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Charcoal Toothpaste

Charcoal Toothpaste is a specially formulated whitening toothpaste made from activated charcoal that is ideal for cleaning teeth the natural way, rather than using potentially abrasive chemicals and artificial formulations. It can be used with, either a brush or just one’s finger, with a tiny lump of toothpaste being squeezed out into the palm of the other hand. This toothpaste can work equally well in, both hard and soft water, making it uniquely versatile internationally.

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The cost of Charcoal Toothpaste is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page ( ) which was taken offline due to Charcoal Toothpaste being discontinued. Charcoal Toothpaste may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page ( ) which was taken offline due to Charcoal Toothpaste being discontinued. Charcoal Toothpaste may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

Charcoal Toothpaste Commercial


  • Little is More

    Normally, with regular toothpastes available in the market, one might use lavish amounts of toothpaste unconsciously. However, with this type of toothpaste, you don’t need to take as much as you would with regular toothpaste. A little in the palm of one’s hand, as small as the size of a ‘cent’ or ‘pence’ coin spread out as flat as possible, is sufficient for the entire brushing. The efficacy of this toothpaste is much more than its regular counterparts, and it works best in only minute quantities.

  • Effective Stain Removal

    Stain removal can be a nightmare for many other there, especially with hectic daily routines and such a wide variety of food and drink being exposed to the teeth all day long. Due to the unique absorptive property of the activated charcoal with this toothpaste, it is almost impossible for plaque and tartar to get away from the charcoal without being physically lodged into the charcoal toothpaste. This mode of action of the toothpaste makes it highly effective in reducing the level of staining on teeth.

  • Fresher Breath

    Bad breath can be quite a serious embarrassment at the best of times. What’s worse, issues with one’s breath can also cause people around to avoid someone with this personal hygiene issue. Since activated charcoal is brilliant at absorbing surrounding particles, including those causing bad breath, using Charcoal Toothpaste once a week can potentially prove as a very good controller of bad breath.

  • Cavity Prevention

    Certain pathogenic types of bacteria that breed within one’s mouth are most comfortable within a more alkaline, than acidic, environment. What this toothpaste does is that it changes the pH within one’s moutht to a more acidic level, thus making it almost intolerable and certainly inhabitable for bacteria to sustain and breed. In the absence of these bacteria, one might show a noticeable decline in the number of active cavitites present and even see a complete stop to the number of new cavities over time.

How It Works

Charcoal Toothpaste contains activated charcoal which is what makes this product so special. Activated charcoal is produced by treating the surface of the carbon particles using groundbreaking technology to transform these carbon particles into a much more porous form. When such activated charcoal particles come into contact with other particles, due to various forces including surface tension, these other particles get attracted to the charcoal. While the charcoal is being washed off from one’s mouth, it carries along with it the grime, dirt, bacteria and virusus that have cumulatively been lodged into this activated charcoal.


  • Detoxifying Effect

    Due to the absorptive nature of activated charcoal present within Charcoal Toothpaste, the act of using this toothpaste to brush one’s teeth every morning is sufficient to provide a method of getting rid of toxins.

  • Backing of a Doctor

    Dr. Cassis, a dentist hailing from Fayetteville in West Virginia, believes that he does have a section of population as patients that he treats who, he feels, believe to benefit from using charcoal toothpaste.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Wash Hands

    One should first thoroughly wash one’s hands with soap and water. Allow your hands to remain moist, or even wet, for that matter.

  2. Use Your Hands

    Squeeze a little toothpaste, the size of the smallest possible currency coin, into the palm of one hand. Now, using the index finger of the other hand, dab a little of the toothpaste onto your finger.

  3. First 1 Minute

    Then, with just your finger, dabbing into the toothpaste at regular intervals, apply the paste all over your teeth surfaces within under a minute, not exceeding this timeframe.

  4. Next 15-20 Seconds

    Once your teeth are completely covered in the toothpaste, with extremely gentle strokes of the wet bristles of a toothbrush, in circular motions go over all surfaces of your teeth within 15-20 seconds. Please ensure you don’t exceed this timeframe or over-brush the toothpaste more than needed.

  5. Rinse Thoroughly

    Throughout the process of brushing, due to the vast amounts of saliva that will form while using this toothpaste, please ensure you continuously spit out the excess without swallowing any. Once, the brushing is finished, take a glass of cool, room temperature water, and rinse the whole mouth thoroughly till no more toothpaste is felt coming out the mouth at all.

Save Money

Due to the nature of this toothpaste, one does not need to use much to get the same results at regular toothpaste. Using just a tiny amount of Charcoal Toothpaste can do the trick and get you where you want to be with your teeth sparkling like new. This means that you may not have to spend as much as would otherwise with regular kinds of toothpaste that do not have this added benefit of activated charcoal as a differentiating factor.

Furthermore, due to the therapeutic and whitening effects of activated charcoal within Charcoal Toothpaste, there might even ever be a need for you to visit your dentist with dental problems. Knowing the inherent cost of dental work, this can certainly help save money in the long-run, if you use this toothpaste as prescribed and on a periodic basis.


  • Be Gentle

    Please ensure that you use this toothpaste no more than around once every week, and that too, without brushing for more than 1 minute at a time. It is also advisable to use one’s finger to first apply the toothpaste all over the teeth, before giving it a quick brush all over for less than around 15-20 seconds, with gentle pressure.

  • Painful Yellowing

    Please ensure you do not overdo the brushing while using this toothpaste, in order to avoid eroding off of the enamel and causing teeth to become yellow and rather painful.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Charcoal Toothpaste online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Charcoal Toothpaste online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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