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Copper Chef

Copper Chef is a family-sized pan that can be used to cook virtually anything, such as meat, rice, steamed vegetables, noodles, or even baked desserts. It's safe for use on any type of stove top and can be used inside an oven, too. With each pan, you'll also get a glass lid, a fry basket, a steaming and roasting rack, and a recipe book full of meal options that you'll be able to cook within the pan. The pan itself measures nine and a half inches around.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Copper Chef is $24.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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TV Commercial

Copper Chef Commercial

How It Works

The bottom of each Copper Chef pan contains a stainless steel induction plate that'll quickly heat the pan up. These plates will heat each pan evenly, too, so no one will get any extra-hot or extra-cold bites after you serve your food. As each induction plate heats up its respective pan, each pan's aluminum core will also aid with effective heat distribution.


  • Square and Deep

    Each of these pans is square-shaped and deep, so it'll hold more food at once than a standard cooking pan, as standard pans tend to be round and fairly shallow.

  • Heat Proof

    Your Copper Chef pan will be heat proof at temperatures up to 850 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that its bottom likely won't burn when it's subjected to temperatures lower than that. Since ovens normally aren't turned up any higher than 600 degrees, regardless of what's being cooked, your pan's bottom will probably maintain its good-as-new looks throughout its entire life.

  • Non-stick Coating

    The inside of each pan has a non-stick ceramic coating that's 100 percent free of chemicals, including the potentially harmful chemical compounds ptfe and pfoa, which are sometimes added to pieces of cookware. Due to this non-stick coating, sticky substances such as melted cheese and overcooked food will slide right off the pan, thereby reducing the amount of scrubbing you'll need to do at cleanup time. You also won't need to worry about greasing up the pan with high-calorie butter or a cooking spray before you prepare a meal.

  • Two Handles

    Every Copper Chef pan has a long handle like most pots and pans do, but each also has an additional large handle on the opposite side. This second handle will come in handy when you need to carry an extra-full and / or extra-heavy pan of food to your table or counter with both hands. The glass lid included with each pan has a handle, too, so you'll be able to quickly pop off the lid when you need to.

  • Dishwasher Safe

    You'll be able to run your pan through the dishwasher after each use, if you choose, so you won't have to take the time to wash it out by hand.

Positive Points

  • Great for Families

    The Copper Chef pan is ideal for families, especially larger families, as it'll hold such a large amount of food at once. Instead of cooking two pans of lasagna, or two pots of spaghetti, you may be able to fit enough for everyone in just one of these deep pans.

  • Promotes Balanced Meals

    Since you can cook virtually anything in one of these pans, using one or more in your kitchen will help you serve a balanced meal. You'll even be able to throw vegetables and meat in this pan together without ruining the quality of either food item. If you've got two, you may want to take advantage of their versatility, using one for dinner on the stove and the other for dessert in the oven simultaneously.

  • May Save You Space

    This pan's ability to cook almost anything may also enable you to get rid of certain older pots and pans that you only ever use to cook one item, such as rice. By doing this, you'll free up space in your kitchen.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Chef online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Chef online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Mark - (Stockton, CA)
Posted: 21 Mar 2019

Pile of Chit

These pans worked ok the first few times, now you need oil and lots of it. If you're frying food, go for it, but the pan will discolor and gets ugly real fast, the handle will get too hot for you to hold. This pan is GOOD if you're into throwing your money away.

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Heather - (Lethbridge, AB)
Posted: 22 Jun 2018


I received a set of pans as a gift they are horrible everything sticks i did everything they told me to do and they just keep getting worse my god even bacon sticks tryed to call customer service my god it is hard to find someone who understands the english language they say they can not help me i am notgoing to pay $14. 95 to return something that they guarantee customer service is a joke who will be accountable for this overpriced crap.

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Dale J Curtis - (Hummelstown, PA)
Posted: 22 Dec 2017

Do Not Buy, SCAM!

After 6 uses my 9.5 inch square pan is already sticking. Customer service says you have to continually apply the beginning steps for it to work. Hell you can do that with ordinary pans! It's nothing but a scam! If you want to replace it be prepared to pay for return shipping, and add an additional $14.95 for a new pan. With all that I am paying more for a pan that doesn't even work or live up to what they say! It is nothing but a scam! Do not buy this pos!

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Larry Madison - (Sanger, TX)
Posted: 14 Jul 2016

My name is l madison I have order 2 set of cook ware from Copper Chef. Some time in April or May 1 of the item is damaged the handle of the deep fried basket, it does not fit one side too long other side not long enough. I have called 3 different time. 1 time answering service said they will send new handle. I havent gotten anything yet. Call again. Other person said. Do not send back all the order. His will send to me new handle. I will receive no later than July 01. Until now July 142016. Trying to call Copper Chef the number listed on line 9132875167 operator said the number not in the service. Company representative eric theiss said money back warranty if products need to replace his wlll do so on tv. That has not been the case with my problem. Eric theiss please take care of this problem I appreciated l. Madison not able to use my basket yet. How long I have to wait befor anything can be done.

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