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Copper Chef Wok Copper Chef Wok or Alternatives
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Copper Chef Wok is a large wok that can replace many appliances. You get a frying basket, steam and roast rack, a tempered glass lid, and the recipe cookbook with your pan. Riveted handles our oven safe and durable up to high temperatures. Stainless steel induction plates make it perfect for use on any type of stove. Ceramic technology means nothing will stick to it so long as you keep it on a medium setting.

Copper Chef Wok Copper Chef Wok or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Copper Chef Wok is $99.99 plus $19.99 shipping, for a total price of $119.98.

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  • Professional Endorsements

    This piece of cookware is professionally endorsed by two people. One of whom is a former model from Hong Kong who is now a chef and culinary expert the other is Eric Theiss who is the copper chef cookware line spokesperson. He is also a culinary expert, chef, and restaurant owner.

  • Replace Other Kitchen Items

    In theory if you don't already have something like a deep fryer, you can technically use this piece of cookware to do all of that. Also, replace a pasta pot, baking dish, roasting pan, a steamer, or a deep fryer. What's more, you can even make popcorn with it. So assuming you haven't already spent the money on these items now you can enjoy the additional savings.

  • Even Cooking

    The innovative technology heats not only the bottom of the cooking surface of the size just what allows you to cook things like casseroles or desserts. Regular frying pans will only cook the bottom.

  • Two Handle Options

    The copper long handle is large enough for two hands to grip in most settings. Casserole handles simply means around handle on either end so that you can hold it with both hands as you are putting in and out of the oven.

  • Non Stick

    It has a special nonstick coating which is free from toxic plastics. Most nonstick coatings when they burn beyond a specific temperature release toxic fumes into the air which can cause serious respiratory issues. This unit does not have that problem.


  • Frying

    While it is not designed originally to cook all of these foods that doesn't mean you cannot use it difficulties foods. However if you are going to do something like fried chicken, you will need some sort of strainer to place inside the cookware for your food.

  • Copper

    Much like all of the copper chef line of cookware it is imperative to note that the product is not 100% copper. The company does use the phrase 100% copper but that is really meant to describe the purity of the copper used not the amount of copper used. It has a simple copper coding. Underneath the copper coating is still regular stainless steel used in all cookware. Understand that the copper is beneficial and there are 100% solid copper cookware options on the market. Though, they are professional grade and prohibitively expensive.

    You will pay hundreds of dollars for a single unit. However, just because the copper notation is misleading does not mean that the cookware does not work. Said cookware does still have the copper coding and that does still provide some level of benefit.

Save Money

You can replace thousands of dollars of appliances with this single unit. Steamers which require additional electricity and take up a lot of storage space can be replaced by the single unit. Electric cookware of the same variety is also slightly more dangerous and can be replaced.

Deep fryers can cause serious health issues if you do not use them properly but when you use this pan you avoid a lot of those issues. Stockpots are very large, heavy, and difficult to store but now you can use this unit to make the same foods. Popcorn makers are great pieces of cookware but they are something that you can really only use for one task. If you don't eat popcorn regularly, it is almost not worth the cost. Nonetheless, using this piece of cookware you can create the perfect batch of popcorn. Replace your large pasta pots, your sauté pans, and/or baking dishes, in addition to slow cooker, roasting pans, or other pieces of appliances.

How It Works

Five layer construction has the induction plate as the bottom layer which heats up faster and retains heat longer. Fourth is the outside layer which has a high temperature exterior coating. Third is the aluminum core which gets excellent thermal conductivity and heat distribution. Second is the base layer which has the nonstick ceramic coating and first is the double top layer which is the polished ceramic coating which gives it the copper color.

How it's Different from Competitors

This cookware is 360° which makes it the perfect round circle. It has riveted handles and you get to choose from a long handle or a short casserole handle. The bottom of the pan has a stainless steel induction plate which is designed to evenly and equally heat your food all the way around. Jumbo capacity, it cooks twice the amount of food compared to normal pants and it does so two times faster. Engineered with special nonstick technology it is successfully free from harmful plastics and heatproof up to 850°. When you are done cooking you can stick it in the dishwasher. Five layers of construction give you heavy-duty designs so that it lasts a long time. Theoretically you don't have to use butter oils when you use it because of the special nonstick technology.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Sticking

    Understand that nonstick doesn't mean that food will actually stick to it while you are cooking. Rather, that you can easily clean the food off even if you just have to soak it for a minute.

  2. Washing

    While this piece of cookware is dishwasher safe it is recommended by the company that you avoid putting in the dishwasher instead cleaned by hand. Recommendations from the company state that you use warm water, nonabrasive soap, and a soft, nonmetallic sponge or cloth. Allow the cookware to dry completely before you store it again for later use.

  3. Butters and Oils

    No oil or butter is required for cooking but some people like to include it nonetheless the flavor meals.

Induction Cooktop

Their induction cooktop comes with this unit and it has a digital display. Also, an adjustable time and temperature control, five preset cooking options, a timer, and the regular cooking service. With this you can choose to warm food while it is not being cooked or you can sear your food with any temperature desired. Induction technology utilizes electromagnetic fields to heat up the pan. Light and portable, you can bring this induction cooktop with you on a boat, in a small apartment, or even a dorm room. Adjustable time and temperature lets you adjust 10° at a time for precise cooking. You couldn't even keep your meals warm until you are ready to eat.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Chef Wok online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Chef Wok online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 28 Oct 2017 Jonathan - (Wildwood, MO)


I have bought a Copper Chef Wok now. After the first use I can tell only one word : amazing! I've tried eggs at first / we all know how tricky the eggs are /. I sprinkled the wok with Extra virgin olive oil, put two eggs there and they were literally sliding over the wok. No sign about sticking.
Then, I ave made a turkey-veg-spagetti fry. And again, it was amazing! The stuff was sliding around the wok, no sign of stickiness.

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Copper Chef Wok Infomercial
Copper Chef Wok Infomercial

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