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Copper Fit Core Shaper Copper Fit Core Shaper or Alternatives
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The Copper Fit Core Shaper is a copper-infused garment that wraps around the waist and the lower back. It's been designed to support a woman's core and smooth it out so they have a more defined waist than they would otherwise. Each garment closes with dual straps at the front, and it's specified that users will be able to reduce or increase the tightness of the straps to customize their compression level. This core-shaping garment is available in two different shades and sizes.

Copper Fit Core Shaper Copper Fit Core Shaper or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Copper Fit Core Shaper is $29.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Wrap Around Waist

    You can wear this garment either over or under your clothing. To get started with it, wrap it around your waist, making sure the copper-colored lines are facing outward. If they're not, the garment's inside out and will need to be flipped. Be sure to also line the Copper Fit logo up with the middle of your backside and line the adjustable straps up with the front of your body.

  2. Close Straps

    Next, close the garment's two Velcro-fastening straps at the front of your body. They should be crisscrossed on top of one another in some manner, but the tightness level is up to you. For more support and an enhanced hourglass shape, you can pull the straps tighter, and for a gentler level of support (which is best for exercise), leave them a bit looser. However, they should never be so tight that you feel you can't breathe or loose enough to allow the garment to slide below your waist.

  3. Add Clothing (optional)

    If you're not wearing clothing, or you want to add more layers of clothing, you can opt to add it on top of your Copper Fit Core Shaper. The core shaper's mesh fabric is so lightweight that most tops, dresses, and jackets will fit comfortably overtop of one of these garments.

  4. Go About Your Day

    While wearing your core-shaping device with clothing overtop or underneath, you'll be able to go about your day as you normally would. It's fine to run errands, work, take care of kids, or even exercise while wearing your compression garment. Keep in mind that when you change activities, you can adjust the straps on your garment to alter how tight or loose it is so you always remain comfortable. When you're ready for bed, you should remove the core shaper.

How It Works

In most cultures, especially in the Western world, an hourglass shape is considered desirable for women and most fashionable pieces of clothing are made to fit an hourglass shape nicely. Unfortunately, many women don't naturally have an hourglass shape, especially if they have little time to exercise or prepare healthy meals. The Copper Fit Core Shaper can temporarily give you an hourglass shape, though, by compressing your waist gently. It'll also provide support to your lower back, which will make you more likely to stand up straight instead of slouching.


  • Lightweight

    Some shaping devices can be bulky, which makes them uncomfortable to wear even if they do give you a more attractive figure. You may become hot and tired after wearing a bulky shaping device for a couple of hours, but that probably won't happen while you're wearing a Copper Fit Core Shaper. Each one is made of lightweight mesh, so you'll likely be able to wear yours for the entire day without becoming too sweaty or fatigued. After a while, you might even forget that you're wearing this garment, as it'll conform to your body and move with it.

  • Copper Infusions

    Many garments (for shaping or not) can get stinky if you wear them for several hours or more, especially if you're wearing them while doing workouts or physical labor. Luckily, true to its name, the Copper Fit Core Shaper has been infused with copper to help fight the accumulation of odors. As a result, you may be able to wear this garment for multiple days in a row without washing it, while still smelling fresh and clean.

  • Comes In Two Shades

    This core-shaping garment comes in two different shades: beige and charcoal (gray). You may find that wearing a charcoal one gives you a bolder, more professional look if you have it on over your clothes at work or during sports. On the other hand, the beige option is likely the better one if you want to wear your shaping garment under light-colored clothing without it showing through.

  • Two Sizes Available

    This garment also comes in two sizes, small / medium and large / extra-large, so you should pick the size that best corresponds to your usual clothing size. If you gain or lose a bit of weight, the garment's adjustable straps will allow you to continue to wear the same size comfortably.

Positive Points

  • May Make Clothes Fit Better

    Once you start wearing a Copper Fit Core Shaper underneath some of your outfits, you may notice that your clothes start to fit better and may look better on you, too. The garment's smoothing action will help eliminate the appearance of tummy bulges and back fat that might otherwise be visible while you're wearing form-fitting pants or dresses. Your enhanced appearance, in turn, could lead to increased confidence and more social or professional opportunities on your part.

  • Aids With Good Posture

    Aside from shaping your midsection, each of these core-shaping garments also contains four support panels that provide support to the muscles in a user's lower back. Regardless of whether you're sitting at a desk (or any other seat), standing up, or moving around while you wear the garment, these support zones will aid you with your posture. They'll help guide your lower back into an ideal position, so even when you remove the garment, you may keep sitting or standing in a way that's better for your overall physical health.

Negative Points

  • No Plus Sizes Offered

    The largest size this garment is available in is an extra-large, which some potential users may find odd since plus-size women could be the ones to benefit from it the most. If this garment were to be offered in at least a couple of plus sizes, plus-size ladies could shape their tummies and improve their posture to avoid back pain.

Critical Advice

Once you feel it's time to wash your Copper Fit Core Shaper, read its fabric care instructions carefully, as it may have to be washed on a certain type of cycle. While you might be able to avoid washing it every day, it's best to wash it after every few uses.

Save Time

Another way that a woman could achieve an hourglass shape along with better posture is by engaging in an extensive exercise program with a personal trainer. This is a great long-term solution, but women who don't have the hours to put into a routine like that will be able to achieve the same results temporarily, in minutes, with this core-shaping device.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Fit Core Shaper online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Fit Core Shaper online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Copper Fit Core Shaper Infomercial
Copper Fit Core Shaper Infomercial

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