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Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp or Alternatives
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Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp is a two in one eyeliner tool which includes an angled stamp and high-quality eyeliner pen. There are two different products to choose from, the first is The Bold which creates a thicker line, and the second is The Sleek which creates a more subtle thinner line. Lyda Beauty claims a perfect dramatic eyeliner swoop can be applied in sixty seconds with no mistakes or smudging. The time to create perfectly matched cat eyes can be drastically minimized and speed up your daily beauty routine.

Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp is $29.95 plus $7.95 shipping, for a total price of $37.90.

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • Water Resistant

    Your perfect cat eye eyeliner design can weather any precipitation, perspiration, tears or any unexpected moistening around the eyes. This would be perfect for any occasions occurring outdoors, or at emotional events.

  • Bold Black

    The eye-catching black eyeliner is a deep shade to make your eyes pop and emulates classic eyeliner.

  • No Smudging

    The product is quick drying meaning no unwanted smudges needing correcting, and ultimately carefully crafted flawless angled wings. If you find with the regular liner you tend to have a shaky hand that creates smudges with your knuckles, then using this item would likely mean less time spent getting out makeup remover to start all over again.

Positive Aspects

  • FDA Approved

    This eyeliner applicator has passed the highest evaluative testings of the FDA to ensure that the product is modeled after similar products already circulating in the market. This product is entirely safe for customers and will not cause any adverse reactions unless you have specific allergens you are sensitive to.

  • No Makeup Skills Required

    The specific shape of a cat eye can be challenging to replicate each morning and can often be challenging to achieve matching symmetry for each eye. You will not need to watch multiple youtube videos, tug at your eyes to get the right angle, keep your hand still, or practice for weeks to get the perfect shape for yourself.

  • Make-up Artist Recommended

    Even skilled professionals in the makeup industry recommend this tool to create a quick eyeliner experience. This tool is both for the everyday person wanting a dramatic look and professionals looking to expedite their craft.

  • Free Set of Fake Eyelashes

    The Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp is complemented with a free set of eyelashes appraised at a twenty dollar retail value. This can create a pulled together and complete striking look for almost any occasion.

Negative Aspects

  • One Layer May Not Be Enough

    A single layer may not be enough to finish your eyeliner design as it can come off dull or not as bold as expected. You may need to add the first coat as a base and then apply the second one to fill it out for an optimum full-bodied look.

  • Practice Still Required

    This eyeliner, though creating a more streamlined process, will still require you to practice and become acquainted with this method. The shape will need to be filled out towards the wing and will not necessarily be a magic solution.

  • Potential Large Wings

    The Stamp can create large wings which may be too dramatic of a look for every day or some people's preferred makeup style. Since every customer is going to have a different eye shape the stamp will transfer onto the skin differently for every person.

How It Works

It is an eyeliner broken up into two steps making it a less daunting task to create a shape all by yourself. The stamp helps create a base and reference point to then connect it with Lyda Beauty's high quality pigmented eyeliner. The stamp will work differently for every person as it is a new tool people are not familiar with utilizing and can depend on the shape of the eye crease. For most people, it will give the general outline to create a more full-bodied eyeliner shape.

How it's Different from Competitors

Cleopatra Cat Eye eyeliner offers an accessible two-step approach for the application that takes away the stress of achieving that perfect angle. Conventional eyeliners do not have the stamp but instead require you to paint on the shape yourself.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Prep Face

    Remove any makeup from the previous day to have a clean and ready canvas. Apply any eyeshadow before you use this tool. Consult packaging for instructive images and text to familiarize yourself with the methodology.

  2. Stamp

    Open the stamp end of the liner and position the end of the shape on the very end of your eyelid with the sharpest end facing out. You may have to practice the placement a few times before achieving your desired look. Give yourself time to practice the first time you apply this eyeliner.

  3. Lash Line

    Begin at the opposite eye crease and draw a straight line across to connect with the stamped on the wing. You will need to fill out the shape towards the end of the design to achieve a full-bodied and naturally swooped aesthetic.

Save Time

Eyeliner application can take anywhere from five to twenty minutes depending on skill level, steadiness of hand and practice. Many women do not have this kind of time in the morning to spend on their beauty routine. The modern woman needs to save time whenever she can and this tool can get you out the door sooner, looking bold instead of disheveled. Perhaps you can even sit down before heading out the door with the extra ten minutes you saved in the bathroom getting ready.

Save Money

Conventional eyeliner may require you to redo your makeup a few times every morning thus using more of the liquid liner each morning. The Cleopatra Cat Eye will only require you to apply your makeup once, which will make the product last longer. This product retails relatively similar to other products on the market which do not offer the stamp feature. You will not need to use an absurd amount of makeup remover, cotton pads or q tips every morning.


Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp has already received an extensive amount of praise from the likes of BuzzFeed, Allure, Byrdie, Refinery 29, AOL, Ok!, US and ET. Overall reviews express that it is a huge time saver, a revolutionary way of doing eyeliner, and ideal for those who have difficulty with executing this design. It is said to stay intact for over six hours and keep it's initial perfectly crafted look.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Stamp Practice

    The stamp can, at first glance, seem an intimidating and overwhelming tool when you open the liner since it's placement is crucial. Play around with how hard you need to press it on your skin, the right angle, and how close into your eyelid you prefer it to sit. Be sure to only press down the pointed edge and not include the rounded edge of the pen.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 18 Apr 2020 Yajaira - (Sherman Oaks, CA)

TBH - I Love This Product!

I bought mine from urban outfitters but did a little (a lot of homework on the brand and prod).
I'm very selective with my products and I speak from experience when I say that you get what you pay for. Folks don't realize how many chemicals go into making cosmetics especially the cheaper ones. I don't know about you guys but I don't want heavy chemicals near my eyes so I don't mind spending a little extra on high quality and wholesome products. This eyeliner says it's paraben-free, toxic-free, water-resistant and is cruelty-free. I recently saw that they just received their leaping bunny certification, which most likely means that all their claims are true.

I do agree that it's not an open the box and you're a pro lol but that should be logical. It must have taken me a good 3 attempts before I was able to catch onto the technique and not 50 like this post suggests or maybe I just learn faster? Idk. But after I became familiar with the stamp (in after 3 tries litera) then it was indeed 60 seconds and I was done & done!
they should have called it the "time saver liquid liner" instead lol!
it used to take me a good 20-25 minutes to just get the wings right because we all know achieving the perfect wings with conventional eyeliners is not the biz!

personally, I'm very grateful for Lyda beauty's Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp and actually think it's under-priced as there are eyeliners out there that cost way more and offer way less. There's only one way to find out though, try it, you'll thank me later!

I highly recommend it.

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Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp Infomercial
Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp Infomercial
Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp Infomercial

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