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Bunion Bliss Bunion Bliss or Alternatives
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Bunion Bliss socks are ankle socks that have been designed to help relieve the pain and swelling people experience due to bunions on their feet. Each sock contains three built-in gel pads—one to separate the big toes from the other toes, another to relieve direct pressure on the bunion area, and yet another on the bottom for added support. In each set of socks, you'll receive three pairs in your choice of shade (black or white with gray accents) and size.

Bunion Bliss Bunion Bliss or Alternatives
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The Claim

Bunion Bliss is formulated to soothe the excruciating pain caused from bunions. Bunion Bliss has a soft, built-in orthotic gel pad as well as a toe separator to add comfort and support where it’s needed. Users just simply slip on the socks and enjoy the super soft cushion that Bunion Bliss provides. The built-in gel pad is composed of medical-grade moisturizing mineral oil and is shaped to protect the feet from bunions resulting from the pressure of shoes. The toe separator and extra-wide toe box prevent problems that can worsen the bunions, such as toe crowding. The socks separate the big toe from the rest of the foot and offers relief all day.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Bunion Bliss is $24.95 and the shipping is FREE!

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page ( ) which was taken offline due to Bunion Bliss being discontinued. Bunion Bliss may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page ( ) which was taken offline due to Bunion Bliss being discontinued. Bunion Bliss may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

How It Works

As a bunion develops, one of the joints in the big toe will start to swell, causing the toe to enlarge overall and rub against the second toe and the side of your shoes. This, in turn, will create a painful sensation. However, the gel pads built into each pair of Bunion Bliss socks, which contain medical-grade mineral oil, will help you out with this pain. The toe-separating pad will prevent the big toe from rubbing against the second toe, and the pad near the outside of the big toe will stop your bunion from rubbing against your shoe. Without this friction caused by rubbing, the experience of having a bunion on your foot will become much less painful. Meanwhile, the gel pad on the bottom of each sock will help support the arch and metatarsal areas of your foot.


  • Two Shades Available

    When selecting a set of these socks, you can choose between the shades of black or white, or get a set in each shade. Regardless of the color you choose, each sock will have gray accents where the gel pads are located. Each set of socks is made up of three pairs, so you won't have to constantly keep washing the same pair in order to experience bunion relief.

  • Come In Two Sizes

    These ankle-length socks are fairly stretchy, but they also come in two different sizes to suit people with different-sized feet. The smaller size will fit women who wear a shoe size between six and 10, along with men who wear between five and 10. On the other hand, the larger size is most suitable for women who wear between a 10 and a 13, plus men who wear between a 10 and a 12.

  • Hypoallergenic, Latex-Free

    Bunion Bliss socks are both hypoallergenic and latex-free, which means wearing them likely won't ever lead to an allergic reaction or skin irritation, no matter what you're allergic to or how sensitive your skin is.

  • Comfortable During Day, Night

    These socks are meant to be comfortable enough to be worn for 24 hours, including during sleep. That means you'll be able to keep them on in bed after you've worn them all day, although it's best if you switch to a fresh pair after 24 hours have passed.

  • Machine Washable

    When your socks get dirty, you can just toss them in your washing machine (if you have access to one), as they're completely washing-machine safe, even with the gel pads inside. As a result, you won't have to worry about hand-washing them or taking them to the dry cleaners. It's not specified that these socks are dryer-safe, though, so letting them air-dry after you wash them would be the safest route to take.

Positive Points

  • Not Bulky

    Some socks that are made to provide support to the feet tend to be bulky in nature, but these ones appear to be fairly lightweight. Therefore, you'll be able to fit them into almost any pair of shoe. Furthermore, they only come up to the ankle and not the knee, which means they'll look more attractive with shorts and shorter skirts than the knee-high alternative.

  • Conform To Shape of Foot

    The gel pads within each Bunion Bliss sock are bendable, as opposed to being rigid, so they'll flex and conform to the shape of your foot as you walk instead of digging into it. If the shape of one of your bunions changes, the shape of the pad that's cushioning it will change, too. On a related note, each sock has a generous toe compartment, which will be advantageous to those people who have wide toes even without bunions.

Negative Points

  • Gel Pads Could Burst

    The gel pads within each of these socks will soothe the foot that's in it, but one risk that comes with these pads is that they could burst. When you're wearing your Bunion Bliss socks, you'll need to make sure you keep your feet away from sharp objects that could prick and burst them, such as small pebbles in your shoe. A bursting gel pad would not only decrease the effectiveness of your socks but would also create a mess for you to clean up.

  • No Kids' Sizes

    Adults more commonly suffer from bunions in comparison to kids, yet kids can get them on occasion, and these socks don't come in children's sizes. A child with a bunion or two could try to wear the smallest adult size, but a pair of those might still be too big for their feet. To help a wider selection of the population, at least one children's size that's just a bit smaller than any of the adult options should be created.

Save Time

You could choose to get an orthotic bunion splint to treat a particularly painful bunion. Unfortunately, however, these can be difficult to walk in, so you might not be able to get much done at a physical job or around the house while you're wearing one. If you choose to wear Bunion Bliss socks instead, you'll be able to walk just as you normally would while treating your bunions, so you won't have to waste time you'd otherwise spend being productive. It also takes just seconds to pull on a pair of these socks, while it might take up to several minutes to add one bunion splint to a single foot.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Wear One With Regular Sock

    In the event that you've got a bunion on one foot but your other foot is fine, it's acceptable to wear a Bunion Bliss sock on one foot and a standard sock on the other. That way, the foot with the bunion on it will get the gel cushioning it needs but you'll be able to keep its match clean.

  2. Hide Under Dark Pantyhose

    If you're a woman who's headed to a special event, and you want the support of these socks without showing them off to other people, you can hide them under a pair of dark pantyhose. Simply put the socks on first to cushion your feet and slide your pantyhose on overtop. Unless the pantyhose are too small for you to begin with, you likely won't have trouble fitting them over your socks.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Bunion Bliss online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Bunion Bliss online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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