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Cat A Pillar

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Cat A Pillar is a large, bright green cat toy in the shape of a caterpillar that'll keep your cat entertained so they won't start playing with your belongings or the furniture instead. The toy makes a crackling noise, invoking a cat's natural instinct to hunt their prey, and being naturally curious, they'll want to explore inside its inner tunnel, too. To use the Cat A Pillar, all you'll need to do is pop it open on a flat surface and watch your cat take interest. You'll be able to store it almost anywhere, since it will collapse and retract when your furry friend isn't using it.

The Claim

The Cat A Pillar is a fun and stimulating toy for cats of all ages. It has an inner tunnel that cats can crawl through, and they can even poke their heads out through a hole in the top. These activities, along with batting the Cat A Pillar's large antennae, will keep your cat occupied and active for up to hours at a time. When you're away, or don't have time to play, your cat can play with this toy safely, without causing damage to other things within your house. Kids will especially enjoy watching their cat or cats amuse themselves with this large-eyed, brightly-colored creature.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Cat A Pillar is $10.00 plus $6.99 shipping, for a total price of $16.99. This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page which was taken offline due to Cat A Pillar being discontinued. Cat A Pillar may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

How It Works

When you expand the Cat A Pillar, which is made out of fabric and contains a spring-loaded chute for simple expansion, it will immediately take its caterpillar form. Once you set it down on a flat surface, your cat can play, and when they're done for the day, you can push the fabric together to collapse the toy and store it away.


  1. When Cat's Alone
  2. If you go on vacation and leave your cat alone for a few days, or leave it for a few hours while you're at work, the Cat A Pillar will keep it from becoming bored. Hence, you won't need to worry about coming home and finding your toilet paper shredded, or your curtains ripped and pulled off their rod.

  3. When You're Busy
  4. The Cat A Pillar is also ideal for use when you are at home, but you're simply too busy with household tasks, paperwork and the like to play with your cat. Just set it up nearby and do what you have to do, as your cat'll likely be so enthralled, it won't try to get your attention by meowing at you or pawing you.

  5. When Kids Play With Cat
  6. If the kids are bored, and the cat is bored too, you can cure the boredom of both by getting out the Cat A Pillar. Kids will love watching the cat dart back and forth within it, and may even want to throw balls or other small toys through it for a feline to chase.

  7. Nighttime
  8. Since cats are nocturnal, they often get bored at night while the humans in the house sleep. However, if you set up the Cat A Pillar before bed, it will entertain a cat so they won't be climbing all over you or others while you get some shut-eye.

Positive Points

  • Keeps Cats Active
  • Many cats, especially senior cats and those that live in small apartments, struggle with their weight. Luckily, the Cat A Pillar will keep normally lethargic cats active, so they won't get too fat and out of shape.

  • Good for Any Age
  • The Cat A Pillar doesn't require any climbing, so it can be used by cats of any age, including kittens who aren't totally steady on their feet yet, and arthritic seniors.

  • Invokes Curiosity
  • Cats are naturally curious, and when they see something unique and a bit mysterious, they are normally drawn to exploring it. The Cat A Pillar's tunnel design and its neon green shade will evoke this curiosity, so the cat won't be able to resist investigating the toy.

  • Makes Noise
  • When touched, the Cat A Pillar's fabric will make a crackling noise, which will make a cat feel like they're hunting their prey, another activity that comes naturally to them.

  • Lets Cats Hide
  • If your cat wants some time alone, and your Cat A Pillar's out, they can go inside the tunnel and sit until they feel like emerging. Even if you know where they are, they'll feel like they're hiding.

Negative Points

  • Not for Very Obese Cats
  • While the Cat A Pillar is large enough to accommodate the bodies of the vast majority of cats, if your cat is very obese, they may be too big. That means they may get stuck in the tube or in the pop-out hole on the top of the toy.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Cat A Pillar online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Cat A Pillar online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Maryjane Carty - (Conover, NC)
Posted: 19 Nov 2014
I have a Question

No Tracking

I ordered one of these and cannot track at all. I checked website on my printout and it has no record of my order. My order# is: 102927239, what is happening?

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Antonia Colon
Posted: 21 Nov 2014

Seeing how this is a review site, you probably won't get your answer here. Have you tried contacting customer service?

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