Calming Heat Posture Corrector

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Calming Heat Posture Corrector Calming Heat Posture Corrector or Alternatives
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The Calming Heat Posture Corrector is a garment that's been made to help adult men and women correct their posture and thereby relieve any pain they'd typically experience in their back, neck, or shoulders. Each light gray garment has adjustable shoulder straps and an adjustable waist strap that should provide virtually anyone with a comfortable fit as they wear the garment under their clothing or overtop of it. This posture-correcting device is also equipped with a compact, built-in heating system to help soothe the muscles of anyone who's wearing it.

Calming Heat Posture Corrector Calming Heat Posture Corrector or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Calming Heat Posture Corrector is $69.99 plus $6.99 shipping for a total price of $76.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Slide Straps Over Shoulders

    To start wearing your Calming Heat Posture Corrector, place its widest part against your back (clothed or bare) as if it's a vest, and slide the attached straps over your shoulders. Each strap can be adjusted in the same way you'd adjust a strap on a backpack or shoulder bag. The straps should be snug against your shoulders, but they shouldn't be so tight that you're uncomfortable or you feel like your movement is being restricted.

  2. Do Up Waist Strap

    Once your shoulder straps have been adjusted to your liking, fasten the waist strap. Again, the strap should be snug but not so tight that you feel like it's digging into your stomach. You'll also notice that on the front of your device, there's a pocket in which the remote control can sit when you're not actively using it. At this point, if you want to layer a shirt or jacket over your posture-correcting device, you should do so.

  3. Turn On the Heat (optional)

    If you just want to use your garment to correct your posture, you don't need to power up the heating function at all. However, if you want to provide yourself with some therapeutic heat, you'll need to grab your remote control and press the power button. After it's on, you'll be able to use the button below it to cycle through the three heat settings until you find the one that suits you best.

  4. Remove And Store

    When you're done using your posture-correcting device, use the remote control's power button to turn off the heat if you've turned it on. Remove any clothing that's layered over your garment, undo the garment's waist strap, and slide the shoulder straps off your shoulders. Store the garment in a place where you'd store other important pieces of clothing, such as your outdoor jacket or work uniform.


  • Gray Shade

    The Calming Heat Posture Corrector comes in a shade of gray that's quite gender-neutral and age-neutral. Since it's not pure white, it won't show dirt as easily as a pure white garment would. Meanwhile, its light gray shade will help it stay invisible under any clothing you might choose to wear on top of it.

  • Battery Operated

    This posture-correcting device is battery-operated, so you won't have to plug it into electricity in order to use it. That means you'll be able to walk around while using it instead of being constrained by an extension cord. You will have to charge it with the included USB cable at times, but it comes with a portable power bank to keep its battery's charge going for longer than normal when you're outdoors.

  • Automatic Shut-Off

    Each posture corrector's remote control has an automatic shut-off function that will turn off the heating function when you're not actively using it. This will make the battery within your garment stay charged for longer and also prevent the garment from overheating in an unsafe manner.

  • Sturdy Material

    The Calming Heat Posture Corrector is made from high-quality, sturdy fabric, so you may be able to use one on a daily basis for years without replacing it. Its sturdy material won't make it feel like an overly bulky object to carry around on your back, though, and the front of each garment consists only of the straps. Therefore, you won't have to deal with any extra fabric covering your chest or stomach.

Positive Points

  • For All Adults

    Since this garment is adjustable, almost any adult, regardless of height or weight, will be able to wear it. You may want to share one among a group of family members or friends if all of you don't need a posture corrector every day. If you happen to gain or lose weight, you can simply adjust the garment's shoulder and waist straps to suit your new size.

  • Wear Indoors Or Out

    This garment has been designed for indoor use while you're doing quiet activities like working at a desk or watching television, but it's also suitable for outdoor use. It'll help align your spine as you sit in any indoor chair, and it'll continue to do the same as you walk, jog, or even cycle outdoors. If the weather's cold, you can throw any jacket on overtop of the garment.

  • Helpful On Long Drives

    Even physically healthy people can start to experience back, neck, or shoulder pain after sitting behind the wheel as a driver for an extended period of time. If you wear a Calming Heat Posture Corrector while you're driving, though, you should experience far less pain or irritation than usual. The device will cause you to sit up straight instead of slouching or hunching forward, and if you feel chilly, you may want to turn on the heat setting. Instead of delivering heat to your entire car, this garment's heat setting will deliver it directly to your body.

  • Deluxe Version Available

    To add massaging your upper body to this device's capabilities, upgrade to the deluxe version. With this version, you'll be able to cycle through three massage settings (along with the standard version's heat settings) by using your remote control. This may provide additional relief if you're stressed and help you avoid a trip to a massage therapist's office.

Critical Advice

You don't need to wash this type of garment after every use, but you may want to wash it every week or every few weeks, especially if there's visible dust or dirt on it. When it comes time to do so, be sure to check the fabric care instructions to see if you should use a certain type of detergent or a certain washing machine cycle. Once it's been washed, it's best to let it air-dry to preserve its shape.


  • Keep Remote Control Dry

    While the fabric that makes up each garment will tolerate getting wet, if you're wearing the garment outdoors and it starts to rain, make sure you keep the remote control as dry as possible. The same goes for the power bank. At a minimum, place them in the included pocket on the garment's front, and if you have any plastic available, cover them with that. Otherwise, they may stop working and you'll no longer be able to use your garment's heating function or extend its battery life while outside.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Calming Heat Posture Corrector online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Calming Heat Posture Corrector online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Calming Heat Posture Corrector Infomercial
Calming Heat Posture Corrector Infomercial
Calming Heat Posture Corrector Infomercial

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