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Cami Slim Cami Slim or Alternatives
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Cami Slim is a wearable vest unit that shapes your body by flattening and compressing your abdomen. The design of it is meant to make you look slimmer instantly. Using tri lay textile technology and the unit allegedly slams and shapes your waist, abdomen, or any back bulges. With it you get the fat burning power of sweat and heat without the sweat seeping into your clothing while you wear it at the office or at home.

Cami Slim Cami Slim or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Cami Slim is $49.99 plus $7.99 shipping, for a total price of $57.98.

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • Soft

    It is allegedly very soft and comfortable.

  • Slimming

    It will slim down your entire size and even where we quite literally any clothing. You can wear it over your clothing or underclothing.

  • Workouts

    You can wear it while you work out so that you burn higher amounts of fat.

  • Male and Female Options

    There are two options available, one for women which is smaller without any sleeves and designed to wear under your clothing and one for men which is actually an undershirt. You get multiple sizes available for men and women.

Cami Hot Vs. No Name Compression Shirt


  • Technology

    Using special technology these units help you to sweat specifically in your core. So you burn higher amounts of fat while you were wearing the best but you also get to look very slim and trim. This is due to the compression and flattening aspects of it. Wearing it will alleviate, allegedly, any love handles or other rolls that are unsightly.

  • Sweat

    Sweat where you need it using this vest. The whole point of this is to help you not only slimmed-down when you wear it but to actively burn fat as you are wearing it through sweating. You can sweat more while you wear this and still stay dry.

  • Better Posture

    Not only will you look slimmer and happy ability to reshape your body, but this unit is something you can wear under or over your clothing. For women in particular you can get rid of back fat or love handles by listing the bust naturally and compressing the waste to provide a slimmer and more slender look with improved posture.

  • Self Conscious

    For people who are conscientious about the way they look, this is a great way to really help you enter the exercise world. You might want to run or jog outside but are conscientious of your looks. Alternatively you might want to go to a gym but are afraid of just getting started. Wearing this can help alleviate some of the spheres while simultaneously increasing your results.

How It Works

The textile technology turns your body essentially into a heated fat burning machine. Using three layers of technology you can sweat specifically in the abdomen region, a place that most people find very difficult for weight loss. With higher evaporating power and better absorption you can sweat more as you're doing your daily activities which helps you to increase your metabolic rate and burn your fat. However, instead of being covered in sweat while you are wearing the vest the absorption inside of us will prevent your sweat from dripping all over.


  • Trimming Question

    Theoretically this vest or shirt should really help you trim down your stomach and create a nice shape while you're doing it. In order to really burn fat your body needs to have an increased metabolic rate combined with oxygen intake. Heavy breathing, something you do while you are exercising, is actually part of the foundation to fat burning. If you're doing an exercise where you might be sweating a little bit you aren't breathing rather heavily, the math that you're burning is limited by comparison.

  • Burning Fat

    For one molecule of triglyceride, the main component in fact, you have to combine 78 molecules of oxygen. Doing so produces 55 molecules of carbon dioxide, 52 molecules of water. This results in literally oxidizing your fat by combining it with the oxygen you inhale then releasing it as either water or carbon dioxide. Water release takes place or sweat or urine while carbon dioxide released takes place through exhaling. With that in mind the more you are sweating and the more you are heavily breathing, the more fat you are burning.


  • Water

    If you are wearing the best under your clothing and you aren't exhaling heavily nor are you sweating then chances are you might Slimdown but you are actually burning fat. Most trimming and fat burning vests or shirts like this one function on the basis of reducing water content in your body to make you look trimmer. Reducing the amount of water in your body simply by increasing how much you sweat is not conducive to fat burning it is merely conducive to dehydration.

    The body contains a great deal of water and things like saunas at a low temperature result in the same thing. All you are doing is leeching the water out of your system. This does not burn fat. However, if you are wearing the best while you are exercising you can in fact increase your results and your fat burning.

  • Diet and Exercise

    The website very specifically says that diet and exercise are necessary to achieving and maintaining weight loss or physical fitness. You are advised by the company to consult your physician and carefully review the instruction manual for this product before you use it. Additionally you are instructed to speak with your doctor and review the instruction manual before you do any exercises included in the exercise programs part of this order.

  • Talk to Doctor

    Should you experience any discomfort or difficulty with the exercises or with your regular eating while you are wearing this vest it is imperative that you discontinue use immediately and talk to a doctor. Information provided by this company is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or in any way prevent diseases. Said company makes it very clear that the information and the products they are providing should not serve as a substitute for medical advice or for counseling.


  1. No Care Instructions

    There is one item of information missing from this product. That piece of information is how you should watch it. The website itself does not give you information on how to maintain your item of clothing. Instead it does very clearly state that you will be sweating a great deal while you wear it in the inside will show that Sweat by way of the absorbing material. It might not show on the outside but beneath the best you will be sweating.

    Obviously you want to be able to watch the best in between wearing it so that you are simply putting back on clothing that is heavily covered in sweat. Nonetheless there is no information on the website about how you should properly do this. No information is provided as to whether this unit can be placed in a washing machine or if you have to wash it by hand.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Cami Slim online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Cami Slim online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 07 May 2018 marie - (Wabash, IN)

Size Cofusion

I am wondering about the size I need to order, does this product come true to size, Should I order same size as my actual size or a size bigger?

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Cami Slim Infomercial
Cami Slim Infomercial

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