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Cool Curl Cool Curl or Alternatives
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Cool Curl is a new type of curling iron that's been invented by Paula Abdul, a superstar singer, and Martino Cartier, a celebrity hairstylist. Unlike standard curling irons, it's stated that this one will stay cool to the touch and deliver cool blasts of air that will set your curls quickly, along with traditional heat. Each one has been deemed suitable for almost all hair lengths and types and has five different temperature settings for you to choose from.

Cool Curl Cool Curl or Alternatives
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The cost of Cool Curl is $29.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Plug the Curling Iron In 

    Prior to using this curling iron, you'll have to plug it into a standard electrical outlet. It has a swivel extension cord that will enable you to move around as you use it, without running the risk of getting the cord tangled.

  2. Select Temperature Setting

    Once your curling iron is plugged in, use the dial near the base to choose one of the five temperature settings. If you're not experienced with curling irons, it's best to start with the lowest setting of 250 degrees Fahrenheit and work your way up to 430 degrees, if necessary.

  3. Clamp and Curl Section of Hair

    After you've chosen a temperature setting, clamp a section of your hair as you would with an ordinary curling iron, and then rotate your curling iron 360 degrees as it's holding the hair. Following that, pull the iron all the way through the section of hair, and this will give you a bouncy-looking curl.

  4. Repeat on Other Sections

    Repeat the previous step on all of the sections of your hair that you'd like to curl. If you have trouble curling the back sections of hair and someone is available to help you, they can certainly do so. When you're done, unplug your curling iron and place it on a cool, flat surface to allow it to cool off for about a half-hour. Once that time has passed, you can store it away in another safe location, if you'd like.

How It Works

The Cool Curl styling tool curls hair effectively via a two-step process. Once you clamp a section of hair with the iron and then rotate the iron, the hot plates on the inside of the iron will heat the hair up. As you pull the iron through the section of hair, a cool blast of air will be delivered to it by the device's built-in fan. This will set the curl that the heat of the plates originally created and allow it to last for up to a few days. Curling one's hair with standard curling irons doesn't involve this extra cooling step, so curls tend to fall out within hours without being washed, but that shouldn't happen when you use this device.


  • For Various Types of Hair

    This curling iron has been designed to work on virtually any type of hair, from short, coarse aging hair to long, silky locks. The only hair types people may have trouble using it on is incredibly short hair, since it'll be too short for the iron to grab, and hair that's curly already. For optimum results, if your hair is already curly but you want to change the look of your curls, you should straighten your hair first before using the Cool Curl to create new ones.

  • Swiveling Plates

    The hot plates inside many other curling irons stay completely flat at all times, which can cause curled pieces of hair to kink or dent and thereby look unattractive. However, the hot plates of each Cool Curl device will swivel, so kinking or denting will be far less likely to occur when you choose this iron over one with stagnant plates.

  • Stays Cool to Touch

    Even though the inner plates of this device will heat themselves to whatever temperature setting you've chosen, the outside of the curling iron will always stay cool to the touch. This will reduce the chances that you'll burn your fingers or any other part of your body while you're using the iron. Plus, if you've got a child who's using the curling iron, they shouldn't burn themselves, either, if you keep an eye on them and warn them not to touch the inner plates.

Positive Points

  • No Waiting for Hair to Cool

    After using a traditional curling iron to curl your hair, you may have to wait for it to cool down before you do any additional styling, such as gathering it into a ponytail. That won't be the case if you want to continue styling your hair after you curl it with Cool Curl, though. Since the device's fan will cool each section of hair down as it's being curled, you should end up with a fairly cool head of hair once you're done using the iron.

  • Curls Last Through Sleep

    If you only wash your hair every couple of days, and you want to sport the same curls for two days in a row, the Cool Curl iron will allow you to. Any curls that are set by the device and are not washed should stay in a person's hair throughout a night of sleep, without losing their attractive shape. With that being so, you won't be required to curl your hair all over again each morning.

  • Can Shampoo Curls Out

    Those people who don't want to wear their curls for more than a day can immediately remove them by shampooing their hair. As long as the hair isn't shampooed, the curls should remain for a few days, at least, but once you shampoo your head of hair, they'll disappear. That way, you won't be stuck with them if you want to switch to a different style.

Negative Points

  • Electricity is Required

    You'll need electricity to operate your Cool Curl curling iron, as it can't be powered by batteries. That means you'll have to find an available electrical outlet whenever you want to plug it in and make use of it. As a result, if you're going to be someplace without electricity, like a cottage or campsite that lacks it, you won't be able to use this device properly. Some people may not find it important to keep their curls while they're on vacation, but if they're a signature part of your look, this may disappoint you.

Critical Advice

People who have thinner hair should always be using one of the lowest settings to curl their hair with the Cool Curl iron. Even with the presence of the cooling fan, if you were to turn the heat up too high, your hair could get dried out, or in a worst-case scenario, singed. On the other hand, people with thicker hair should be using one of the hotter settings, as thicker hair typically requires more heat to be effectively curled. The only caveat to this is that if you're inexperienced with curling your hair, you should start with the lowest setting on your thick hair to try it out.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Cool Curl online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Cool Curl online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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