches) which is larger than a Corona Virus.
The N95 mask is a one way filter on inhaling only, exhale is unfiltered. The 95 means it filters out 95% of airborne contaminants. The Coronavirus lives in the other 5%.
Masks do not form an airtight seal around the perimeter. Nor do they protect the eyes, ears, or exposed skin; especially the eyes which are mucous membranes and extremely susceptible to contamination.
The masks protect no one from transmittal of a Coronavirus.
The masks do provide a nice warm, moist environment for airborne bacteria and molds to collect and thrive providing the wearer the capability of respiratory infections.
Ask yourself the following question: why do medical professionals working with biohazards, such as molds, bacterias, and viruses, wear full body bio suits?

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Posted: 17 Aug 2020 Carol - (East Hanover, NJ)

Poor Customer Service and Slow Delivery

Took almost a month to come, then Decided to return. Could not find any information on their site about returns. Called customer service and was told I could return it at my expense. Would not recommend ordering this product.

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Posted: 08 Sep 2020 Wren Smith

Interesting reply, but is helpful?
Neck gaiters have been tested by a reputable scientist to actually show they make exhaling more threatening. By the way, talking is exhaling and the louder the further your breath goes.

Ask a doctor. My family has a number of people in the profession active and retired. Step 1) Can blow out a candle while wearing the mask. Videos online can tell you how to test your mask to see if it meets medical standards.

I just bought the Copper Fit Guardwell and if you wear one it might make you legal, but it will turn your breath into an aerosol which means any virus hangs around in the air longer.

As far as hazmat suits; they would just make the job of caring for the sick that much harder maybe costing more
lives than they save.

I have other gaiters that I can fold into three layers and even add a filter; they cost about $5 on eBay. I watched a video where an Australian guy tucked a coffee filter into his gaiter and it does work though it can be harder to breathe. Gone back to wearing a regular disposable or washable mask that ties or hangs on my ears when I go to Wal-Mart. I have gone back to wearing a bandana over the mask. It comes off easily and is easy to hand wash. Getting a gaiter off without touching the front is tricky. The bandana and gaiter both fall down while wearing them. The mask is doing real work.

I keep score when I am out like it's a game of pac-man, it helps keep me focused and alert. A rational person can survive.

I do like the gaiter when I am out cycling, but that is just for my


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Posted: 12 Aug 2020 Tom J Neavitt - (Tucson, AZ)

Slow Shipping, no Customer Service

Ordered these on July 14, received August 11. I contacted the company for status 3 times and only received auto responses saying they received my request and would respond quickly, never did. I did receive a shipping notice and it took over a week to ship from Reno, NV to Tucson. Your order from Guardwell Inc. But the non-existent service and shipping are through Idea Village. The product itself has a smell to it when I first put it on. It was like a synthetic fabric smell. I had to wash it. It seems to fit okay but can be annoying putting it over your head. It's overpriced at 19.95 for 2 plus shipping. These should be e priced at around $5 but I could be wrong. Just not knowing exactly the amount of copper is unnerving. Copper is not conducive to life so I don't know if I am breathing any copper into my lungs. If I am and I get sick from it then there will be a lawsuit.

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Posted: 11 Aug 2020 manduhlyn - (Portland, OR)

Never Received

Ordered the 2 masks with an estimated delivery time of 2 weeks. Well. It's been over a month now. Every time I track the shipment (I am in CA and it was shipped out of Nevada), the timing changes. It is now saying the end of August. It was ordered so long ago I was wondering if it's a scam. Now, reading other reviews, I see that others are having the same issue as well as finding out it was MADE IN CHINA.

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Posted: 10 Aug 2020 Onoren - (Churdan, IA)

SLOW Delivery

Customer service and delivery speed are TERRIBLE! 3 weeks since ordered and still hasn't been shipped yet. At this rate, I will have the GuardeWell face masks just in time for the next pandemic! Don't waste your time/money ordering.

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Posted: 04 Aug 2020 MARK - (Center Ossipee, NH)

Fits Tight

I've got a big head, I guess because this face covering tends to squash my nose. A bit uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time. I wish that there was a larger size, I'd give that five stars.

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Posted: 08 Sep 2020 Wren Smith

Shop around. Cheaper isn't all the bad. I have to large cranium too, my Mission gaiter is the only one that can cover my whole head. When I want to look like a terrorist.:).


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Posted: 01 Jul 2020 Steve - (Westcliffe, CO)

Made in China

Made in China, no thanks.

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