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Comfy Corset Comfy Corset or Alternatives
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Comfy Corset is a brassiere for women that's been made to support busts of various shapes and sizes while also being comfortable to wear. It comes in two shades, black and nude, in sizes ranging from small to double extra-large, and has a U-back design. It's specified that the bra has no seams, tags or underwire to rub against and potentially irritate your skin. Along the same lines, it's stated that even the pads included in each bra for bust enhancement are removable.

Comfy Corset Comfy Corset or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Comfy Corset is $29.99 plus $5.95 shipping, for a total price of $35.94.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Pull Bra on

    To put your Comfy Corset on, pull it over your head as you would a standard bra. Make sure that the straps are resting comfortably against your shoulders and that the bottom band is positioned around your ribcage. This bra is fairly stretchy, so if you've got an appropriate size, it shouldn't be a struggle to pull it on.

  2. Close Straps

    Once you've got your bra on, grab the band's left or right strap and pull it across your body to close it, and then connect it with one of the hooks on the other side. There are multiple hooks to choose from that'll give you different levels of tightness or looseness, so you can choose the fit that feels most comfortable to you. Following that, do the same thing with the strap on the opposite side by pulling it across your body and connecting it to the hook of your choice.

  3. Add Clothing

    After both of your band's straps are crisscrossing across your body, and you've hooked each one in a way that feels comfortable (this might be different on each side), it'll be time to add clothing. Due to the fact that the bra's U-back doesn't come up very high, and the front doesn't come up incredibly high, either, the bra can be worn discreetly under most tops. Depending on the top you're wearing, you may want to loosen or tighten the crisscrossing straps for a looser, more sexy fit or a tighter, more athletic fit.


  • Two Shades Available

    When obtaining a Comfy Corset, you can choose between the shades of black and nude, or you might choose to obtain one bra in each shade. Logically, a nude bra will likely be the best choice if you're planning on wearing it under light-colored clothing, as a black one might show through the clothing in an unattractive way. However, the black bra may make you feel sexier, or look sexier in the bedroom, if those are goals you have in mind.

  • Quick-Dry Fabric

    Each of these bras is made of quick-dry, breathable fabric, which will help reduce the amount of sweat each one collects as you wear it throughout the day. This will be especially beneficial if you wear one of these bras while you work out or do a physical job. Since they may not get as smelly as some other bras would, you might even get away with wearing the same one for a couple of days in a row without washing it.

  • Machine Washable

    On a related note, when you do need to wash a Comfy Corset brassiere, they are machine washable, and you can also run them through the dryer without worrying about shrinkage. That means you won't have to take the time to hand-wash yours or bring it to the dry cleaner's.

  • Lace Trim

    Every Comfy Corset contains lace trim around the neckline and the outside of the straps as an attractive enhancement. You may appreciate this addition if you want to wear one of these bras for a partner in the bedroom or want a bit of one to peek out from the top of a blouse. The straps that you'll fasten across your body when putting on the bra will also appear to be a bit lacy.

Positive Points

  • Smooths Back Fat

    If you've got some back fat that's visible when you wear certain pieces of clothing, the back of each Comfy Corset will come down low enough to help you smooth it out. You may look like you've lost a couple of pounds without doing a thing besides putting on the bra. Furthermore, because each bra contains no wires, seams or snaps, and the hooks are on the outside only, wearing one won't make you feel like you're wearing a potentially uncomfortable girdle.

  • Accommodates Uneven Bust

    For some people, one side of their bust is slightly larger than the other, and the Comfy Corset bra will accommodate that. To make one cup smaller than the other, just fasten one strap to a hook that's closer to the middle, and the other strap to a hook that's further away. This will eliminate the problem of the smaller side sagging or pressure being put on the larger side in the form of squeezing.

Negative Points

  • No Size Chart Available

    It's great that this bra comes in a wide variety of sizes, but there's no size chart available for potential wearers to refer to. That means you'll need to guess which size is best by considering your dress or blouse size. Since sizes aren't always consistent across brands, you could end up with a bra that's slightly too large or too small for you. This issue may be mitigated by the fact that the bras are stretchy, but it's always better to have an ideal fit instead of just an adequate one.

  • No Strapless Option

    Those women who like to wear strapless tops and dresses (or even tops and dresses with spaghetti straps) on a regular basis may be disappointed with the Comfy Corset brassiere. The straps are fairly thick, so they're pretty much impossible to hide underneath a strapless top or dress, or one with spaghetti straps. If your favorite items of clothing have no straps or thin straps, you'll likely be better off turning your attention to a different type of bra.

Save Money

If you'd like to wear a push-up bra on certain days, but go with a more natural-looking bust on other days, the Comfy Corset will relieve you of the responsibility of getting two new bras. With this bra, you'll be able to keep the pads in to wear it as a push-up bra, but remove them in seconds when you want a different look. Likewise, you'll be able to put them back into the brassiere in seconds, too.


  • Not a Swimsuit Top

    Although the fabric of each Comfy Corset bra will dry quickly when it's exposed to some perspiration, the bra is not meant to be worn as a swimsuit top. If you were to expose it to chlorine in a pool or saltwater in the ocean, the fabric might end up getting damaged.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Comfy Corset online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Comfy Corset online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 25 May 2020 Peggy A - (Madison, WI)

Reporting This as Fraud

I should have known better when my credit card flagged this as possible fraud. After four months I have not received my order and customer service does not respond to me. Beware of this company!

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Posted: 24 Feb 2020 Cindy - (Chicago, IL)

Don’t Buy

I bought this January 12th with a 3-4 week delivery. After 5 weeks I called to check on the status and they said there was a backorder and they would not be available until April. They did not notify me of this.

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