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Cool Turtle Cool Turtle or Alternatives
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Cool Turtle is a compact green plastic device that's meant to be inserted under any non-medical face mask, in order to create some breathing space between the mask and the wearer's skin. The idea is that once you insert this device in your mask, you'll be able to talk or breathe without a struggle, and it'll help protect you from skin irritation and excessive sweating, too. These green mask enhancers come in sets of five, and with each set, you'll get 10 disposable blue face masks.

Cool Turtle Cool Turtle or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Cool Turtle is $4.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Put Mask on as Usual

    Before you can add one of these mask enhancers underneath, it's best to put your chosen face mask on as you normally would. That means the loops should be around your ears and the fabric should be covering your nose, mouth, and chin. You'll also have the option of putting on a neck gaiter, as the Cool Turtle enhancer can be used with those just as effectively.

  2. Slide Enhancer Underneath

    Next, with the slightly narrower edge of your mask enhancer at the top, slide it under your face mask or gaiter. This will cause the mask or gaiter to move away from your mouth and nose just enough to create a small open-air space, but not so much that the mask or gaiter will fall off.

  3. Go About Your Activities

    With the mask enhancer under your mask or neck gaiter, go about the daily activities that you'd normally partake in with a face covering on. As you do so, the enhancer will keep the mask slightly away from your face, and air will circulate through its four generously sized holes, which will facilitate comfortable breathing.

  4. Remove Enhancer and Mask

    When you're done wearing your mask or gaiter for a while, pull your enhancer out of it by grabbing onto one edge before you remove the mask. It's a good idea to wash the enhancer with soap and water after each use, due to the fact that it'll have been in contact with your nose and mouth.


  • Green

    Since its name is the Cool Turtle, it's quite fitting that this mask enhancer comes in a shade of green. This will help you spot it quickly when it's sitting among other items in your home, in your vehicle, or anywhere else.

  • For Men and Women

    The Cool Turtle will properly fit the vast majority of faces, and it's suitable for both men and women. It'll also work with any face mask, regardless of whether it's disposable or reusable, and any neck gaiter. Therefore, if you wear different face coverings on different days, you should be able to use this device with at least most, if not all, of them. If you'd like your child to use one of these mask enhancers, it should fit them nicely, as long as their head is close to being adult-sized.

  • Soft Material

    Each mask enhancer is made of soft plastic. This, when combined with the enhancer's ergonomic design, should result in little to no friction against the face while it's being worn. If you're sick of your fabric face mask or gaiter rubbing directly against your skin and thereby irritating it, adding one of these enhancers will likely get rid of that problem for you.

Positive Points

  • Helps Keep Mask Clean

    If you allow your mask to rest directly against your face, it shouldn't be a surprise if you find sweat or makeup all over the mask at the end of the day. However, by creating space between your skin and your face mask, your Cool Turtle will help prevent those things from ending up on the mask's surface (and possibly staining it). Likewise, this breathing space will help minimize the amount of sweat that ends up on your face.

  • Ideal for Asthmatics

    While one of these mask enhancers can enhance anyone's ability to breathe while they're wearing a face mask, they may be especially helpful for asthmatics, who tend to struggle more than others while doing so. If you're an asthmatic who has difficulty exercising or doing physical labor with a face mask on its own, you may find that you can do these things with this enhancer added. The same goes for people who suffer from COPD or other lung-related disorders.

  • Aids With Talking

    A common complaint about face masks is that people can't hear each other very well while they try to talk from underneath them. Fortunately, your Cool Turtle device may enable you to talk more clearly, for a longer period of time than usual, while wearing your mask. This, in turn, will likely help others hear your words more clearly.

  • Comes With 10 Masks

    If you're low on masks, the five identical Cool Turtles that you'll receive together will also come with 10 disposable face masks. These masks will be a generic light blue shade, so they'll look good in a variety of settings, such as the office, the grocery store, or public transit.

Negative Points

  • Won't Work With Bandannas

    Some people prefer to wear bandannas as face coverings in public spaces, but a Cool Turtle won't work very effectively under those. The bottoms of most bandannas are looser than those of neck gaiters and face masks, so your mask enhancer might just fall out if you were to try to add it under a bandanna. If you want to use one of these enhancers under a face covering, the covering must be snug at the chin to start.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Get One Set for Household

    Since these mask enhancers come in sets of five, if you live in a household with a few other people, you may want to get one set and share it with everyone. If you live alone, having five enhancers might also come in handy, as you could use one on each weekday and then wash them all at the end of the week.

  2. Avoid Touching Enhancer

    Once your enhancer is underneath your face mask or gaiter, it's best if you leave it there, instead of pulling it out and putting it back in throughout the day. Pulling it out and putting it back in can increase the chances of contamination, especially if the enhancer is sitting on a public or communal surface while it's not under your mask.

Save Money

If your reusable masks get sopped with yellowish sweat or end up covered in lipstick or foundation on a regular basis, you've probably found yourself getting new ones instead of wearing masks with stains. Once you've got a Cool Turtle, though, you likely won't need to replace your masks as often, since it'll help protect them from staining. Along the same lines, if you wear disposable masks instead, you may not have to throw your current one out and get a new one as many times within a single day.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Cool Turtle online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Cool Turtle online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 17 Nov 2020 Larry A Dukes - (Portland, OR)

Question: How soon will I receive a notice on receiving my order? It's already paid for. I sure would like an email or a phone # that I can talk to get answers. Please let me know.

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