Self-Cleaning Tac Glasses

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Self-Cleaning Tac Glasses Self-Cleaning Tac Glasses or Alternatives
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Self-Cleaning Tac Glasses are military-style sunglasses that have been designed to be able to clean themselves. Each pair of these black wraparound sunglasses contains small microfiber pads that are discreetly built into the top of the frame. The idea is that if you give the lenses a quick push up and then back down, the pads will aim to clean any type of dirt or debris off of both sides of them. That way, you won't need to wipe your glasses off on your shirt or carry a cleaning cloth around with you.

Self-Cleaning Tac Glasses Self-Cleaning Tac Glasses or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Self-Cleaning Tac Glasses is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Black

    Each pair of these sunglasses has solid black frames, a shade that will appeal to people of a wide variety of age groups and genders. Plus, each pair has a military-inspired design, which will further appeal to anyone who wants to look like a bold, tough force to be reckoned with while doing outdoor activities.

  • Thick Frames

    The frames of each pair of Self-Cleaning Tac Glasses are thick, in comparison to the frames of some other types of eyeglasses and sunglasses. That means they'll be more likely to stay securely on your head without cracking or breaking while you engage in moderate to intense physical activity. Along the same lines, the lenses found on each pair of these glasses are fairly large, which means they'll be able to protect each entire eye from any debris that might be flying around.

  • Light-Filtering Technology

    The lenses of these glasses are also equipped with light-filtering technology, which indicates that they're excellent at blocking glare. Due to this glare blockage, you'll be able to see obstacles in your way that you probably wouldn't see while wearing a different pair of sunglasses or no sunglasses at all. This light-filtering technology will make the color of everything you see appear more vibrant than it otherwise would, too.

Positive Points

  • Promote Health and Safety

    The glare-blocking technology built into each pair of Self-Cleaning Tac Glasses will protect you from potentially harmful UV rays that could cause long-term damage to your eyes, while also helping ensure your safety. This technology will help you clearly see obstacles you might not otherwise notice while you're outdoors, such as possibly dangerous animals or flying stones. Since you'll be able to see these things clearly and quickly while wearing a pair of these glasses, you'll be able to take yourself (and anyone around you) just as quickly out of harm's way.

  • Ideal While Driving

    While these sunglasses have been designed with rugged outdoor activities in mind, they'll be just as useful when you're behind the wheel of a car or another vehicle. Their light-filtering technology will allow you to quickly observe virtually every move that other vehicles and pedestrians make on the road, which means that they may prevent you from getting into an accident someday. If nothing else, they'll aid you with seeing road signs much more clearly and thereby stop you from driving at an unsafe speed or making a large number of wrong turns.

Negative Points

  • Only One Size Available

    These sunglasses come in one size that's meant to fit the vast majority of people, but if your head is much smaller or larger than the average person's, they may not fit you properly. If they're too large, they could fall off as you're walking or moving around, and if they're too small, they could break while you're wearing them (even though they typically don't do that). It would be helpful if a few different sizes could be offered, including one designed specifically for children and another for more petite women who still need tactical eye coverage.

  • Pads Might Wear Out

    If you were to use the self-cleaning feature of these glasses on a daily basis, or more than once a day, the glasses' microfiber pads might wear out before the glasses as a whole do. After being worn down, the pads might actually scratch the lenses while cleaning them, which would defeat the purpose of using the pads in the first place. Getting a replacement set of pads into the frames of your glasses may prove to be difficult or impossible, which means you might be stuck with a pair that you'd have to manually clean.

Critical Advice

To help lengthen the life of the microfiber pads that are built into your glasses, only slide the lenses up and down once to clean them. Following that, check them to see if they're clean, and only repeat the up-and-down process a second time if you see any dirt left behind. Sliding the lenses up and down an unnecessary number of times will only help your microfiber pads wear out more quickly than they normally would.

Save Time

Before wearing another pair of sunglasses, you might spend several minutes using a cloth to polish them with a cleaning solution, or at least wiping off every square millimeter of the lenses on your shirt. During the activities that you wear your sunglasses for, you might have to stop and do this again—perhaps more than once. However, after you obtain a pair of Self-Cleaning Tac Glasses and start wearing them regularly, you'll be able to clean them in just a few seconds, which will leave you more time for fun.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Self-Cleaning Tac Glasses online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Self-Cleaning Tac Glasses online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Self-Cleaning Tac Glasses Infomercial
Self-Cleaning Tac Glasses Infomercial

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