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Copper Chef Square Pan

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Copper Chef Square Pan is a square cookware infused with 100% real copper, designed to be the ultimate cookware for heat conductivity and tradition. What's more, it boasts a nonstick coating that is specially used by the copper chef line of bake ware. When you use this pan, it replaces six other pieces of kitchenware so that you can cook everything in one place. Never worry again about storage space, finding the right pan, or food sticking.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Copper Chef Square Pan is $74.97 and the shipping is FREE!

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • Professional Endorsement

    Eric Theiss is the main campaigner or endorser for the product. As a professional chef and cookbook author, he has endorsed a line of Copper Chef cookware.

  • Six Things in One

    This unit is six things in one, claiming to be a wok, a baking dish, a stockpot, a steamer, a rice cooker, and a roasting pan.

  • Special Handles

    There are unique riveted handles in addition to a helper handle so that you can easily carry it around or move it from the stove into the oven and vice versa.

  • Works on All Stoves

    This unit works on all stove tops including ceramic, induction, gas, and electric stove top.

  • Dishwasher Safe

    The pan is dishwasher safe so cleaning up is incredibly simple.

  • Prepare Lots of Ways

    Use this to steam your food, sauté your food, braise your meat, broiling or food, fry your food, or bake your food.

  • Sleek

    This design is very sleek and very appealing, something which blends in well with any kitchen.


  • Deep Sides

    With extra deep sides, and the special ceramic tech technology, combined with the copper infused coding, this bake ware is heat resistant up to 850°. As such you are able to take the copper chef from your stove directly into your oven and then place it on your table for serving. That is why the company refers to it as the all-around Square Pan.

  • Induction Channels

    The high-quality copper chef pan also has special induction channels located at the bottom which heat up quickly and reduce any hotspots. Hotspots on any pan are responsible for uneven heating. If you have ever cooked something and found that one particular spot on the pan is hotter than the others and leads to burning, this is probably a hotspot. Copper Chef claims to avoid having any of these, at least when you first purchase it.

  • Nonstick Coating

    The nonstick coating is free from harmful chemicals which means it will not peel, flake, or chip into your food. A common issue with low-grade bakeware is that using utensils inside of it, even plastic utensils can cause some of the plastic coating to chip in when this happens flakes and upping your food.

  • Replace Other Things

    With this unit you are replacing six other pieces of cookery. If the other things you already have are starting to wear down or you don't have those items, you can toss them out. Replace them with this one item saving you a great deal of storage space.

  • Even Heating

    The biggest benefit to this cookware is the excellent thermoconductivity. For those of you who are not a chef, this simply means that the copper infusion helps to heat evenly. When you change the level of heat on your stove or in your oven it will change instantly inside the pan.


  • Copper Question

    Be advised that the name and remarks about 100% real copper can be misleading for some people. Yes, this unit does contain 100% copper in it. However, this simply means that what copper is present is pure not the entire unit is made of copper. The wording can be a bit misleading especially when you consider the 100% copper wording. Understand that having 100% copper in the bake ware does help to improve the conductivity alongside even heat distribution when you are using it on your stove or in the oven.

    Nonetheless, do not confuse this pan with an authentic roasting pan made 100% out of copper not simply infused with copper. Professional grade copper cookware which is not infused with but rather made entirely out of copper runs hundreds of dollars per piece.

  • Family Size

    The large capacity size of this pan means that it is family size. If you have a large family you can prepare an entire meal for the entire family in one hand. However, if you live alone or you only have two members and your family a pan of this size is relatively large and unnecessary in most cooking cases. Unless you plan on preparing a meal for the entire week and maintaining leftovers the pan of this size is not necessarily a good one to have especially if you have a small storage space.


  • Reactions

    Copper is a highly reactive material which is precisely why it is great at conducting heat evenly. However, alkaline or acidic foods reacts heavily with copper and run the risk of taking on a metallic taste once they have been cooked. This simply means that if you are preparing alkaline or acidic foods they might end up tasting a bit like copper because you are ingesting a bit of copper.

Save Money

This particular design is intended to save you money by replacing six other units that you would have in your kitchen. If you do not already have a frying pan, stockpot, rice cooker, roasting pan, and baking dish, you can avoid the cost of all of those by investing simply in this one pan. The 25% more cooking space than traditional nonstick come around frying pan allows you to prepare, cook, and serve in a single large capacity pan.

Nonstick Technology

The nonstick technology that is used is very good for your family and for your help. Certain chemicals contained in Teflon, go to material for nonstick cookware, will begin to deteriorate around 260° and decompose entirely at 350°. After the deterioration has taken place and the product is airborne it will cause flulike symptoms.

A more recent nonstick coating can damage hormone levels and liver function if it is ingested, something which happens when the pot itself starts to get too hot and the nonstick coating starts to deteriorate. Copper chef has a nonstick coating which does not contain either of these chemicals which means that you do not have to worry about any of these serious ramifications. Nonetheless, there is no specific information about what the specialized technology is used by copper chef other than to say that it is a high-performance solvent free coating. The company states that the coating is used to improve the efficiency in fluid flow environments which doesn't really say anything about the chemicals or materials contained in the coating.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Chef Square Pan online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Chef Square Pan online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Gayle Mattison Ward - (Platteville, WI)
Posted: 14 Mar 2017
I Recommend Buying it!

Buy One Now!

Bought this pan 3 days ago. So far I've made chili lime cod, apple pie, and frittata Lorraine. All were delicious! I post pics to my FB page and all my friends comment about how wonderful everything looks. Two have even ordered their own sets! My next purchase will be the frying pan. Love this product!

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Delores Mckinnie - (Lincolnshire, IL)
Posted: 13 Mar 2017
I Regret Buying it!


Does not work. Trash!

0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

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Lindy - (Hiawatha, IA)
Posted: 11 Mar 2017
I Recommend Buying it!


I have the original Copper Chef pan, the crisper, and also the fry pan. They are wonderful pans. Nothing sticks as advertised. This morning, we tried eggs in the fry pan. I put the eggs in, put a lid on the pan, and cooked the eggs for two minutes on medium heat. We were both amazed that the eggs did not stick at all! I have read a few bad reviews, and I have to say, if anyone has a problem with these pans, they are using them wrong or putting the heat too high. I would definitely recommend them.

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Wendy adams - (Cambridge, OH)
Posted: 01 Mar 2017
I Regret Buying it!

Not True

This is not true rip off my 6 in one the copper came off and
no booklet very up set and they won't replace it as it was a gift from my deceased sister my last gift she gave me for Christmas
I am not happy.

0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

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Posted: 23 Mar 2017

Scam! 20 minutes at 450 wings everything stuck!

Kim barnhart - (Windsor, CA)
Posted: 17 Feb 2017
I have a Question

Hot Plate

Why did my copper chef come with a hot plate?

0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

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