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Copper Cool Turtle Copper Cool Turtle or Alternatives
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Copper Cool Turtle is a soft plastic mask insert that's been designed to fit inside any non-medical face mask or fabric neck gaiter. This device is like the original Cool Turtle, but instead of being green, it's copper-colored and is infused with actual copper that may help keep bacteria from accumulating on your mask. You can obtain these plastic devices in sets of five, 10,15, or 20, and they've been deemed suitable for both men and women to use.

Copper Cool Turtle Copper Cool Turtle or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Copper Cool Turtle is $19.99 plus $4.99 shipping for a total price of $24.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place Device Inside Mask

    To get started with your Copper Cool Turtle, place it on the inside of the fabric mask that you're going to wear. Make sure that it's curved towards you, instead of curving away from you, and that the slightly larger holes are closer to the bottom of the mask than the others.

  2. Put Mask on Face

    Next, while hanging onto your mask by the ear loops, place the mask and the plastic device against your face. If need be, you can hang onto the device with one finger as you do so, to keep it securely in place. Once the Copper Cool Turtle is resting against your face, it'll be time to place the mask's loops over your ears. The plastic device should cover the bottom part of your nose, along with both of your lips, but it should not be covering your chin.

  3. Go About Daily Business

    While wearing your mask and the soft plastic device within, you'll be able to go about your business as you normally would, regardless of whether that involves shopping trips, public transit, or something else. As you do so, the plastic device will create a pocket between the fabric mask and your face, which should allow you to breathe better and speak more clearly. This pocket should also help keep your face cool as you wear the mask.

  4. Remove Mask and Turtle

    When you're done with your public activities, remove your mask by the ear loops as usual, and your Copper Cool Turtle will come along with it. Wash the device with soap and water, and then leave it to air-dry. If your mask is disposable, throw it out, and if it's reusable, put it in your washing machine or wash it by hand.


  • One Size Fits Most

    This device comes in only one size, but that size has been designed to fit the faces of most adult men and women, no matter their age. A child who has a face that's close to being adult-sized may also be able to comfortably use the tool. As a result, you may be able to share your Copper Cool Turtle with members of your household, as long as you wash it thoroughly before passing it along to another person.

  • Fights Bacteria

    Copper is commonly known as a material that'll fight against the accumulation of bacteria, so it's unlikely that bacteria will stubbornly cling to this device. Furthermore, since the device will form a barrier between your mouth and nose and your mask, it's even less likely that bacteria from those openings will end up on the mask. This, in turn, will cause your mask to be less likely to smell, as the buildup of bacteria can lead to unpleasant odors.

  • Soft Material

    The copper-colored material that each of these devices is made of is also soft, which means that your Copper Cool Turtle should feel comfortable while it's resting against your face. Due to its soft, somewhat malleable nature, it shouldn't feel like a hard plastic object is literally digging into your skin while you're using it.

  • Comes in Sets

    You'll be able to obtain Copper Cool Turtles in sets of five, 10,15, or 20, and if you get the set of 20, you'll also receive 10 disposable face masks along with the set. If you want to share a set among a large household or workplace, you might find it beneficial to choose one of the larger sets. On the other hand, people who are from a small household or who don't wear a mask very often might prefer one of the smaller options.

Positive Points

  • Works With Neck Gaiters

    Aside from traditional ear-loop masks, you'll also be able to use one of these devices inside a neck gaiter that you may opt to use instead of a mask. To use a Copper Cool Turtle inside a neck gaiter, the insertion procedure is fairly similar, except for the fact that you'll be pulling on the gaiter instead of hooking loops around your ears.

  • Aids With Breathing

    A common complaint among mask-wearers, especially those with respiratory disorders such as asthma and COPD, is that masks interfere with breathing. This can occur when one is just walking around, but the shortness of breath can become even more intense if one is exercising or doing physical labor with a mask on. Fortunately, by freeing up about an inch of space between your mask and your face, your Copper Cool Turtle will help you get more air while you're doing any activity.

  • Helps Prevent Skin Irritation

    If there's nothing between the skin of your face and your mask, the mask may rub against your skin as you move, potentially causing painful skin irritation. Your Copper Cool Turtle will help stop this from occurring, though, by keeping the fabric of your mask from touching your skin. This will also help prevent makeup, such as foundation or lipstick, from getting smeared on your mask and staining it.

Negative Points

  • Not Compatible With Bandannas

    Some people prefer to wear bandannas instead of neck gaiters or face masks, but unfortunately, this device won't be compatible with your typical bandanna. Since bandannas are usually a bit open at the bottom, if you were to try to place a Copper Cool Turtle inside one of those, it would probably just fall out. The only way to get it to stay put might be to tape it to your skin, which could cause irritation.

  • May Show Through Masks

    Depending on the material that your chosen face mask is made of, especially if it's light-colored, your copper-colored plastic device could show through it. For some people, this may not be a problem, but it could be a drawback if you don't want others to know that you're wearing a breathing aid under your face covering.

Critical Advice

This device is meant to be used with only non-medical masks and neck gaiters, or perhaps a scarf that's tied tightly around the neck. It shouldn't be used with a medical mask, as there should be no barrier between a medical mask and your skin, especially if you're working in a health-care environment.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Cool Turtle online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Cool Turtle online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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