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Charge Cam Charge Cam or Alternatives
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ChargeCam is a charging cube that also functions as a hidden camera by hiding within itself a camera that only you would know exists, using micro-surveillance technological innovation. This hidden camera does not stand out like a regular CCTV camera would, and hence, is perfect for video recording in secret while you’re not around. It is activated by the presence of movement in it surroundings, and can record up to 8 hours of HD-quality video.

Charge Cam Charge Cam or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Charge Cam is $39.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How It Works

Getting this device to work does not involve any complicated installation procedures or sequence. The device is actually a working charger that can be used to charge your mobile like a conventional mobile charger available in the market. All you need to do is simply plug it into your wall socket and it’s ready to use, both, as a charger and also as a hidden video camera.

This makes it very convenient to use for the purpose of secret surveillance when it comes to keeping an eye on your nanny, your pets, or your teenage children. It can also come handy to check on your employees, your valuable belongings, or a shared room or dormitory. For that matter, you can even use it to keep a watchful eye on your suspiciously-acting partner, when you’re out of the house. However, unlike traditional CCTVs available in the market, this device is completely inconspicuous as a surveillance camera, and looks like no more than a mobile charger.

Save Money

Conventional CCTV equipment can be up to around 3 times more expensive than this device and can also involve unnecessary expenses involved in installation and mounting. Besides, they can also be targeted by vandals or anti-social elements who intend to cause trouble and don’t want to be caught in the act. This itself can be an unnecessary additional expense, in terms of replacing the camera, especially if out of the warranty or guarantee period and not covered by your insurance policy.


  • Goes Undetected

    The last thing one wants to have is a secret surveillance camera being detected, because that would just defeat the purpose of needing to record in secret. Besides, if a person knows about the secret camera they might not act or behave in an authentic manner, not to mention, they might even attempt to secretly disengage the device from the wall socket.

    However, with this device, there is hardly any way someone would suspect it as being anything more than just a USB mobile charger. It does not have any indication of being anything else, as the hidden camera within the device is discreetly and inconspicuously placed so as to be able to trick even the most keenly observant visitor.

  • Extended Recording

    As long as there isn’t constant movement around within your house, around the camera, for more than 8 hours of recording, you should have no problem with falling short of recording space while you’re gone. This device is capable of recording up to 8 long hours of audio-video in complete HD quality so that in most cases you can even leave it plugged in all day long when you’re away. In fact, when you come back home, you might even find empty space still available within your Cam Charger for further recording.

  • Superbly Clear Sound Quality

    When knowing what is being discussed in secret is an important part of your secret surveillance efforts, you might just want to be able to also listen-in to conversation being done in secret. This could be particularly useful if you want to know what your children are up to when you’re gone out of the house. You might even want to know your nanny’s conversation with your children in your absence. Very importantly, it could be used to find out or what your partner talks about and who they talk to when you’re away from home.

Positive Aspects

  • Value for Money

    The reason why one might prefer opting for this device rather than any other kind of surveillance gadget is because it offers dual functionality. You can not only use it as a recording device but also as a mobile device charger, and that certainly adds a great deal of value to your money spent. Not to mention, it also functions as a highly discreet surveillance camera, and can end up doing the job more effectively than any other kind of CCTV camera.

  • Latest Technology

    Charge Cam uses the latest in groundbreaking technological advancement in the field of micro-surveillance in order to provide you with a device that intelligently hides its camera so that it goes completely unnoticed.

  • Double Offer

    If you like what you see and are keen on buying more than just one device, then this is the right time to make your purchase. At the moment, if you buy one unit of this device, the manufacturer is willing to throw in an additional unit for free. All you have to do is simply pay a single shipping charge for the entire order placed.


  • Regular Cctv Camera

    Conventional CCTV equipment provides a highly effective alternative to purchasing Cam Charger. However, it may not quite be fit for purpose if you are looking at performing secret surveillance of your property. A regular CCTV camera would certainly not go unnoticed and would also not be able to be used to charge your mobile device as it is specialized to be just a recording device.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Insurance Option

    The manufacturer has provided along with the purchase of this product, the option of paying a small amount towards InsureShip Insurance Program, in case a particular customer feels the need for such insurance.

Negative Aspects

  • Only Online

    For those of you who are more comfortable shopping in-store rather than online, please be advised that Cam Charger is not available in retail stores. It can only be availed of through the manufacturer’s website, online itself.

  • Sales Tax Exception

    Please note, if you are ordering this product from or getting it delivered to California, New Jersey, Nevada or New York, sales tax will be applicable on all such orders from these states mentioned above. Kindly check the manufacturer’s website for further details.

  • Shipping Charge Exception

    Usually, a customer doesn’t need to pay shipping surcharge, but in certain cases of shipment being delivered to particular states, a surcharge would be payable. As such, there is a shipping surcharge applicable for orders placed from or delivered to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. Please check the manufacturer’s website for further details to know the exact charge.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Charge Cam online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Charge Cam online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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