Endless Singing Christmas Card
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Endless Singing Christmas Card

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Endless Singing Christmas Card

Endless Singing Christmas Card is a novelty Christmas card that plays continuous music. When the user presses the start button the music begins and continues until the batteries run out. Battery life is around 3 hours. If the recipient attempts to press stop the music simply plays louder each time the stop button is pressed. In the case of the recipient becoming highly frustrated and ripping the card open it has also been filled with glitter.

Endless Singing Christmas Card Commercial


  • Endless Music

    The Endless Singing Christmas Card plays music continuously until the batteries run out or the recipient rips it open. Intended as a practical joke the music is incredibly irritating and will not stop unless the recipient takes drastic measures.

  • Glitter Filled

    In the case of the recipient ripping open the Christmas card it has also been filled with glitter to make sure they are irritated by it either way. The glitter is concealed in such a way that the user would simply presume the bulk was from the electronics of the card and wouldn't worry about ripping it straight open.

  • Stop Button

    The stop button has been placed on the card although pressing it will not result in the music stopping. Instead, each time the stop button is pressed the music will increase in volume to make the card even more annoying for the recipient.


  • Standard Size

    The size of this card is a standard. 5" by 7" which means it will fit through any letterbox without raising any suspicions. Although the card needs to be padded in order to ensure the electrics aren't damaged this wouldn't raise any suspicions as the electronics would need to be protected in a normal singing card. It is easier to deliver by hand so if this is an option that would be preferable.

  • Glitter Filled

    The recipient will assume that the never-ending singing is the practical joke however when they are driven to drastic measures they will discover just how devious the card's makers are. By adding glitter into the mix this acts to further infuriate the person who receives the Endless Singing Christmas Card as a gift.

  • Stop Button

    By including a stop button the card seems incredibly innocent. The best bit about the stop button is that it actually makes the card play the music louder and louder which makes it all the more annoying to the person who receives it.


  • Cost

    As a Christmas card, this is incredibly expensive and would probably cost more than the cards you buy for everyone else on your list combined. Although it is a great practical joke, Christmas is already expensive and this could put some users off buying the card at this time of year.

  • Fragile

    Although the card works great if you have managed to receive it in one piece, sending it through the mail again can be very risky even if the instructions are carefully followed. Many users report having issues with the recipient receiving it and it not playing or the glitter having already broken out from the center of the card.

  • Padded Envelope

    If you are intending to send this card to someone who isn't local then the chances are you will be sending it through the post. In order to safely send this card through the post, it is necessary to buy either a padded envelope or a box that will keep it safe in transit. The card itself is already quite pricey and buying padded envelopes on top of that isn't cheap either. This is an added cost that you should consider before buying.

  • Easy to Avoid Glitter

    Even if the recipient hits the play button on the card this doesn't necessarily mean they will end up ripping the card open which is a large part of the fun. Many people would simply take the card outside and either put it in the bin or put it somewhere that they don't have to listen to it without ripping the card open at all.


  • Keep Away From Small Children

    As the card contains a substantial amount of glitter it is important to not send it to someone who has small children. Pieces of glitter are dangerous for both children and pets so it is best to avoid sending to people if this is a potential risk.


  1. Music Not Playing

    Some people have reported issues with the music not playing when the recipient tries to play the card. This makes it incredibly frustrating as it takes all of the annoyance and humor out of the practical joke. Although it is annoying it is very likely that something has caused the music button to be pressed during transit, resulting in the batteries being worn down before the recipient gets the card. This is less of an issue for those who have hand delivered the card as they are able to protect it more easily.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Hand Delivery

    For best results hand delivering this card is the best way forwards. When sending it through the post there is a chance that the music will be started and by the time the recipient gets the card through their door the music won't play. To avoid this becoming an issue it is best to simply deliver the card by hand in the first place.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Endless Singing Christmas Card online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Endless Singing Christmas Card online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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