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2-in-1 Chef HQ 2-in-1 Chef HQ or Alternatives
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The Chef HQ 2 in 1 Swing Stand Mixer is a stand Mixer and detachable hand mixer in One! Its patented design makes cooking and baking easy for even the most inexperienced person. With the help of the swiveling head, spinning bowl, and side scraper, your mixer will do all the work for you! It's also lightweight and the hand mixer can detach so you won't need to have two separate small appliances in your home.

This set comes with a recipe book that has been designed specifically for this mixer, so you'll be cooking like a professional, with little effort, and in no time!

2-in-1 Chef HQ 2-in-1 Chef HQ or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of 2-in-1 Chef HQ is $79.99 and the shipping is FREE!

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • Spiral Hook Beaters

    The mixer comes with two spiral dough hooks that can mix and knead your dough to the perfect consistency to make your very own artisan bread at home. They're also perfect for breaking up pulled chicken or pork after it's been cooked in the slow cooker. No need to get your hands dirty anymore!

  • Handheld Mixer

    Your Chef HQ 2 in 1 mixer is not only a stationary mixing bowl. You can detach the top piece and turn it into a handheld mixer in seconds! This saves you space in your kitchen and money because you no longer need to separate small appliances.

  • Swiveling Head

    The swiveling head on this mixer ensures all your ingredients are combined and mixed together without leaving any lumps or dry spots. You don't need to move the mixer back and forth yourself, the Chef HQ 2 in 1 does all the work for you!

  • Bowl Scraper

    The bowl scraper is attached to the side of your mixing bowl so that there are no dry ingredients stuck on the side while mixing. You don't need to constantly stop blending to incorporate your ingredients by scraping the sides of the bowl yourself, because that's already done for you! It also detaches so you can easily scrape out all your batter into your baking dish without needing to dirty extra dishes.

  • Spinning Mixing Bowl

    This mixing bowl actually spins while it's in use, so there are no spots missed. The spinning bowl, combined with the swiveling head and side scraper, ensures that the correct consistency is achieved every time and without a lot of effort.

  • 5 Speed Settings

    The powerful motor in the Chef HQ 2 in 1 comes with five different speed settings that are perfect to slowly knead dough and mix thick batters or quickly whip up a chantilly cream.

  • Free Shipping and Handling

    For a limited time, with the purchase of your Chef HQ 2 in 1 Mixer, you will receive free shipping across the United States. It does not appear that the item can be shipped to Canada or internationally. Standard delivery time is 2 to 4 weeks.

    State taxes will be charged to orders in Kansas.

Positive Aspects

  • Two Sizes to Choose From

    Depending on whether you cook and bake large or small amounts, you can purchase the Chef HQ 2 in 1 mixer with a 3 or 4.5 quart mixing bowl. Everything else in the package is the same, and it's only a modest extra fee for the larger mixing bowl.

  • Lightweight

    The hand mixer weighs only 2 lbs, which makes it accessible for anyone to use! There is no more need to struggle with trying to lug out your heavy mixer!

  • Great for Young and Old

    This mixer is perfect for children to learn to bake with. It's also an excellent way for elderly people to continue to stay active in the kitchen without having to strain themselves. The mixer does all the hard work with the bowl scraper, swivel head, and spinning bowl so all you need to do is add the ingredients! 

  • Easy Cleanup

    Since this device comes with the different attachments to make your baking easier, it makes cleanup easier at the same time! You don't need to get your hands all messy in the bowl while you're trying to scrape the sides, because it comes with the side scraper. The side scraper also acts like a spatula to quickly and easily take the batter out of the bowl. When you use your Chef HQ 2 in 1, you'll only need to clean the mixing attachments, mixing bowl, and scraper. If the machine gets dirty, it can be gently wiped down with a wet cloth.

  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Your purchase comes with a 100% 90-day money back guarantee. There is no specific information provided about the guarantee, so it's important to call customer service before purchasing your Chef HQ 2 in 1 Mixer to find out the terms and conditions of the offer.

  • Includes a Recipe Book

    With the purchase of your Chef HQ 2 in 1 Mixer you'll be given the Cathy Mitchell recipe book. The recipes in this book were created and tested specifically for this mixer, so even if you are a novice in the kitchen, you'll be cooking and baking like a pro in no time!

Negative Aspects

  • Not Available in Store

    This offer is only available to consumers online. If you need a mixer immediately, this offer is not going to be useful to you. Standard delivery time, after payment, is 2 to 4 weeks.

  • Could Use More Attachments

    Many standard tabletop mixing bowls come with additional attachments that give you the flexibility to make more items without the extra work. It would have been great to include a wire whip, variety of dough hooks, and a pouring shield to make this an all-inclusive small appliance.

  • Not Endorsed

    The Chef HQ 2 in 1 would have more credibility if a professional or celebrity chef endorsed the product. There are also no reviews from consumers or professional bakers on the official website.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Chef HQ 2 in 1 mixer is different from its competitors because of its patented design that ensures it does all the work for you! There is no need to get your hands in the dough or scrape the sides of the mixing bowl since it comes with the innovative bowl scraper. It also has the option to detach the mixer so that it can be used as a hand mixer in your own bowls and containers.

What's Included

With your Chef HQ 2 in 1 Swing Stand Mixer you will receive the following:
- two paddle beaters
- two spiral dough hooks
- one bowl scraper
- one spatula
- one recipe book
- one 3 or 4.5 quart mixing bowl.

Wise Advice

Do not buy 2-in-1 Chef HQ online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy 2-in-1 Chef HQ online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 21 Mar 2019 Janice New - (Little Rock, AR)

Mixer Does not Wook

Mixer motor needs to be replaced.

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2-in-1 Chef HQ Infomercial
2-in-1 Chef HQ Infomercial

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